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How much bandwith for TUT?

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  • How much bandwith for TUT?


    I´d really like to test Thievery online, but as I only have 1gb of bandwith/month I´m quiet limited when it comes to online gaming. It´s a great game with bots only, but the real kick has to involve human opponents.
    Can anyone tell me approximately what an hour of ThieveryUT will add to my quota? As uploaded data doesn´t count for my quota it´s the download I´m interested in.

    Thx and maybe backstab me l8er,


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    If you turn the bandwidth setting down to 56k modem... about 30 MBs maybe per hour.
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      Thx for the answer, I guess it´s less, because a 56k modem transfers less than 30 mb with full load/hour. But this is still a good point to estimate the amount needed. If a 56k modem is sufficient I might be able to enjoy some hours/month. I hope the servers stick to my settings and don´t use the bandwith they are able to get from me


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        Playing at 56k speeds won't be a problem, Thievery is slower paced than most other online games.
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          I usually play when downloading which uses 24-25kb/s of my 32kb/s total.
          No problem with lag what so ever, so it can't be using more then those 6-8kb/s


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            Hehe, I checked it out, it´s about 5mb/hour. Now that´s an amount I can live with


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              Yeah, I used to have to put up with 1 gig a month, and I could play basically all day every weekend, but not much during the week. That's without using the internet for anything else. I think thievery uses about 10meg/hour on a full server
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