Just a reminder:

Now that we've moved to a new, full forum site, we have several forums to house several different subjects.

This forum is for general discussion - that is: talk related, and unrelated, to Thievery, or things in general.

We've also got a forum for the technical aspects of Mapping. Announcements of new maps are most welcome in the General Discussion forum. The Mapping forum is strictly for talking about the hows and whys of map-making.

The Technical Forum is for technical help with fixing thievery, making thievery run, breaking thievery, and asking questions about thievery. Technical questions NOT pertaining to Thievery can (and probably should) be asked in General Discussion.

The Suggestions forum is for... you guessed it... Suggestions about Thievery patches, thievery maps, the website and the forum. NO suggestion thread should be posted in General Discussion or any other forum, regardless of the fact that "it will get more replies" - we've got (and were suggested to make) seperate forums to KEEP these things.

Lastly, the Guilds forum. This is for discussions pertaining strictly to Thievery guilds. Guild announcements, Guild News, etc. If there has been a Guild War or summat that deserves "press" (and ONLY if it deserves press for the whole community, not just your guild), feel free to post it in General Discussion. Otherwise POST IT IN THE GUILDS FORUM.

Let's try and at least pretend like we're organized. 8)