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DeusEx2 Demo released

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  • DeusEx2 Demo released

    Fileplanet has a DeusEx2 demo for grabs but system requirements are high (you need a graphics card with 'Pixel Shader' or some such) and I've heard ppl saying it's not really good anyway.
    DeusEx rocked and still owns!
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    Pixel shader 2.0, 1.4, or 1.1? Most older video cards have 1.1, but I think only the latest cards have 2.0, while 1.4 is kind of in the middle.

    At least that's what I've learned.
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      Wait wait wait...

      Are you saying saying that the version numbers for pixel shaders go in numerical order lowest to highest, worst to best? This is unheard of!!!
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        and yet it is.....


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          Whaaaat? 2.0 is best, 1.1 is worst.
          The only constant is change.
          (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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            I liked it. And I'll probobly buy it soon.

            IMO, the people who are complaining are behaving like idiotic fanboys who follow the game development through from day one and get their hopes up so high they get into a rage when it doesn't meet the unbelievable standards in their minds. :roll:

            The demo was fun, and thats all that really matters. That's pretty much all I'm looking for in a game. Not the world's most perfect FPS Sim.
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              OMG deus ex 2 SUCKS. I downloaded it expecting to see a preview of the next game of the year. I played for ten minutes trying to find something good about the game. I failed. The whole game, as far as I can tell, has been consoleIZED. The HUD is big and clumsy, and it blocks the screen. The cool RPG-style inventory system from the last game is completely gone, with a VERY simplified system in it's place, and some really wacky and confusing controls too. The voice acting is HORRIBLE, sounding fuzzy and has got bland dialog. I get a transmission from somebody and the massive text blocks up most of the screen. The graphics options are very limited, so unless you have a heck of a comp, your stuck with a slow game cuz there aren't any settings to tweak. I feel like i'm playing an Xbox with a mouse/keyboard.

              ATM it's certainly not worth playing unless they make some dramatic changes (it's being released in a couple weeks, so it's not likely).
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                Set the transparency of the HUD to 100% if it annoys you.

                Set the user.ini in both the game directory and in the my documents\deus ex 2 directory.

                The textures used are low res to keep the demo size down(they're at 512x512 max in the demo while the game uses 1024x1024 max).

                The demo requires a video card that supports at least pixel shader 1.1 in hardware.
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                  Originally posted by Firetiger
                  The voice acting is HORRIBLE, sounding fuzzy and has got bland dialog.
                  Sounds like it must be based on the first game...

                  EDIT: Fixed various spelling, grammar, and logic mistakes
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                    Is that Thief 3 trailer that was included new? It's familiar but not completely.
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                      My ha'penny DX2 demo summary:
                      • Very short (took approx. 5 million times longer to download on broadband than to play, probably longer if you count the lame fileplanet queue).
                      • Sound didn't work on my PC, just got crackling all the way through.
                      • Framerate sux.
                      • New interface looks good, handles bad.
                      • Gameplay identical to Deus Ex 1.
                      • Graphics are excellent.


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                        Eye candy + interactability: Not Thief 3, but I'd take it any day over something like Doom 3. Kickass.

                        Sound: Worked fine for me. Nothing wrong with the acting.

                        Shortness: Not through it yet, slugging along with 800x600, hence lots of reloads needed.

                        Gameplay: One word: PLS_GIB_US_BACK_THE_OLD_CHROSSHAIR_AND_WE_BI_HAPPY .

                        Otherwise - great!

                        Ai interactivity: Thief + Deus Ex, in one. Yum.

                        HUD: Worst part of the game. I suppose I could get used to it. Fix inventory gogo.


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                          im highly disappointed with the unscalability and relatively limited customization of controls and video settings. the keys kept resetting after i set them, which sure as hell better be fixed. the graphics were smooth, and had a lot of depth to them. real time lighting is excellent, and in some cases the game looks as good as doom III!. the sound was good, i loved the ambience and the music. i didnt find fault with the voice acting. the subtitles really fucking pissed me off, and the HUD looks cool yet is obtrusive and infunctional. small things left out of the old game, like the "put away item" button, should be put back in. the mouse sensitivity was also very erratic, at the default, and when i changed it. it accelerates and bumps around strangely; it has nothing to do with my framerate either. i think it has to do with the conversion from xbox/pc.

                          overall, im relatively disappointed. i havent been tracking the game, in fact, i havent even played the original until last month. i hadnt expected great things.

                          lastly, i think ion storm greatly needs a new art/design team. a mako pistol? what the fuck is that? the flamethrower, shotgun, and pistol are ridiculously derivitave and unstylized. i never liked the art of DX, and i can see that it is the same case with DXIW. the spider bots are cool. thats it. everything from barrels to ATM's to keypads to guard unifroms lacks originality. about the only thing appealing about the art is the color scheme to me. i like all the grey, silver, and blue.

                          thus ends my rant.
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                            Originally posted by Salvage
                            Set the transparency of the HUD to 100% if it annoys you.

                            Set the user.ini in both the game directory and in the my documents\deus ex 2 directory.
                            I don't really like quoting myself, but I think swiss and bulletproof should take note of this.
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                              That kinda defeats the purpose of Ion storm making a hud in the first place :roll:
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