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I've got a map idea...but I'd like your opinion

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  • I've got a map idea...but I'd like your opinion

    I was sitting here thinking, a map on a ship, where the thieves were "pirates" and the guards were the merchants guarding their goods would be cool...

    Now, there already is a map of a ship. DM-Galleon. I'd like to do a conversion of it, maybe add smaller "pirate ships" around it, or guard ships, but the main ship would be the galleon.

    I'm just wondering if I should continue, or if you guys would just dis me for being lazy and making a conversion.

    Ideas? Comments? Encouragement? More encouragement?
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    The galleon ship might be kinda small for a thievery map, unless you make more than one. I had already considered this as a map but never did it because of the reason I just posted.
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      DM-Galleon probably doesn't have a good layout for a Thievery map, either. If it were a bit bigger, and if the thief spawns were on a second ship that, say, had a higher deck (so as to be protected), it might work. Even so, casting the thieves as pirates is a bit odd, as they're not really piratey types, with piratey equipment. I think you'd get a clash of genre trying to do it that way.

      What I think might work even better for a ship-based Thievery map would be a docked ship. Objectives/loot aboard the ship, and the thieves have to slip in, steal them, and get away. Have the dock itself and some of the dockside buildings be part of the map (thief spawns would be there), and allow thieves to run up the mooring ropes or climb anchor chains to get into the ship, as well as possible gaining access through the gangplank.

      If you're looking for actual piratey action, I believe DarkBill posted about a pirate mod for some game a little while ago, though I don't recall where the thread is.


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        The pirate mod was for BF: 1942


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          i have an idea for a map as well..... We got the canopy in skeltson, the catapults in stronghold. I think it might be fun to have a map with more interactive parts like that, and that actually hold some meaning to game play. I was thinking like a circus map with trampolines, trapezes (not sure if this can be done), catapults, spring boards, trap doors, high ledges, balloons, fences, high wire, big tops, etc. The whole show. Perhaps a storyline of thieves needing to steal the sacred circus shrine and the 5 tiger claws of circusland.... or whatever. Meanwhile running from guards hopping around on trampolines and ledges, running across high thin wires playing high above safety nets that can be disabled for a not-so-safe fall, etc.

          Also might be fun to just waste time on and have fun with trying new stunts and paths and patterns to keep as much air time as possible without stopping.

          As long as it doesn't become too guady with interactive springy things everywhere, i think it might be worth doing. I should really learn a little more UED.

          Then maybe another map similar to a pinball game, jumping on circular knobs to get points, but points are really loot.

          Feedback is welcome (please keep it on topic)


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            *Wonders what interest Kewl can possible have in any new maps...


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              Originally posted by Master-Builder
              *Wonders what interest Kewl can possible have in any new maps...
              Originally posted by KewlAzMe
              Feedback is welcome (please keep it on topic)
              :roll: :sigh:


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                maybe that would be a fun Arena Map for Nightblade, where u have to swing around between ships with the Grappling hook. Jo-ho-ho and a bottle of....

                well yes why not?
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                  Originally posted by KewlAzMe
                  :roll: :sigh:


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                    He may be all those things, and more. But there's no need to dwell on them, as long as he stays on topic.
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                      LR: You make some very good points there. I had thought of the clash in ideas (pirate/thief), and just dismissed it as "Who cares if they're sneaky pirates as long as the map is fun."

                      The map being too small... Its been a lot time since I've played it, so I don't really remember how it was.

                      Also, I planned on changing and adding alot. Those giant holes in the middle of the ship? They wouldn't exist anymore for a thief to catfall right down to the objs. There were three full decks, I believe, and on my map they'd each me seperate, with a few ways into each.

                      I'd also build the thieve's ship, plus, maybe, a second smaller "guard" merchant ship. An escort maybe.

                      As to how the thieves gain access... There will be several ways, the main one probably being vine arrows.

                      This map is not intended to contain "piratey action." Its intended as a pure thievery map, in an interesting setting.

                      Ideas, comments, etc...
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                        You will need some land in there too, other wise the map will be one big skybox. If you got a warehouse or a dock or something, Garlisk.
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                          Do not think he would need land for this. So what if the outer area is a big skybox? It could add a bit of atmoshpere if used right. Of course, we delve into personal tastes opinion here.

                          Like the basic premise, although I would not use the UT one for the reassons stated. Would be best for the map to make your own.

                          I have toyed with a similar idea where thieves stowaway on a luxury ship, then escape by stealing lifeboats. Like your premise better. Something I wanted to add to the map was a sense of ship movement, although not sure how. Best method I think would be to sinusodially vary gravity (strengthening/weakening gravity- no regualr reversal). A mutator might be needed for that which is beyond me at the moment. Would add some unusual flavors to the map. Perhaps you could call it TH-Seasick or something.
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                            Funy you guys mention a skybox one of my (most impossible) ideas for a TUT map was high altitute map. Its basically scraped because I figured that guards and thieves would spend a lot of time cratering or camping a tight spot.

                            Well, FixXxer mentioned a Wharehouse, the Wharehouse level in Thief 2 had a boat (who used to drop my fps to an unplayable state) which you could infiltrate. Perhaps adapting the concept of that level like having a key on the Wharehouse that opens the main cabin or something. IMO it should contain terrain, or onthe other hand you could build a really massive ship like level and have multiple spaw points like teh exit in Skelton's Head, but safely away from possible spawrapers.
                            Probably the ship could contain several decks and the safe or the acess to it is located in the core of the ship. The general idea (rob a ship) is great it could get implemented if you use the right tricks.
                            Hmm, now that I think of it maybe you could make it inside some really big cavern or canyon somethign with high walls that doesnt need to be a huge sea.
                            Or an even more radical idea, assualt the ship while it is being repaired in a dry dock.
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                              Th-Airship anyone?