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  • Taffers opionin about us...

    Interesting read... kinda.

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    I like how Stormhammer described Thievery's basis entirely at the (current) end there without knowing it, apparently. A couple people play thieves, the rest play guards, then they switch every round. Wish I thought of that.


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      Doesn't it seem as if that Unspunmedia is just out to give Thievery a bad name?

      I wouldn't be surprised if he was Unstoppable or something.


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        Hey look! They call us l33ts :lol: :lol: :lol:
        Good thing I just updated my almosted abandoned TTLG account.
        I would not be surprised if those two flamers would turn out to be one of the well known cheaters who have been given several times for bad behaviour. A kick for month, I dont think even CTG has that kind of rate
        Well, aparently none of them played TUT long enough to know what it is.
        Now its my turn to flame :twisted:
        Well for me I -hate- deathmatch, CTF and any multiplayer stuff. I also can't stand the Thievery mod either.

        What I wouldn't be opposed to is a co-op multiplayer where Garrett works along with an apprentice, which really isn't what Garrett is about.

        All in all, thief should remain a single player experience.

        Eh Eh, ignore this guy. He is a well known flamer in the Ultima community. l33t at its worst, keep a safe distance.

        It's mostly TTLG regs who play Thievery, and yes, they are a bunch of pompus 'we are the real hardcore taffers, no one loves Thief more than us, how dare you speak out of place or presume...' gits for the most part. It's exactly the sort of cosy little incestuous in-joke nepotistic clique that I don't like, in RL or the internet.
        Geez, thats a strong one. As far as I know there are people who play Thievery who never "touched" Thief. Oh... they are probably mentioning Unstopable, yes he is a piece of egocentric crap.

        yeah, a lot of them are like that. Many of them talk to each other like they know each other... even though they've never met...really weird...
        Er... you are saying that because I dont know a person in RL means I must behave like a dry lawsuit? Hmm, guess we all should start talking like Agent Smith from now on. "Grettings, ladies and gentleman" "Mr. Tisfuskagela, that was an unlawfull use of the blackjack." :?

        I'm not sure...but the people who play it rule the game like a dictatorship, since everyone knows everyone else. They basically kick out people about once a month, it's really dumb, I'm speacking from experience...
        One million dollars for who finds out where this has been posted before

        If there were a Thief 3 multiplayer, I'd like to see it where you can't play as guards--all PCs play as thieves, either working together or competing in teams. Having people play guards seems like it kills the dynamics of Thief gameplay. I think it'd be interesting to see gameplay almost like that of Rainbow Six or Rogue Spear, where you have a team of thieves with different skills, that have to work together to make it through the level.
        This is the only thing that gets me crazy. GUARDS ARE PART OF THE GAME! But of course people cant wait much to learn how to guard well, they just want to show off their skills of Thief.
        Im surprised how she didnt mentioned CS. Funny how kidos continue to call for clones of "game x" and then hammer it because "its just a rip off".
        Miss, NB will have a Thieves VS Thieves MOD. Im sure you will enjoy it.

        Yes, a MMORPG set in the Thief microverse could work, but then a MMORPG set in any fictional place could work if done well. They very rarely are though.
        Cool! Lets hammer a free and hard-worked MOD that needs no Half-Lief 2 machine to run and instead lets call for a MMORPG so that we can atract all the bug exploiters and hackers in the world. It works with Ultima Online but I doubt it would work on Thief. Looks like they too are getting that MP paranoia.
        Even more funny is seing how these kidos drown in their own contracdictions.
        This was posted by the same guy on page one:
        I know that gamers are obsessed with having multiplayer for every game these days, it is fun in some games, and it also increases longevity and value for money, but multiplayer just doesn't suit every game - Thief being one of them in my opinion. Thievery is so different from single player Thief, that they're basically two seperate games. We have FMs for the longevity and value for money part anyway.
        Dual personallity? Lack of a clear mind? Try Dr. Rosberg.

        The only other kind of MP mode I can think of would be a rotating team-based style affair - where you might have one or two thieves, and everyone else plays guards on the level, trying to protect the loot. With each completed round, one of those playing the guard then becomes the thief, and they have to try and beat the level. It would probably work better with a smaller number of players - say 6-8 - so that you didn't have to wait too long to assume the role of the Thief.
        This is just an example of all the super enlightement posts that all players posted mentioning "that would be a cool MP" ideas that are already used in TUT. The exception is only really the rotation system. but even some TUT players do that.

        I think multiplayer could really work. Only I found Thievery a little dissapointing because It didnt had the same feel as TDP and TMA.
        Poor guy :cry: I guess he could not understand what most people do here:
        Thievery IS NOT Thief! If you want Thief feeling go play Thief and FM's. Thievery is a UT conversion which means its limited to the capalitites of the Unreal Engine, it doesnt use the dark engine which powers Thief. But this is just my l33t talk.

        Ok im done with my flaming, im ready to be warned for excessive language but I needed to vent my opinion.
        Feel the power of the


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          I hear you antero and i think that you can speak for all of us in this matter. What you said in this forum applies to all of us so go tell the guys who made those quotes. Just copying your post and putting it in their forums would suffice. I agree that thief cannot be duplicated and these guys will complain even more about theif 3 because it will be different :roll: for the love of god. Don't complain if you have no intent on improving the matter.


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            Interesting... Unstoppable stopped posting at the Ionstorm forums 21. november.... The 25. Nov, an UnstoppableX joined, and on made a few posts here and there, if he is related to the real Unstoppable... no one knows.

            The 29. november unspunmedia joins, and after 4 posts in the DX 2 forum (Mainly about player shadows) he creates the multiplayer thread in the Thief 3 forum, where he later starts using words like "Dicatorship", and the fact that there are only 40 players....

            I smell a conspiracy....


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              I also do not think any multiplayer where players can play guards would work out very well. It's just a matter of minutes till you know all the hidingplaces for thieves, and then you can just shoot in the dark corners every time you pass them, just to be sure. That is one thing that really spoils the fun.
              [by Asurain]
              He should try TUT as a guard. I bet he won't know all the hiding places after a few minutes and he won't have unlimited bolts at his disposal for sure.Of course he could try shadowslashing but that would be welcomed by and who'd gladly go to those objective places he isn't shadowslashing atm. Not to mention he'd stop it if he doesn't want to become utterly insane.
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                After reading that forum, alls I can say is this *holds up hand like a mouth, and makes yapping jestures*, It seems like alot of these people are quite bitter about the game in question. And what it so hilarious is that even though they are commenting about all its "flaws" and "down points" it seems that most of them haven't even played the game at all. What it looks like to me is that they are just reading what its about and getting word off some people who've already played (from how it sounds, people who got kicked, or not in the Thievery "clique"), and making their educated (I'd say UN-educated) comments. It also seems that they haven't even played Thief at all, because most of the reason why some or most of us appreciate Thievery are also the ones who had played Thief first and now wants to play with a group of people.

                And its fun to play as guards. :grin:
                "He said he didn't trust me, so I killed him."--Hidden_Wolfe


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                  Whoa... chill out dudes.

                  If you want to start flaming about this, you might as well do it here to get it off ya systems... No need to start a flamewar over at the Thief 3 forums.
                  Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                    I have been around that forum enough to know, they do a pretty good job of flaming all by themselves, I don't like that forum.


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                      "Unspunmedia" is almost certainly not Unstoppable. He's far more coherent than Unstop ever was, and Unstop never referred to the Thievery community as a "dictatorship", and probably wouldn't even understand words like "clique" and "nepotism".

                      Almost certain it's actually Mechanist/godofdarklaughter. The comment "Many of them talk to each other like they know each other... even though they've never met...really weird..." is precisely his usual sort of rhetoric. He also makes the comment "They basically kick out people about once a month..." which is not Unstop's usual line. He never commented on anyone other than him being kicked out. He was only ever concerned with himself.


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                        The bitterness in his posts make me feel good.... is that bad?
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                          *Shrugs* Do you think it should feel bad?

                          Yeah, but isn't it nice to know that somewhere out there, there is some thinking about us?

                          Even though its negative

                          There's my stupid post for the day
                          "He said he didn't trust me, so I killed him."--Hidden_Wolfe


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                            Im with fixxxer, Nice job Antero/Swiss Even if thats not unstoppable.I think we should stick up for the community and not just ignore it. These guys put a lot of work into this mod and here we have immature fucks who get banned themselves that have to spread total lies. I know we have our differences at points but we usually get over it and revert to playing nicely again.

                            Id just like to say that thievery has been a great mod and still is.

                            Id also like to give thanks to all the people how spent their time creating such a kick ass mod.



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                              So... You wanna gang up because someone talks badly of you?

                              I say, go for it.
                              Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...