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  • History of Gerome?

    Okay, maybe I'm just slow here, but it's kinda neat. Was surfing the Thief newsgroup for the first time in ages, and saw a subject along the lines of "Can't find evidence in Gerome". Thought it was odd someone was posting TUT questions in Thief group, especially considering where the evidence was, but read it anyway. Turns out, there was a map called "Gerome of the Woodlands". Downloaded and installed it, and lo and behold, I'm running around the Gerome we mostly know and love in Thief 1. It's a bit different, but it's Gerome.

    Anyone know if there are any other TUT maps that originated or were later made for Thief?

    Link is here:

    Did have to google a bit to find the Thief Gold patch for my Thief 1, but it's readily available.


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    Woot! Thx.
    Now I have a good excuse to install Thief Gold on my new extra large HD
    (Review coming soon)

    Edit: Quite small this file, it almost fits on a floppy disk.
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      I've played through it some, it's still 85% the Gerome we know, I'd say. Major differences:

      Library evidence is in a different place. Won't spoil it

      A lot of the outside is very different, the hedge maze isn't there, as is most of the area it is in now.

      Rooves are somewhat different.

      Barracks are mostly the same, the individual rooms are differnet and there's no supply room, but it's recognizeable. Several more servants asleep in beds, no sleeping guard. Good ol' Kevel is still there, but he's not quite so suicidal There is a paper in the kitchen that makes reference to a Lord Kenswood staying upstairs

      Textures are all pretty different, the TUT one is definitely more refined but I like some of the color choices in this map better.

      There are some various other minor changes, but all in all it's completely navigateable.

      Pretty cool!


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        Very fun mission eh eh. Ok here is what I found.
        Library evidence, hmmmm, yeah its in a diferent spot but not really a big secret if you keep your eyes open.
        The stairs in the mail hall have a weird bug and are a bit narrow, jumping down is much faster.
        The reason why there is no maze is beacause there is no way (as far as I could see) to access the roof, anyway you dont need to go to the roof.
        A new way inside the main hall, good idea IMO.
        Kevel, yes, there he was looking at the stove. He seemed a bit hesitant in jumping in so I gave him a push with my blackjack Next time I will use a fire arrow if one is available.
        There is an alarm button in the main hall, but for some reason the alarms never cease to buzz once they are set off.
        Food doesnt work.
        Gerome has a weird voice and lost his firespaming and guardbane powers but still carrys a mace.
        No tub room.
        There is a key in Gerome's room, no clue on what it opens.
        The outside set of the mansion looks like an obstacle course
        Guard taunts work fine but not the objective whistle.
        There is ONE guard sleeping. Im not sure but I think the sleeping servants continue to sleep even if you make a lot of noise, i didnt check it with the guard because I didnt want to bother him
        No map, but no big deal since the original doesnt have one either
        The secret altar room is also missing I think.
        Some rooms are very small.
        Gerome now has a real banquet hall, finally!

        Thats all I found
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          I might make a Gerome 2K3 version when we get nightblade.

          I hope we're gonna see alot more conversions.


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            You KNOW you want to convert Nostalgia to UT2k3


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              The website said it was for thief gold.... could you still play it in Thief 1 if you downloaded it? :|


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                There's a fan-made Thief -> Thief Gold package somewhere.

                Basically it contains the missing models, textures, etc...
                Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                  Google is your friend

                  It's available here though:



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                    Yeah, that was a map done by Despot (TTLG guy, was doing T2X I think) that I decided would be nice in multiplayer (chuckle) so I asked Despot if I could remake it for Thievery, lo and behold.
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                    Thievery UT


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                      Well, ya done good

                      Of the fanmissions I've tried, it's probably the only one that would work very well in multiplayer. Though I may have tried the wrong missions

                      I'm told the New Gerome is impressive and fixes things, here's to hoping 1.5 comes soon!