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    But first i would like to say WARNING. Ok. Finally I did research for a few days to try and find the script of Matrix Revolutions. Using the cached of google i finally came upon this post and links to it serveral times. To my knowledge this is the most known post that could have the right information about what happens in Matrix 3. Supposedly someone bought the DVD (Bootleg) in Europe. Anyway as i have stated about the information being guaranteed 99.9%. However i'm not guaranteeing it for real just playing around. However I for one believe in it because it makes sense. Till the end about Morpheus and Niobe I still have to re-read to understand it better. That is all enjoy.

    I take no credit for this except posting it here for your viewing. I did not write the rest of this post:FOR EVERY BEGINNING THERE IS AN END

    The movie starts in the real world above zion. The destruction of human cities is tremendous. Out of this rubble appears a black line. The black line grows closer and is joined by another line and then another. These three lines pass sentinels, pass the fields where humans are being grown, pass large digging machines doing there thing and finally to a large alien looking city.

    But it was all a dream, Neo wakes up in the matrix on a bench in a subway station. The rumbling from a train has awaken him. He watches the train pull in and a dirty looking bum gets off the train with wild hair and wild eyes. He coaxes Neo aboard the train, and the train leaves the station. The bum explains to Neo that he is safe here from the french guy.

    The frenchguy, he explains, is an ancient program created to learn about the ideas of sin and guilt which were the presumed cause of the losses of large crops of humans. The architect had given humans a perfect world but within this world humans using their innate freewill were rejecting and destroying this perfect world. The frenchman wanted to eliminate freedom of action as a solution to the incompatability between perfection and freewill. The Architect then created a program to find the solution to this dilemna without removing freewill. This program (the Oracle) determined, after studying human history, that freewill has always been an illusion and that humans have never been truly free. Freewill can be circumscribed into ever smaller circles of control using the ideas of Hope, Faith, Guilt and Sin. She determined that social structures like government, church, corporations and family can control freewill without removing the concept itself. Based on this information and a search of human history they decided to use the pinacle of civilization as the means of control. Civilization is based on control and after all it is the opposite of individual liberty and freewill, it allows for the perception of individual freedom while preserving the neccessary means of control to suppress sin and guit. In that sense the frenchman was like the serpent in the garden of eden introducing knowledge and destroying the world God(the architect) had created. This perception of freewill would eventually bring about the destruction of the matrix and so faith must save it. The frenchman then refused to return to the source, claiming the argument wasn't over and he would be proved correct, so he was exiled into the Matrix. The Oracle had to continue working within the system to preserve faith and create the idea of the One. At this point a young female enters the traincar.

    While all this is happening to Neo the people of Zion are regrouping after their disastrous attempt to preempt the machines attack. They are trying to piece together who survived and gather their weapons to prepare for the final attack. Morpheus and Trinity board a hovercraft in an effort to find the Logos which wasn't involved in the attack but hasn't been heard from. When they find the Logos and her crew it is disabled, the crew of the other ship helps get the Logos restarted while Niobe explains to Morpheus and Trinity that she had been to see the Oracle. She says the Oracle explained that Neo's body is seperated from his mind and he is trapped within the matrix. They return to Zion to explain what has happened and to retrieve Neo's body. While they are explaining their strategy to the Zion Council Bane wakes up and kills the doctor tending to him. Bane follows Neo's body as it is being transfered to the Logos. After the council meeting both the ships head to broadcast depth so that Morpheus and company can see the Oracle.

    Morpheus meets Seraph who bows and takes Ghost, Niobe, Morpheus, and Trinity to the see the Oracle. She awaits them in her kitchen and explains that Neo is trapped like a rogue program in the Matrix. She tells Trinity she must free him from the french guy by going through hell herself. They can find him at the Hell club. Seraph and the Oracle exchange a look and then Seraph states that he will show them. After thinking about it the Oracles speech to Trinity makes perfect sense since the Oracle knows the frenchman's wife will be there.

    Neo is still on the train. He learns that the frenchman's wife is actually the product of the Oracle and the frenchman. She was created using some of his code without his permission or knowledge by the Oracle to advance her Ideas on human nature. She had persisted in the idea that humans had a special ability to jump beyond their programming through faith and emotion that the machines lacked. Coupling this with the dependency that the machines have on humans for their survival she has determined that they must live together in peace. The wife had helped to trap Neo for the frenchman who hopes to tempt him with sin to succumb to his human "programming". His wife though has not taken sides like most other programs and though she has submitted to the frenchman, she has come to realize she has sacrificed passion for her pleasure. The little girl explains to Neo that she is the product of a dissillusioned frenchman's wife and a rogue program who was in charge of human procreation. Her parents had hid her in the mind a human child who was wired into the matrix at the time. But Neo had helped to free this child trapping the prodigy without protection in the matrix. She was now being pursued by both agents and the frenchman. The father of the prodigy betrayed the Oracle to save the life of his now unprotected daughter.

    Morpheus and Trinity and Seraph make it to the Hell Club. They fight their way into the hell club fairly easily but then the twins attack. Seraph holds the fort against the twins while Morpheus and Trinity keep fighting to get the frenchman. Ghost and Niobe are running from agents trying to beat the train to its next station to get to Neo. Morpheus and TRinity are now facing down the frenchman. His henchmen are holding their fire since trinity is pointing a gun at his head. Seraph is having an unbelievable battle with the twins but falls to a sword. The twins enter the room through a wall as the frenchman explains that the building is wired and if he dies they all die. He says bring Neo to me and the twins take off after him. The frenchman's wife learning from trinity about sacrifices made for love walks up behind the french guy and holds a gun to his head, she explains to Trinity "he is not so interested in the end as am I, your lover is with my child go to him". Trinity and Morpheus leave and the building is destroyed behind them.

    The commander and the councilor discuss the possible plans for preserving the final defenses of Zion. Sentinel scouts have been attacking the gates and are being fought off with the manned robots. No ships remain to help in the defense. the commander is in a d**n near panic as he is calling now on all people of zion to defend the gates and issuing personal weapons to untrained humans. The kid takes over a robot from a fallen comrade and begins to hold the gate. Other humans are using hand held weapons to fight the sentinels who are penetrating the defenses. There are only two hours till the main body of the machine army hit the gates en masse.

    Neo fights and destroys the twins in a great battle protecting the prodigy, then when the train pulls into the next station he exits and the train departs to save Ghost and Niobe from two agents. Niobe calls for a hard line and Neo's body is hooked up to the matrix in one of the chairs. the operator explains that he has been recieving emergency calls from Zion for a general return to fight the sentinels. Ghost and Niobe head for the exit as Morpheus and Trinity get to the station. Neo explains to Morpheus the current situation and he and Trinity share a kiss beore he explains that he must discuss something with the Oracle. Neo takes off while Morpheus and Trinity head to the exit.

    Neo Arrives at the Oracles apartment and enters. she is alone. He recognizes her code. She smiles. Smith arrives at the train station and takes over the bum and the little girl. The girl tries to run and smith says "don't be shy, join us" and jams his hand into her chest with a snarl. "ah yes welcome to the party" he says. The Oracle explains to Neo that the time is now. She can no longer see the future, she explains that one side cannot win. She only prophesied an end to the war not victory. The anomoly of the One was more profound than the architect had predicted. Through exposure to humans and the desire to understand them and the constant pressure to keep them in line with newer and better programming had led to what she had finally forseen. Smith had become so like humans that he was now a threat to the system itself. This limited machine freewill was now uncontrollable except by the One. The entire sytem would fail without human intervention and all people and machines would be destroyed.

    Morpheus Jacks out and as Trinity is waiting Bane attacks. The rest of the crew had been fighting him to keep him away from the chairs. Trinity knocks the laser gun out of his hand as he shoots at Neo who is still in the chair. Morpheus jumps bane and they strangle each other. Bane says "morpheus", Morpheus says "Smith" They struggle a little more. Morpheus grabs the knife and says "welcome to the real world" and stabs bane in the chest. It's pretty cool here cause bane looks more shocked then hurt before he dies. Niobe calls Morpheus and explains about the situation in zion as Neo jacks out. He is blinded from the laser attack from bane.

    Neo explains to Morpheus that he now knows what he must do. Everyone but Neo and Trinity board the other ship, while they prepare themselves on the Logos. Morpheus tries to talk Neo into letting him go with them. Neo declines and explains that the prophecy can only be carried out through hope. He explains about the previous ones and that they lacked hope and instead substituted faith in the future. Faith requires no action, hope without action deteriorates into faith. Faith is the system of control the machines had counted upon. Neo explains that the time is now or never and he has chosen to make the prophecy come true. He and Trinity take off in the logos while the others race back to zion on the other ship.

    Smith arrives in the Oracles apartment and after a short debate smith takes over the Oracle and laughs knowingly. Neo and Trinity are flying the logos through the wreckage of the real world. Neo explains his dreams and what they mean to Trinity while she is flying the ship. They begin to see more and more sentinels as Neo explains his connection to smith. Their destinies are tied together. Neo can sense the machines because of Smith, and Smith can sense anything Neo has come into contact with. Through smith he has sensed what could be described as fear in the programs, as smith grows stronger the other programs grow weaker and the matrix will continue to deteriorate until it is reloaded. Killing all humans and machines. The problem is that only smith can reload the matrix now.

    The other ship fights through waves of sentinels to reach zion. As they reach the gate, the annoyong kid is holding the gate and fighting furiously with the sentinels. Morpheus blast away at the sentinels helping the humans on the ground. Finally another ship radios morpheus explaining that they are on their way. Niobe fires the emp and this wave of sentinels is destroyed. The robot thing collapses and morpheus new ship is now useless. The council meets while the survivors of zion rebuild. The main body of attacking sentinels is only minutes away. Morpheus explains that Neo is headed to the machine city to fullfill the prophecy. Even the commander agrees at this point that that is all they can hope for. They form a plan to head out and meet the sentinels to try to buy time for neo to defeat the machines on the last hovercraft.

    Neo is fighting off the sentinels using his connection to smith's mind. While trinity flies the ship. she sees the black lines Neo was talking about in his dream and follows them. As they do the sentinels multiply in number. Out of a cloud of squiddies a pair of huge machines appear. Trinity tries to fly between them but the ship is hit by a laser and the controls become useless. The logos crashes hard as a swarm of squids chase it. The minute the ship stops tumbling the sentinels are on it cutting it to pieces. In the wreckage they find Neo and Trinity lying there holding hands. One of the squids pull Neo away from Trinity who is obviously dead. His body is lifted up and flown slowly towards the heart of the machine city. In front of a large black building with flickering lights neo is dropped into the hands of ugly brown human sized mahines that look like ants. They bring him inside a empty chamber lock him on a table and a probe is jammed into his neck hole. He wakes up in a construct all white with no distinguishing features.

    The commander and the councilor join Morpheus and the rest of the crew board the last ship. They leave zion and head towards broadcast depth. They see giant machines which are like mobile squiddie manufacturing plants. Sentinels attack immediately, quickly they are all over the ship and are cutting through the hull. The councillor is pulled out of the ship trying to push the kid out of the way. The commander holds off the squiddies on the ship with a laser but too many are getting in and he gets ripped to pieces by one from behind him. They are crawling along the inside of the ship chasing the kid.

    The Oracle appears in the contruct and begins talking with Neo. The Oracle explains the machines position to Neo. The matrix must be reloaded and Smith must be destroyed. Neo knows this isn't the oracle so the machine takes the form of the architect. The architect then explains that maybe we should have been more carefull to understand the basic functioning of the matrix. Then the frenchguys wife appears and argues that the system must be stabilized regardless of the outcome. The french guy then appears and says that they can not be set free. this goes on with different characters apearing, it is like a machine council meeting. Finally neo stops the debate with the idea that only he has the choice. the machines agree and negotiate with neo. Neo begins to explain the sacrifice he has made and what he wants in return.

    Niobe and Morpheus are kissing while the squiddies continue to tear their ship apart. Suddenly the sentinels stop the giant factories cease pumping out sentinels. Niobe runs to the screens and sees Neo in the matrix. Morpheus looks at the code and his shoulders drop, he realizes trinity is dead. Neo faces off with smith in the rain. They attack each other after a few taunts They fight on the ground and in the air destroying the buildings around them. Everytime Smith gets in a good shot his doubles all grin from every window and door in the matrix. Neo is kicking Smiths ass most of the time but finally Smith jams his hand into Neo's chest, but Neo concentrates and smith starts to become Neo then suddenly Neo becomes Smith. Back in the machine city the ant machines unplug Neo. Smith says "no" then drops on the ground, the rains stop and all the smith clones begin to turn back into the people he had taken over.

    On the ship the sentinels back off but the kid collapses. Niobe notices that the code has changed. Morpheus says the kid is dead. Inside the architects room the architect is being taken over, he fights but the kid appears there. Neo enters the room. He explains that the threat is gone he has smiths code. Neo tells him that the balance must be maintained at all costs. The kid nods, you must reload. I know what to do. Neo enters the door.

    Morpheus and Niobe are walking through the matrix. Morpheus is explaining that all these people must be freed. Niobe says that he knows what that would mean. He talks about what he had hoped would happen and that Neo said the prophecy must be forced to become real. behind them an agent walks holding his earpeice and glaring at them.

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