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  • Snowboarding.

    I'm sitting here with my snowboard attached to my feet, just after I knocked over the table, a lamp, and some christmas decorations practicing 360's in my basement. I can't wait until we go snowboarding. We usually go down to NY (holiday valley) for a good trip, or if we just want to go for a couple hours locally, there's a huge hill we go to near some golf course (biggest hill in the Niagara region... and it's a pretty hilly area). It's pretty fun, and there's a big roof to jump off (6 feet or so and a 10 foot one), but it's a pain to walk back up. We might get a couple snowmobiles to transport us up and down, but for now, we're stuck walking.

    Anyone else here snowboard?
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    I do, I've been doing it for the last 7 years i think

    I've got that old wicked board, real bad, stiff and hard, no flex. :?

    When I dress up with my military trench coat and do some downhill, i do get some wierd looks, especially from the chairlifts where i often hear people commenting! eh!



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      I am more of a skiing person, but last year, on the alst day, it was kinda rainy. Rain sucks for snow quality, so even though we really wanted to go see some slopes, we went to this cheap nearby hill (I'm not gonna pay 30+ $ for resort when the snow is gonna be crap) and I rented an old board that fit on my skiing shoes, just for fun.

      I kid you not if I tell you I taught myself how to snowboard in just 3 hours. It's so easy compared to skiing. Offcourse I can't do any tricks, and I fall over all the time, but I can make corner like a mofo. It really feels alot like skateboarding.

      Only thing I don't like about snowboarding is walking around like a lunatic with that board on one leg, making you stroll like a cripple.


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        I wish it snowed here to for me to snowboard
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          I really miss snowboarding. Have not been in a few years since i blew out a knee.

          (that's where i got what i got)

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