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Doing my part to spread the word. :)

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  • Doing my part to spread the word. :)

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    Originally posted by Mad_Bergil

    Also, if you have Unreal Tournament, or enjoyed the Thief series games, you HAVE to download Thievery, or buy UT (its cheap now) and get this mod. Its awesome
    Just a heads up.

    Nice story, btw.
    The only constant is change.
    (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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      /me likes it

      Can I post there my writing from the D&D adventures I had?
      I Need Training!


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        The thief pulled out a sword, and attempted to face Dak in a melee. Dak knew what was going to happen… the thief would block his attacks until the bolt ran out of chemicals, and then hide again. But he didn’t let it get that far. Dak was a skilled swordsman, and swung into the thief’s chest. The thief blocked, but the next attacks were too fast for the thief to do anything about. After a few more hits, the thief dropped to the ground with a dying shout of…OOOWWWW!
        Lies! LIES!!


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          I knew you'd get me for that one V12US

          But, hey, its just a story!!!

          Thanks, ill fix that thieveryut thing...if I can.

          Yeah, you can write about D&D there.

          If you do the free membership (what I did) you can only do 1 story every 3 months though.


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            It's nice to spread the word about Thievery.

            I just won a special-kit with Civilization 3 cause of telling users on a norwegian site about Thievery. Hmm, I don't play Civ though, anybody want to buy it?


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              Nice one mate..... althought virus would likely escape hehe plus if he had an accomplice (like me) you would have been out as soon as you went for im....
              OO gerome what a GAME we had......
              How TuF are you?
              League of Legends
              Bloodbowl by Extensions


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                LOL Ag....yeah, thats why it was just one thief...and a sucky one at that!