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  • Sorry to Dragon

    Earlier today on the crackerz server there was a moment where myself and dragon were in darkened enlightenment in the house together and I lagged into a position to be seen and was set on fire by a guard. I then proceeded to run away by way of dragon and getting him killed.

    He then left the game angry and I just would like to appologize for the path i chose to take past him and kill him. I usually try to not run past a path knowing another thief is there since I too have been in that position.

    sorry again.

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    Oh's fine. I'm sorry I got angry with you, a lot of shit has been going on that I don't want to talk about. If you knew me better, you would know that if I'm angry, I play shitty, so when I get mad like that I just leave so I can cool off. Nothing against you personally.

    In the future, you can always pm me. :wink:


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      Like Dragon says there are PM's for this. No need for the community to see it, this has been done before, airing of situations, and it has sometimes gotten ugly. Spawning off into something else as well. Nough said, now kiss and make up. :wink: