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  • UT Patch 440

    I read that there are some problems with servers displaying who's actually on the server in the Find an Internet Game list. Something to do with the 4.51 upgrade. According to the 451patch screws up more than the 440 patch, has anyone tried this 440 patch? im curious to know if it would fix the player listing problem, but still fix the net issues that 451 addresses

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    nope i only have the patch under 451 becasue i'm to lazy to dl it.
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      whoaa many replys... :wink:
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        the 451 patch contains mostly enhancements for servers only, downloading it to use as a client is useless and it will cause more bugs than it fixes. I don't even like it as a server patch, you can't see who's in the server.


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          I'm still using 436. Why patch it to a later version when there appears to be no serious bugs in it?


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            I can't even play ut or thievery using the 451 patch. So I use it only for my thievery server installation.


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              I use 440, as server and client... seems to be better than old one but dont break ued, etc...

              Dont know really about players names not showing on that version, nerver really look and server is more off than on.
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