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    I wasn't really sure where on the net to ask this, and I couldn't find anything through a search so I suppose i'll ask it here. My comp has got 512MB of PC133 Sdram, a 2.4Ghz CPU (400 FSB) and a Geforce video card. I would think that it would be fast enough to run most games well. Yet many of the newer games (I'd say UT2k3 and later) don't run well at all. The catch is, the frame rates improve somewhat if I turn off character shadows and other dynamic features. I haven't really experimented with this but it seems to help, though I could be wrong (It might just look like its running faster but really not). The most noticable game is Splinter Cell. I get horrible frame rates (near unplayable) unless I turn the "shadow resolution" down. Just from the high setting to medium, the frames were almost perfect after the change. My bro's comp has almost the same specs, including 512MB of sdram. He recently got another 512MB stick and it didn't help the frame rates at all. And now for my question: Would it help my computer performance if I upgraded to DDR? And if not, how else can I improve frames?

    [Edit]Also, my bro says even if I upgrade to DDR, the FSB speed of the cpu will still bottleneck the performance, but i'm not sure if this is true[\Edit]
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    TeH Geforce is sloowing down yer pc.

    Thou shall buyst an ATI card or thou wilst be hammered by builder himself

    And about memory ... DDRAM will improve speed but i think not dramatically


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      Originally posted by koraX
      TeH Geforce is sloowing down yer pc.

      Thou shall buyst an ATI card or thou wilst be hammered by builder himself
      Thou heard the man. :grin:


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        My bro has got an ATI card. Thats not the problem. Please, serious posts only, I want to figure this out.
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          True, get an ATI card to increase FPS, of course your PC will go BSOD every ten minutes due to the crap drivers.

          Is your 2.4G genuine or Celeron? My gf has a celeron 2.4 128 L2cache and its has problems with ut2k3 too.

          I have an 850Mhz pc - 133Mhz FSB - 256 L2cache - with 524MB PC133 SDRAM and a 64MB Radeon 7000 and I run ut2k3 just fine.

          you have intel or AMD?


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            Geforce 1? Be more specific.

            If you upgrade to DDR you'll most likely need to upgrade your motherboard as well.
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              Originally posted by Salvage
              If you upgrade to DDR you'll most likely need to upgrade your motherboard as well.
              Probably not. I don't think there's a motherboard that will support a 2.4 GHz CPU that doesn't also support DDR RAM. Could be wrong, though.


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                If you have a GeForce 1 card that is the biggest reason that your games are slowing down, that card is several years old. To improve your performance without having to buy anything new, be sure you have the latest drivers for your video card and all your system devices (bios and motherboard too, which are often overlooked). Overall though, buying a new video card is probably your best bet.

                If your video card isn't the source of the problem (as you hinted above) then reinstall the games that run slow and do a defrag. If that doesn't fix it, it might be a good idea to format and reinstall your OS. If even that doesn't work it's likely you have you have a faulty piece of hardware and should take it to a proffessional computer store and have it analyzed.

                It might also be an overheating problem, although pentiums usually don't overheat. Go to your bios and make sure your core temperature is ok and download a heat monitoring program. I can't remember off hand what the safe levels for a processor was, but mine typicall stays around 60-90F.


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                  As mentioned above, more specific system could be useful (CPU, videocard(s) used, soundcard, harddrive specs, software drivers, etc). All these items can factor in. If have yourself an eMachine or similar PC, your problem can be readily identified...

                  Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I beleive shadow effects are more CPU intensive then GPU? If so, the question becomes does your CPU find itself waiting for data from main memory? Is the main memory waiting for data from the CPU? Or are they both waiting for information to get from point A to point B? Not sure how to check this, but maybe someone here does?

                  For kicks, what kind of benchmark results do you get from UT2k3 under normal mode? How does it differ when you reduce the graphics settings to nil? Any difference in reducing the audio settings? If the results are all similar, I would consider the CPU/bus to be the problem.

                  If you upgrade your memory, you will need to upgrade your motherboard. To my knowledge, there is no motherboard that can use both PC133 and DDR (could be wrong). I would expect quality memory and motherboard upgrade to run ~$200 total. If your case is not ATX, then add $40 for a cheap case. I would expect the motherbaord to have a faster FSB.

                  My 2 cents anyway.
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                    Here is some more detail in my specs:

                    2.4Ghz Intel Pentium 4 (genuine, not celeron) with 512k L2 cache
                    Geforce 3 ti500
                    Windows 2000, full install no more than 3 months ago, also meaning that the games were installed recently too.

                    My bro has got:
                    2.0Ghz 512k cache, also non-celeron
                    ATI Radeon 9000
                    Windows XP

                    I don't mind getting a new motherboard, I just want to make sure that getting DDR will help. Games such as No one lives forever 2, Splinter cell, Halo, Battlefield 1942 (unplayable from the terrible frame rates) and Raven Shield all have mediocre FPS.
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                      Originally posted by Firetiger
                      DDR will have little effect on gaming performance. With that machine, the video card is likely the bottleneck. An ATI Radeon 9200 or 9600 -- or even higher, if you want to spent more -- would be a subsantial improvement. ATI drivers are fine these days, by the way.
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                        That seems odd to me, BF1942 should be easily playable on your machine...


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                          Originally posted by Thebos
                          If you upgrade your memory, you will need to upgrade your motherboard. To my knowledge, there is no motherboard that can use both PC133 and DDR (could be wrong).
                          There are actually several, though they're phasing out. Big problem with them is they tend to fry if someone is silly enough to boot the machine with both SDRAM and DDR RAM on the board.

                          FT5, it could very well be that video card that's slowing you down. Your CPU, FSB and amount of memory are all up to spec for UT2003, easily. The card is a bit below par, though, for more recent games, if you're running in a higher resolution with high detail on.


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                            Probably nothing, but my pals pc ran like a (dead) dog till I got him to install and run adaware (which I heard about here, and is free), which removed all sorts of nasty tsr's and sorted him out completely.
                            Worth a try anyway.
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                              Ok thanks for the help guys, I suppose I'll try for a video card. Though i'm still not sure, because my bro has got a radeon 9000 and he gets the same FPS as I do. It's not really the type of ram i'm thinking of but the speed of it.
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