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Computer Problem (off subject sorry)

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  • Computer Problem (off subject sorry)

    I'm coming to my fellow thief's for help with a problem i am having with my "other computer". A couple weeks ago it crashed, i was swapping out cd rom drives and i think i zapped my hard drive with my operating system on it. So i ordered a new one and got it today. I formated it and got it all ready to install windows on. I put in my startup disk and went to "start computer with cd rom support". So it detects the cd rom drive fine but just as its going through its thing of detecting and is almost ready to let you type setup, it gets stuck on the one command "Scanning PCI bus using mechanism #2...". Ive let it sit there for 3 hours and nothing happens. I think it must be somthing in the bios that i have to mess with but im not sure what. If somone could plllllz help me with this problem it would be greatly appriciated. Thanks

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    Reset the BIOS.
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      What's in your second PCI slot? Make sure that it's properly seated and the card isn't fried. It sounds like you must have done something really stupid to your computer (no offense) to cause all these problems.


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        I had a friend who pulled a Hard Disk out of his computer.




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          Yeah, Check the following

          Reset the bios as judge says, do this by either shorting out the bios switch on your mobo (check the manual for this, u'll need a screwdriver)

          OR, load the setup defualts in the bios. SOme bios's often have options for "load safe settings" which will get your computer running, tho it may not be to it's greatest speed potential!


          CHeck ALL your connections / slots. Touch the power supply b4 u do anything inside or u'll fuck up your componants without even realising it. (static)

          Make sure all the cards are seated properly and all connections to hards drives etc are good. (i.e, they aren't on the wrong way around! )

          Check your jumpers on the Hard drives, make sure they are set to master/slave respectively.


          Failing this, remove ALL unneeded variables from the equation....

          Take out EVERYTHING from your MOBO apart from A single Harddrive, A single CDROM, your GFX card, ONE STICK of memory and your cpu.

          Boot up, if everything is NOT ok, change something, do it ONE at a time so isolate your problem.

          If everything IS ok then continue to add atems, again, one at a time, if the error appears again you should have found your problem!

          Hope that helps.

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            I zapped my old floppy drive and PSU plugging it in with the comp turned on I'll never forget the bang-and the ball of electricity- was quite amazing really...... 8)
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              And quite expensive I guess . . .