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TUT comics!!1! Story #2

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  • TUT comics!!1! Story #2

    Well, we’ve been here with Gerome for a week now, and so far he’s been in his room the whole time. We sent Heldris de Cornualle to find out what was up, and we haven’t seen him since. I’m kind of glad because his name was long.

    And then, Flynn walked up to me.

    “Hey, I been thinking…” he said. Some time passed.

    “Yes?” I said, “Go on.”

    “No, I’m just saying.”

    These are the kind of things I have to go through as leader of our group. I decided to let Flynn continue “thinking” and check on the others. I found Sgt. Flavio sleeping, Cosgrove still drunk, and Kendrick poking Kevel with a stick to watch him run around. I joined in the fun.

    Well, it wasn’t long until we were all busy not guarding…and then…IT showed up. It was quiet, sneaky, and tricky. We weren’t sure if we should be afraid of it, kill it, or just let it go…

    What? No, it wasn’t a thief. It was a rat. A Laughingrat, to be specific. You’d turn around to go get a drink, or get on your patrol…and there it was…looking at you. We let it go, but it was pretty eerie.

    Once things did happen, it was fast. Leander was sitting around counting stacks of gold, and pretty soon he noticed half of them were gone.

    “Why didn’t you notice they were getting stolen sooner!” I yelled.

    “Well, other stuff just disappears, don’t it.”

    “Oh, well…yes, they do…ok, alert the others, lock this place down like a caged rat!”

    I turned around, stepped over the Laughingrat, and went up to Gerome’s room. I stood outside for a few seconds, and then saw Knecht.

    “Hey, you, Knecht. Come here. Guard right here,” I put him in front of the door, “Good, good…”

    Then I reached behind him, opened the door and shoved him in.

    “What's the meaning of this!?” Gerome asked.

    “We’re being thieved…what the?!” I then saw Heldris holding the blanket up over his shoulders, in bed. “I thought I got rid of you once and for all…heck, we thought Gerome ate you or something!”

    “He did…”

    “Shut up!” Gerome yelled.

    I sat down, put my head in my hands and cried. After a few minutes, I got up, explained that we had a thief, and told Gerome to stay put, and ordered Knecht to let NO ONE, as in NO ONE, into the room. For their own good.
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    That's hilarious, haha! Can't wait to read the next part.


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      Hahaha!! Excellent!


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        Have 2 DM whores, and 4 crack spammers.


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          And the Great Dragon of Forgetfullness ghosting.


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            rofl! more! more! :lol:
            I Need Training!


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              heh very nice Garlisk,can't wait until the thieves identities are revealed. 8)
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                You guys are gonna have to wait a liiittle bit longer for the thieves. I'm still figuring out how I want to do them.
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                  no rush of course Garlisk
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