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Coming clean: TemperMental is really......

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  • Coming clean: TemperMental is really......


    Yes, after 5 months of playing as TemperMental, I made a tiny slip up and was in fact busted. Now before the flames start, I'll take the usual approach, only this time I have the good behavior of TemperMental on my side.

    Why did you lie and pretend to be someone else?
    Well you guys wouldn't have given me a chance to play if I said "Hi its me, KewlAzMe, I'll play nice". So I think its clear why I had to hide.
    Honestly, I don't even want the name KewlAzMe anymore, as it has been forever tainted in this game. I was trying to just get a clean slate as a new person totally.
    It wasn't a deceitful trick to get you guys to like KewlAzMe again. Its true, my time as KAM was interesting but also too much headache.
    Im not here to waste a bunch of time with starting trouble and flame wars, Im here to enjoy the game as I always have (before the "incident")

    You think lying and hiding is gonna make us want you back?
    Lying to prove I could play nice and proper is clearly the only way back into this game. Its kind of hard to prove myself to be a nice player when everything I say is twisted and ignored. So I think its clear that being someone else was my only option.

    Why don't you just go away
    Look, I really love playing ThieveryUT, and I know that with my "incident" many members of the community would rather me not play at all because of the high-risk, but since my return I have been free of "sin" and enjoying playing with all of you. I am not posting this to start flames or start arguements, but to let you guys realize that many of you like TemperMental before now and I would like you to all realize that I am not as bad as you all think I am. I think over the past 5 months of being TM I've proved myself as someone who can be fun, and pleasant.

    Now obviously I can't expect everyone to just say "OK kewl, you've been good for a few months, come on back." because it would break down the "judicial" system here. But for the few that are so hard-headed, I hope this makes some note in your minds that Im not as bad as I have appeared to be.

    Not to sound like an ass, or to sound cocky, But whether admins admit it or not, they know its just as easy for me to make a new name and start over again, Or I could try to come clean with my current name and prove myself to be someone liked and someone who is fun to play with. Which is my goal.

    There will always be people that don't like KAM because of the bot and because of his attitude, but those very same people who don't like KAM were actually very nice to TemperMental, because TemperMental was nice to them. Im here to enjoy myself, as are the rest of you, not deal with the stress and wasted time in the forums arguing about something that is truly unstoppable. And I hope my time, attitude, and personality as TemperMental has shown at least a small proof to get me headed back into the right direction.

    I will continue to play as TemperMental on some of the servers out there that have decided to leave me play for now, until they make their decisions. I have left ToB as well, as although Im on the road to recovery, I am not yet allowed to participate in Turf Wars.

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    thanks for coming clean
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      Now, if only Tundra would come clean...


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        Originally posted by Swiss Mercenary
        Now, if only Tundra would come clean...
        don't think he's around anymore :lol:
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        -=:ToB:=-PayingSins (TUT MAP)-


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          Originally posted by Swiss Mercenary
          Now, if only Tundra would come clean...
          yea I guess if you guys still haven't got all the facts yet..

          Tundra & Kewl are friends,
          but Tundra does not equal Kewl.

          Tundra is my friend from home, and I only asked him to play to see how far he could get before gettin banned, but regardless, its a moot point

          Although I did play under his name a while back, which is why he was good sometimes and then sucky the next. I was tempermental since that time.


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            Allright. I have pondered this issue as I was making tea, and here is what I have decided on, for my personal opinion of you, KAM, in no way affilliated with any sort of ToB opinion of you.

            I do not want you to play Thievery again.

            You may remember back to the March of this year - I was in the community for two months. This took place after your abuse of catlops on Crackaz, when the community calmed down.

            I saw you as a fine player - a bit of an attitude, but not bigger then mine. You were a fine person to play the game with, and I didn't think that my opinion of you would change. We had a few great games back then.

            After that, there was Nemesis. With our conflicting egoes/attitudes, both of us made the game a pain for the rest of the players for the duration of a week. Eventually, I just shut my mouth (Or tried to), and took the trash that he threw.

            When the two of you founded Z, and recruited Frantic, I was beginning to worry for you. I believe I made my opinion of both those actions quite clearly: Nemesis, and Frantic were not the kinds of people it was good to hang around with.

            A week or so after the founding of Z, strange things started happening. Let me put it this way: Playing you was as FRUSTRATING AS HELL. I couldn't quite place it, but with every game, I was getting more and more pissed, and Nemesis was growing a bigger attitude with every win. I tried to shut up, and take it, but at some point, it was unbearable. No matter what I seemed to try, the two of you would somehow get me. I could attribute your abilities to skill, and I suppose that I could handle being constantly defeated by your nearly super-human abilities, but the gloating of Nemesis is still getting to me.


            Do you know how frustrating it was to play against you for the month that you openly cheated? IT WAS THE BLOODY WORST TIME I EVER HAD IN THIEVERY. AFTER SOME GAMES, I WAS READY TO SCREAM AT MY COMPUTER, AFTER YOU OR NEMESIS PULLED ANOTHER IMPOSSIBLE STUNT.

            Do you know how pissed I was at you? Do you know how big of a problem my attitude caused to players who could still handle Nemesis' cheating? Do you know how PISSED I still am when I remember what you did?

            There is no bloody way that I am going to excuse you. There is no bloody way that I will in any way support you. There is no bloody way that I would let you play Thievery again, if I could.

            Think back to March. Think of the way I thought of you. Now, think about how I think of you now.


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              Just don't lie anymore, its not worth it, is it? Are you going to continue to lie, use another alias? I hope not. You end up getting caught eventually. I don't understand why people do the things they do to a game they supposedly love. Only thinking about themselves, get themselves into trouble, they want in, will do anything to get back in to a game they screwed up on their own.

              Wouldn't it be nice to play with people that you can call your friends, and have a good time, instead of being chastised, and banned. I dunno, I would rather play with my friends, being a friend and playing with friends, is worth more to me than some stupid game.

              Good luck, just play, be nice, and be fair. Warning, lets watch the flames.


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                Well, its a good start coming clean but at least for me as well as some others
                its going to take a lot more for me to forgive the gloating I got when either
                you or Nemisis won. Alot of calls of NOOB! etc, when all the time you were
                cheating. Thanks but no Thanks, Kewl, Tempermental or whoever you are.
                You got in that boat on your own, I'd suggest you row it.


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                  Originally posted by Ghostly apparition
                  I'd suggest you row it.
                  Isn't that what he's doing? Though is it in the good or wrong direction?


                  I don't know, Kewl. Seriously, I never really played against you as TemperMental... but if you're really ready to play the game silently (that means no gloating, no flames on forums, arguments like the ghosting/thiever/DM'er one), I don't see why you shouldn't. The rest of the community would have to abide by these rules too. You must have realized by now that many people in here don't like you very much, but I expect them to leave the flames away.

                  Err -- Rock on, people.


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                    You've tried to make your way back into the community in the past and failed with the Tundra alias. The whole fact that you have repeatedly lied and tried to undermind everyone's trust here is reason enough for me to not want you back in the community. I believe you should go find some other game to play, and leave us alone.

                    Maybe if you had stopped when you were last banned and stayed on the forums being as well behaved as you are now I might have supported giving you another chance. the only thing you've ever done now is prove that you will lie to get what you want. Being stabbed by en enemy is one thing, being stabbed in the back by a friend is much worse, which you have demonstrated several times now.

                    Even if you're allowed to stay, I'll never join a server with you playing in it.


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                      Here's what I think. People here are cruel and don't really care about the community. They care about one thing and that is Power. Games are no longer fun for this mod as of late. Simple freedoms are gone on this board. Posting my opinion here is like walking on glass.

                      I refresh the server list and see a measely 2 public servers. Here's a couple of reasons.

                      1)Lack of development- Announcements would make a difference. There is work being done but I want to know how much is done. Dalai has begun work on another mod. 2 years of work, why not continue at it instead of announcing something else and doing two things at once? What was the persons name that was going to take over? I wouldn't even bother with Thievery if I was to start another project. Shut it down and devote full time to Night-Blade considering how SLOW you guys work.

                      Take a look below these are just a few examples of things that need to get fixed. NOW. Until those are fixed the game will remain the same. A repetitive exercise of imbalances to trigger humourous and thrilling moments to no productivity.

                      Might as well call this Night-Blade beta 1. Just like Asheron's Call 1 was beta for Asheron's Call 2. However AC 2 has failed. This mod should already be past beta stages. It should be gold, it could've been in store shelves. I know it, i've experience what all players have, the music, atmosphere, and great moments of triumph.(Yes I know Night-Blade is thieves vs thieves, however Thiefmatch could of easily been made into this. Who's idea was to make TM a dm fest? Bad idea )

                      2)Maps and editing. Damn Unreal engine. I am grateful for those who continue to work on the maps of course. However it is not easy to edit them and you have to start over sometimes yes? Not to mention the imbalances which some maps WILL never get fixxed. In the end utter frustration for the dev and the player. An easy fix would be to only put balanced maps in servers.

                      It's the players fault? What did you expect, it is the devs fault too for putting obvious exploits. Example:Blocking the flats exit with guards off the bat. Using lockpicks on thief objectives and then camping them/objective stacking and traps to make it seem impossible.

                      Thievery is Bittersweet. That's my rant.


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                        Originally posted by IonFan
                        Thievery is free. The devs don't owe you a damn thing. If you don't like it, leave.
                        Nearly all men can stand adversity -- if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.


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                          Hey IonFan, you are just bitching here again aren't ya. Boy for a n00b you sure know a lot of things around here. Oh by the way, hello Unstoppable, lying again are we? Well guess what..............


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                            Originally posted by DarkBill
                            Originally posted by IonFan
                            Thievery is free. The devs don't owe you a damn thing. If you don't like it, leave.
                            Pointing the obvious for lack of argument as usual. You always want someone who you disagree with to leave. Coward. LOL BA.


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                              We aren't looking for spiritual meaning here, Unstop. It's an obvious point and a good one, but apparently you didn't see that.