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  • Warm Fuzzy Thread Revisited

    Given the degradation of these forums as of late, I think we all need a thread where we can get random acts of kindness off our chests, instead of all this flaming and spamming that’s been going on. So let’s get this thread right this time, shall we?

    First and foremost, I want to thank our wonderful devs for all the hard work they put into Thievery. If not for them, none of this would have happened. For this, I salute you! o>

    To all ya mappers out there, past, present, and future ones: continue making those wonderful maps. I never get tired of finding all sorts of tricks, gimmicks, and secrets. You’ve all done a wonderful job so far; I don’t even know if it’s possible for you guys to make bad maps! Keep up the good work!

    To my TCO buddies, who stood by me and waited on me, even when I was busy fucking them over with my miraculous ineptitude. I still don’t know why you keep me around, since I’ve only gotten uglier, but it is deserving of my thanks that you do.

    To mOdEtWo, who was generous enough to donate webspace to TCO for our forums, so we can keep operating as one of the top guilds in Thievery. Without him, I have no idea where we’d be. Thaks m0d!

    To our ever-vigilant City Guard, on constant watch for evil-doers that threaten these forums everyday! Whether admonishing the no-caps writing spammer, or quietly escorting the slightly inebriated of us from the grounds, they never fail in their duty. May they not have to escort any such disorderly brigand out of this thread, and be recognized for the hard job they do.

    To Lurox, the faithful and lovable tea-boy! Without him, who would bring the devs tea? It’s a thirst-quenching job he does, but somebody has to do it. Good thing we all love him so much.

    To CrouchingDork and Curunir, both of whom have made me laugh so hard on so many occasions with their totally random comments and incessant arguing, I have many a time needed to change my clothes. If not for them, I’d have no reason to wear PullUps when I read the forums.

    To Swiss Mercenary, everyone’s favorite liberal; if I had a dime every time I disagreed with him, I’d have… well… drowned in dimes. We can’t even agree on playing styles, but amazingly, we’ve never come to a full-fledged verbal assault, so I highly commend him for his patience with me, however often he may have wanted to flame the ever living hell outta me.

    To Garlisk for his dedication to producing Thievery related fan-fiction and literature. I finally got around to reading them, Garlisk, and I must find you a publisher. Your words are worth gold, my friend. Lots of it!

    To -=V12US=- for being himself. I think so anyway.

    To Biohazard, one of TCO’s founders and masterminds. When I grow up this Thursday, I wanna be just like him! He was a great strategist and leader. Bio, I salute you. o>

    To BrokenArts, for her charming personality. She’s the nicest and most civil member on this forum. And now that she has moderating power, I have twice the motivation to not get on her bad side.

    To Ghostly, my mentor and my hero; for you sir, I can’t say enough. You may be gone now, but I will never forget all that you taught me and how you led our guild by example. You are a true leader, and for this, I salute you thrice! o> o> o>

    To Mog, the guild CTG, and especially Brody: Do you guys realize that you’re running the only three servers that are regularly up? Hell, you guys ARE the servers. Without your servers, we’d have nobody to turn to for servers on which to play this wonderful mod! A salute for each of you is in order! o> o> o>

    To PhaeThorn, for being eXtra 4n 1337 t33f!

    To the RLF, for showing us how to guard the RIGHT way.

    To DarkBill, who’s helped us all through some tough times, and for pioneering the first true ghosting guild/division/thingamajig.

    And last, but certainly not least, LaughingRat. Where the hell would we be without him? For one thing, we’d be 5000+ posts lesser, but he is the centerpiece of this community. No matter what, I know we can all count on LR to do the right thing. His dedication is unlike any other. He has done a great deal for this community, more than we might be able to record. I could write a book on all the things he’s done for Thievery, and thus, for all of us. When times were bad, LR was always here, doing something about it.

    To our dear friend, LR.
    TCO – Retired
    Former TCO Head of Intelligence – Retired

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      What SNAFU said.
      Give some taffer fire, and you'll keep him warm for the night with one less reason to cause trouble for the master.
      Set a taffer on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life, and have no need to bother the master.


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        To Snafu, in a world sometimes lacking in random acts of kindness, your thread is a much-needed breath of fresh air. *Breathes deeply* You, my friend, do not go unnoticed!
        You can check out anytime you like, but you can NEVER leave.


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          I'll make you people hate me, because I don't love you guys.


          Oh? Gentle thread? Waaaait a minute...

          Okay okay. I love you guys. All of you. :grin:

          Except you.

          Everyone else hates you.


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            I didn't read it all, but my amazing "catch importing things" ability helped my get the jist of it.

            I LOVE YOU!

            ops: ops: ops:
            The only constant is change.
            (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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              Be careful though, CD loves you in a homosexual way, while everyone else loves you in a cool way.

              Great idea for a thread, SNAFU, it was much needed right now with all the flames threads and problems goin on in the community.
              Genius is a blink before a moment of insanity.
              "Dream is Destiny"
              Waking Life


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                Well, I'm not completely gone, just not in TCO anymore. Still keeping a
                watchful eye on you Snafu. Glad to see you not disapointing me.
                Kudoes to all he pointed out and to all the other people who make this such
                a great mod. With a special mention to Laughing Rat for keeping your
                server a cheater and rager free place to play! Some of us do appreciate it.


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                  Originally posted by CrouchingDork
                  I LOVE YOU!
                  CD... I... Never knew you felt that way...


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                    Originally posted by Curunir
                    Be careful though, CD loves you in a homosexual way, while everyone else loves you in a cool way.
                    Didn't you say that on the last warm fuzzy thread?
                    The only constant is change.
                    (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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                      Thank you SNAFU Well said.


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                        Hey! I feel left out. I DEMAND TO BE LOVED!

                        Or I'll bring down your TCO forums.


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                          Snafu... you forgot to mention yourself!

                          -To Snafu..... when once I was a n00b he showed me tricks and tips just because he knew about them. You a real fair guy.

                          I'll do a few more....

                          -To Dragon.... Who has become, like a brother to me in TUT. Holding each other back in certain situations.... and major arguing with each other sometimes!

                          -To Mach!ne.... Who really is my brother, who introduced me to TUT and he downloaded it for us, even though we we're on 56k then...

                          -To PhaeThorn..... For being a funny bastard and making our TS server look full and for the great games we have and also for the high standards of play you have.

                          -To BrokenArts.... For also making our TS server look fuller and sound better. For being there, and for giving me morale support when I die as a thief.

                          -To The Unforgiven, whom have stuck together from the start... even from when we we're aliasing and infultrating.... which has never been forgotten. This goes to the new members to the old.... from Longnames to Wildbill..... we are truley Unforgiven. (and thanks for putting up with my arragance, bigheadedness and all round 'you love yourself too much attitude')

                          -To Laughing Rat.... I can say it any better than Snafu. All true words.... whether you love him or hate him, regardless... this community would not be so, if he had not put his hard work and complete dedication into this.

                          -The Dev's.... for obvious reasons... they made TUT! Long live TUT.

                          Great thread, btw Snafu... couldnt have come at a better time.

                          -TuF- Emptying clan servers of their own clan members since 2010
                          - Agg moderator campaign supporter 2011
                          - #2 of 3 LANers of the Apocalypse!


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                            Wow.. so many people; i don't know how to list them all!

                            Let's start alphabetically:

                            Brody- Dude, you run one of my 2 favorite servers, and you never stop doing random acts of kindness online. When something goes wrong, you take the blame, even if its not your fault. You lighten our hearts ingame, and stop fights just by being there. (not to mention you never noticed my spelling defects!)

                            Alright. Screw alphabeticism.

                            Athelstone- never got ter know ya real well, but rubbed off as a nice guy from the start. You still havn't gotten me angry yet to this day, which is more than i can say for almost any other thievery player yet to this day, including myself.

                            EDGies- good people at heart, all of ya's. (otherwise you really wouldn't get my vote ). Even if we don't play real well, at least we try, eh?

                            TUFsters- i have yet to find a nickname for your guild that doesn't sound cute and fuzzy! You're all real nice people, and like Brody do randomly nice things. We all have our faults, but you are the ones that are constantly fixing your character as to better yourselves for other users. How thoughtful! for that, i salute you!

                            To all my offline thievery-playing friends- You know who you are! give yoself a pat on da back. I don't need to tell ya why you deserve it!

                            TOB forum meembers- simply hilarious! i don't need to say much more, except that i don't have time to take over the GEneric Ramblings forum anymore, so don't expect me to fuel more arguments!

                            Let's see.... who else...

                            gabriel- You are one awesome dude. To quote someone you know all too well,
                            Originally posted by Allison
                            MY HERO!!!!
                            All you devs- RAWK ONNN!

                            Porthos the Pirate- For an alter ego, you're not such a bad guy. Enough salty dog jokes though!

                            Madmango- you'e the one who builds all my comps, so i can't really say anything bad about you, can i? Kidding: best brother a guy could have (even if you don't play thievery that often)!

                            That's all i can say right now: out of time! I'll add more later...
                            "Just off the border of your waking mind there lies another time, where darkness and light are one. As you tread the halls of sanity, you feel so glad to be unable to go beyond. I have a message from another time."


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                              You guys are truly awesome!

                              I have just joined this forum and played Thievery since earlier this year and I have to say I've learned alot of things, from different points of view world wide and local. Play with fair and exciting people (all of you). And making friends with people on this forum and then playing with them on TUT later.

                              What I have to say Snafu, is that you put yourself down way to much, I kinda see you as mentor, when I spectate you I learn things and angles on the maps that I never would have thought of and always yet again am amazed at how well you pull things off. Thus is one of the reasons I wish to join the TCO guild. Can people be apprentices in Thievery? Plus right now you are pulling all of us together and say how great everyone is.

                              Broken Arts, just from listening to you and from what I had heard, you are kinda like that protective big sister that watches over the others. I wish I could be able to contribute more with what you have to say on the forums, I just never see on as much.

                              Fixxxer, I can definitley say if I had a dime everytime somebodies typed your name during the game and you having to correct them or, shall I say, fix them, I could probably buy several games so far. Plus, you always put down your piece to say on the forums and I can always agree.

                              Crouching Dork, *sigh* , If was just a little more hyper, just a little, I think people would have have a hard time telling us apart (except for avatars and your name and etc.) You bring out the kid in me and he agrees with what you say.

                              Laughing Rat always has something to say and I admire that because sometimes if I want to express my opinion I can't find the words. But you sure can. Plus I feel that I'm being followed around by you (or vica versa) because every Thievery forum I visit your always there or have been. And you always seem to have a logical and level headed view about anything, which is more than what I can say about myself.

                              Yo Swiss Mercenary, the one time I played you at the Spider level is still leaving me blinking, for a thief against guard (me a guard), 1 on at least for 3 and holding your own and winning, and still making it out of the level, I have to salute you for excellent play on Thievey swordsmanship. Thieves just shouldn't kill guards like that (with swords). Plus I respect, with what you have to say, seeing your side of subjects helps me see points of view on a different perspective that I usually don't see with the company I hang out with much at home.

                              Phaethorn, I started out playing with you on TUT all the time and I have to say you are a very competent player. Without that early practice off you guarding and killing me all over and with being on you team, I've learned alot. And I have to say thanx for the Shadow-slashing comment earlier (Scarecrow) and I'm sorry I couldn't get on to your server and practice even more with you, your compliments are always remembered and appreciated.

                              Chalrif, when first started and played with you, I was amazed at how quick you could turn the situation around in you favor in-game. And I'm still amazed everytime you're there. Another reason I want to join TCO. I learn something new from you everytime. It would be great if you came on this forum more often.

                              Brody, it it weren't for you, I would I would never be able to play whenever I got the chance. With Crackaz being the way it is sometimes its just the place you have to go. And I admire you having the guts to go through and having to kick who you think needs to be kicked. That takes a huge jugdement on you part and would hate to maybe have some people being a little POed, well not if they didn't deserve it y'know? I give you a salute for your judgement and responsibility.

                              Alpha-Omega, I've heard so much about you I can't really remember what its all about but I do most of it is positive and to have so many people think so well of you means you're doing something right. I thank you for sponsoring my Avatar image and I'll give to you once I find it.

                              And If I left anyone out its just because me and my fingers are tired and my eyes watering and nearly popping out and brain going numb, but I just have to say if I love coming to this forum because of the topics, friendly fights, and admirable sportmanship.

                              I salute you all for being my only internet buds, and hope to have more discussions in the future and be able to team up or go after you all TUT and Night-Blade.

                              "He said he didn't trust me, so I killed him."--Hidden_Wolfe