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TUT Comics!!1! Story #5

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  • TUT Comics!!1! Story #5

    V12US snuck in through the open window. He grabbed some important looking jugs, and slid into the next room. It was a bedroom with some cash. V12US grabbed the moola, and stepped out into the hall. A guard was looking right at him.

    “Argh,” said V12US.

    “Hi,” said Leander.

    “Umm, hi,” said V12US.

    “Whatcha up to? I didn’t know anyone had that room.”

    “I, uhh, yeah, don’t ask the guests questions!”

    V12US turned and began walking away, leaving the guard to contemplate what just happened. Suddenly a hand fell on his shoulder and turned him around.

    “Hey, you’re a thief, aren’t you?!”

    “Hey! Congratulations!” responded V12US.

    “So, you thought you could confuse me, eh?” asked Leander.

    “No, as a matter of fact, you seemed to be doing that quite well yourself.”

    And with that, the fight started. Leander swung his mace around. V12US easily dodged it, and it hit the wall, creating a shower of splinters. V12US whipped out his sword and blocked the next mace swing faster than you could say “taff.” Then, he whipped his sword around grabbing the blade in his gauntlet, and swinging the blunt end at Leander, effectively knocking him out.

    “That was…so…frontal…!” Leander groaned as he fell.


    And so, we climbed down and opened the barracks door. We could hear voices. Something about horsies. We couldn’t quite make it out, but it was probably important. We decided to discuss it.

    “He said something about horsies and a king. What in taffs name could that mean?” I asked.

    “Maybe it’s a code,” suggested Dragon.

    “That’s a thought!” agreed Firetiger.

    “What is?” asked Dragon.

    FixXxer grabbed his hair and said, “ I TOLD you we have brought Radamanthus instead!”

    “At least when Dragon does know or remember something you can understand it,” I said.

    “Yeah,” said Firetiger, “It kind of even things out like that.”
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    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Keep 'em coming, Garlisk. :grin:


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      But, but the Santa thief.


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        That! :lol:


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          Teh sad part is something like that actually happened (the second part anyways)

          nice though, i was wondering when you'd get around to using my name.
          "Just off the border of your waking mind there lies another time, where darkness and light are one. As you tread the halls of sanity, you feel so glad to be unable to go beyond. I have a message from another time."


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            I am pleased.