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The Judge is no more. (My bye bye thread)

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  • The Judge is no more. (My bye bye thread)

    First of all I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you fine people of TUT community, for the good and fun times we had together. The years I spent either playing or chatting with you guys and ladies were the best of my life (sort of :p ) My time has come to leave and I wanted to share this with you since you are close friends of mine.

    Late November I will be joining the Greek army for my military training, so I will not have the time to play and talk with you. However, after one year I will try to return and join you in Nightblade this time .

    I wish I could be a lot more helpful to the Dev team, not just another player, but I haven't had neither the time nor the knowledge to accomplish something like that. I do have some things to do though before I leave. I will try my best to be present at the DarkBill's team VS ToB match -probably my last one-.

    Some addressed notes:

    To ex-RLFs:
    You were my TUT family. Everything I learned/invented/practiced were with you. Good luck wherever you are whatever you do.

    To TuF:
    MANY thanks guys for inviting me to your family. Some of my best friends are in TuF. No need to mention Machine, who is my second brother since we started/practiced together when I was by the name "Guard_Master". I wish the best to you guys. (I wanted to post a similar note on our forum, but I can't get in, dunno why).

    To Fri:
    I love you girl. Keep your spirit up.

    To BA:
    No, I haven't forgotten about you. I will mail you the pics as soon as I can!

    There are a lot of people that I want to talk to, but this will end like the old "I really like" post I made in ttlg and that is certainly NOT good.

    If you want to say goodbye to me, please do.



    P.S. Yes Omega you can have my stuff :p
    I Need Training!

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    Feel the power of the


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      That sucks, mOdEtWo has to go to the army too...

      Come back soon!


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        Sad to see you go Judge I hope you return soon :|


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          Hopefully they'll let you shoot birds with mortars. :twisted:
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            Originally posted by The_Judge
            P.S. Yes Omega you can have my stuff :p
            Damn :cry:


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              Judge, You will be missed. I wish you the best, if you can pop in from time to time, let us know how your doing.
              When you can send me those pics of your progress~!


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                C-Ya Judge. Good luck in your training.
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                  Mandatory military service sucks....


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                    Oh no Judge!

                    I am newer to this community, but you have already impressed me with your insightful posts, your wonderful attitude, and your friendliness in-game.

                    Hurry Back!
                    You can check out anytime you like, but you can NEVER leave.


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                      Wait...what?! OMG!

                      What am I gonna do?!

                      No Gerbil

                      No Judge


                      :cry: :cry:

                      Well, good luck...can't wait to see you again.
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                        Cu Judge!
                        Thanks for games we played !

                        Do you really need to go to army? You have to train to beat up your little bro' ? He's a =FAG=> for god sake! lol
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                          Bye, Judge!

                          Hope you come back for NB, we'll need all the guard players we can get!


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                            Originally posted by LaughingRat
                            Mandatory military service sucks....
                            You sure got that right!

                            So long Judge. Take care.


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                              Goodbye Judge. You are a true friend and a loyal mamber of TuF, and the best guard this mod has ever known; This is why your country needs you... to guard them in a proffesion of protection, loyalty and in the name of good and all things just. You will do well in the armed forces, I hope you excell and perspire in your new life, and I wish you the very, very best.

                              So long Judge. Come back and see us in NightBlade.

                              p.s dont think i'm getting soppy... i can still kick your ass
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