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Man ships self in crate from NY to Texas

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  • Man ships self in crate from NY to Texas

    Dallas, Texas-Charles D. McKinley had himself shipped from New York to Dallas in an airline cargo crate, astonishing his parents-and a delivery man-when he poped out of the box outside their home.Federal officials want to know how the stowaway bypassed airport security.McKinley, 25, a shipping clerk from New York, was arrested after his two-day odyssey on unrelated badcheck and traffic warrants. He remainedin custody Tuesday.Federal officials are considering whether to file additional charges. Federal law makes it illegal to stowaway on a plane.Authorities said they did not know whether McKinley had any food, water or toilet facilities.
    The freight cost-billed to McKinley's employer-was $550. At that rate, "he could flow first class," said Richard G. Phillips, chief excutive of Pilot Air Freight.

    what an idoit!
    well, Thwark, how did you get from ny to texas?
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    Crates can be used for infiltration.


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      Hey...that should go on suggestions...ability to hide in large crates.
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        I believe he went in a crate because then he could have his company pay for it. Read that story in the newspaper today.