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ToB brutally crushed by !

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  • ToB brutally crushed by !

    As the topic suggests, my challenge to ToB was played today, and ToB was vanquished. My team -- calling ourselves ! -- consisted of W!ldBill, Mor!din, Killsw!tch, and B!ohazard. Against and representing ToB were Assassin, SwissMercenary, Sneaky, and Sneaky1Kenobi.

    The three maps this epic battle took place on were Nostalgia, Gerome, and Grange, in that order. ! won both thieving and guarding Nostalgia, but were defeated attempting to thieve Gerome. In a brutal example of urban warfare ! barely held Gerome against ToB, and then went on to succesfully thieve Grange. That made four rounds that ! had won, thus making them the winners of the match.

    I'll be posting shots of the scores once I have them uploaded.

    Good games, everyone, mayhaps we'll do it again sometime. ^_^
    Nearly all men can stand adversity -- if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

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    Yeah, right after I strangle the interior decorator for Nostalgia. Can you believe that the library had no loot on the shelf, the stables had 60 loot, the room near the kitchen had 0 loot, and the SAFE ROOM AND SAFE had 0. Zip. Zada. Those locations usually have at least 680...

    Oh, and that was a confusing rush from your team in Nos. Somehow, a thief got through to the banquet hall, after getting tagged, I killed him on the way back. 500 loot was returned. Somehow, suddenly, the main gallery has no loot. A minute later, the 1.5K mark is hit. I didn't check whether we still had they lyre...


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      Screenshots of the scores...

      First round, ! thieves ToB on Nostlagia

      Second round, ! guards against ToB on Nostalgia

      Third round, ToB guards against ! on Gerome

      Fourth round, ! guards against ToB on Gerome

      Fifth round, ! thieves against ToB on Grange
      Nearly all men can stand adversity -- if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.


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        Great time, really good games, ok overview.....

        1st Game :-

        ! Thieving Nostalgia ToB Guarding:-

        A carefully executed plan results in a quick victory, not much to say about this one, Mor!din snatched the Lyre early and ended up dancing around the yard with around 4 guards, eventually getting away Bios quote "Funniest Game Evar"

        ToB 0 - 1 !

        ToB Thieving Nostalgia ! Guarding:-

        ! quickly set up defences around the lye, W!ldbill camping it like crazy, I got KO'd a few too many times, but managed to revive the ai i lost (sorry) but eventually ! prevail.

        ToB 0 - 2 !

        ! Thieving Gerome, ToB Guarding:-

        A rush of the book pays off and Mor!din and W!ldbill manage to squeese thru. Then later we attempt to get the loot but it was just simply too well guarded, it came down to Killsw!tch, and I pulled out every trick I had but just couldn't do it, quick response to a changing situation means ToB win.

        ToB 1 - 2 !

        ToB Thieving Gerome, ! Guarding :-

        Killsw!tch camping the evi straight away, we stuck together as much as possible, and managed to hold them off, a pretty dull match for me as I spent most of it staring at a door :-p

        Later on me and Mor!din played random peek-a-boo thru the libary door and I sniped as he opened it, hitting a thief by chance 2x. Then in a final stretch of faith, 2 thieves assault the libary, I shoot over a ducked theif and kill one in the window, then the ducked theif runs forward onto my mine killing himself and me in the process, the last theif follows shortly after.

        ToB 1 - 3 !

        ! Thieving Grange, ToB Guarding

        Knowing that a win on this level would give us the game, we start off determined and go thru our plan... it pays off, we have all the loot quickly, running to the exit only to find...... a HUMAN WALL..... of course this puts a big dent in our ghosted bonnet, so we try to exit but B!o dies, so we fall back, Killsw!tch and B!o fire arrows at the wall, in sync, it looks like a scene from LOTR! eventually he dies, but respawns with a specialised loadout to get me and Mor!din out.

        The final scene, B!o, sacrifising himself, manages to kill a guard and crack another, I makea dash for it followed by Mor!din as B!o screams GOGOGOGO! Killsw!tch, strafes around the wall and ko's 2 ppl (no helmets) as Mor!din leaps thru into the exit....

        Game Over

        ! Wins 8)

        But absolutely great games.

        ToB Roster :-


        ! Roster :-

        Mor!din (Dragon)
        Killsw!tch (TheMach!ne)
        W!ildBill (DarkBill)
        B!o (Just, Bio :-) )

        Thnx for the games, now, to whipe the sweat from my body!


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          Looks a bit like Dragon~TuF~ beat ToB would be a more apt description
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            Those were really fun matches.

            Well played ToB, and I had a lot of fun playing with !. Excellent games.

            [Edit] Rodent, there is no "I" in "Team." :wink:


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              Originally posted by shadow rodent
              Looks a bit like Dragon~TuF~ beat ToB would be a more apt description
              Nope... not at all, score does not equal the importance of each person in the match...

              Could we have won if Bill didn't camp and chase theives from the lye?

              Could we have won if I didn't create flares and bolts for dragon to snipe with?

              WOULD we have won if that thief on gerome hadn't ran over my mine and died?

              WOULD we have won if me and Bio didn't clear a passage for him in Grange?

              simple answer....


              Great teamwork to all !.


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                Originally posted by shadow rodent
                Looks a bit like Dragon~TuF~ beat ToB would be a more apt description
                I would have had the top score on Grange if I didn't kill guards and suicide. ^_^ :p


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                  Yep. This was teamwork at it's best. Good job "!"!


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                    Ah, but you guys forgot to mention the part when you danced around like headless chickens, running out 1 by 1, getting KOed, and having your bodies get roasted in the fireplaces.


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                      Good Job guys. I watched (sat next to my bro') some of the matches.
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                        Well that was loads of fun guys! Dragon you are an absolutely fabulous player. Great Job everyone!
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                          Looking at the scores and reading the posts makes me think this was a close match with just bad luck for ToB. But great job all the same!
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                            Originally posted by FixXxeR
                            Good Job guys. I watched (sat next to my bro') some of the matches.
                            Who is your brother?
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                              Machine and FixXxer are brothers! Duh!