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    This is my housemate, photographed by me, in some tunnels under a graveyard:


    There's some staff work in there too. He's teaching me; I did fire poi for the first time a while ago, and it rocked.

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    Those pictures turned out brilliantly.
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      Wow great shots there Nach! Are you into photogaphy? A tunnel under a grave yard? Ohh, how freaky is that!

      1. How did you guys find that tunnel? Tell us more about that place.
      2. What was it used for at one time?
      3. Any coffins sticking out? heh

      Would love to see that place. Very cool.


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        Wow Nachimir - fantastic! I hope you don't mind if I use one of the pics as my avatar on the TOB website??!
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          Originally posted by Sneaky1Kenobi
          I hope you don't mind if I use one of the pics as my avatar on the TOB website??!
          Not at all. I put the copyright in because it just sucks when people use them for flyers and stuff

          Yes BA, I'm into photography. I'm working with digital at the moment; it's great being able to see what you've taken straight afterward.

          Originally posted by BrokenArts
          1. How did you guys find that tunnel? Tell us more about that place.
          I really don't know what it was used for. It's a set of six large tunnels that run around the edge of an amphitheatre style hollow in the grave yard (If you're ever in Nottingham, it's the Forest Graveyard). I keep meaning to go to the archives and research it, but I never get around to it.

          I found it because I quite often go exploring. I hopped through an iron gate on which the bars had been pulled apart at the top. It looked like it was just a long tunnel going from one end of a hill to the other, but I found a fork leading into another tunnel, which runs downward for about 100 metres and curls around the amphitheatre. It leads down to the small courtyard which Angus performed in, and five short dead end tunnels. One leads back up to a slit in some brickwork, which you can see in the last shot.

          There are a couple of empty rectangular rooms off the main tunnel, but nothing to indicate what they might have been used for. I guess they may have intended crypts, but the way it's been left seems like a folly. I've been down there three times now, and each time there has been new detritus from visitors. Several people have told me there have been a few murders down there too...

          I sometimes explore, usually if I've seen an interesting entrance or tunnel, or someone gives me a lead . I've been in a couple of railway tunnels that go right under the city, in the basemesnts of an old cinema/theatre, and some caves which are closed to the public, under a shopping centre. I don't usually take a camera, because I never know if I'm about to find smack addicts or not.


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            Hey man, those are pretty damn sweet!
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              Cool Nac!

              I'm also into photography, bigtime. 35mm mostly, but I do have a digicam.
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                Nach, take me with you next time

                Great photo's .... but din't I allready saw them? It might have been another series

                I like how the fire can still be seen, instead of one blur of light. This is usualy different in these kind of photo's
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                  Great !


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                    OMG!! Nach is a firespammer and has screenies to prove it! BAN HIM!!!

                    Oh and uh, nice work guys! Sweet pics!
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                      "Fire poi" is what spinning fire pots is called? I'd seen it before, but never knew it had that name.

                      Excellent photography, Nach. Stunning.


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                        Wow, awesome!


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                          Could you explain a bit what the fire poi is all about, Nach?

                          Fucking great shots, btw.


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                            Originally posted by Lurox
                            Could you explain a bit what the fire poi is all about, Nach?

                            Normal poi are, um, things of various kinds that you spin around your head in various ways. You can make poi by putting two juggling balls in a pair of socks. Most juggling shops etc sell practice poi that have streamers on.

                            Moves go from basic weaves and butterfly type things up to complex transitions, and wraps, where you wrap a poi around a limb or another poi to change the direction it travels in.

                            Fire poi involves two chains with grips on one end, and wicks (Kevlar works well) on the other. You soak them in paraffin, light them, and start spinning. They roar pleasantly.

                            Poi also hurt a lot when you screw up and hit yourself in the testicles.

                            Poi itself is not combative, but some of the moves are akin to hammer (Like the one the school-girl in Kill Bill uses), rope dart, and chain whip (Angus has started with all three recently).

                            For more info and beginners guides, go here.


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                              Those are great! I'm also into photography myself. You did a great job photographing him in action.