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Guards vs Thieves mod for Halflife?

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  • Guards vs Thieves mod for Halflife?

    I know the mod was already known about by many... but now it has been released and its got a 7.5 rating. Has anyone played this mod? Is it any good? anything like TUT? anything cool from there that looks like it might be a good idea to bring a variation to TUT or NB?

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    7.5 rating where?

    Links? Their website was last updated in April, and says nothing of a release.

    No downloads at all, it just has those screenshots that made Joel giggle.


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      Yeah, where is that download link?
      I want to try it.

      God, what an awfully annoying signature!


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        maybe he should link his sig. to a better version, but back to the H-L i want to try it, i think i heard of it befor i heard of thievery, doubt it's as good though, and we could all pwn those stupid n00bs on it...
        he,he,he... :twisted:
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          My bad, Internal release only, but it looks like 11 internal players voted because there is an average vote of 7.5

          Also they have dogs in the game, at least dog skins. Color me curious!

          Under production images (not opera friendly)

          Changed sig, but its no more annoying then some of the biiiiig ones out there. Better version? this one?


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            Yeah well. I'll try it out when it gets out, no doubt.


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              I took the liberty to find out for myself where the mod is going. Emailed the project lead. He responded with this:

              Thanks for your interest in our project.
              We're currently working on a big site update at the
              moment, and we're just waiting for a couple more bits
              of artwork for one or our new site features.

              I wouldn't be holding my breath for a beta before
              December (even that might be a little optimistic at
              the moment). Our internal Alphas aren't in the best
              shape at the moment, and our programmers have exams
              and other end of year committments. This isn't
              necessarily a bad thing. More time means better music,
              graphics and sound for the mod, more time for the
              voice actors to become familiar with their characters
              and the novel, etc.

              Again, thanks for your interest in Guards vs Thieves.

              Josh Bush
              Fearless Leader
              Valiant Systems
              So there's the most current update.


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                Last update april 13, 2003...

                Thwark talked about this a while ago. He said that both TUT and this mod started production about the same time but their development fell apart after a while. It still doesn't look like they have gotten much farther.


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                  Their site FAILS.


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                    Just updated?...
                    Then why does it say "Updated 14m 8d ago" at the mod page for the internal relase?. :roll:


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                      I'll give it a try when it comes out... but it looks a bit crappy compared with TUT :?

                      I really cant imagine Garrett running and sneaking around in Gordon Freeman's HEV suit
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                        I should find the IRC log where Dalai was saying he was afraid GvT would be better than Thievery...
                        It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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                          That's my way to die...


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                            Originally posted by Swiss Mercenary
                            Are they making it for half-life 2?...
                            Cause that picture definetly isn't from Half-Life!!


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                              That picture is from a cutscene. It looks like they're putting a lot more work into the cutscenes than they are anything else.