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Thievery and other games on Flat Screen LCD monitor?

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  • Thievery and other games on Flat Screen LCD monitor?

    Do Any of you play, or knwo someone who plays on a Flat LCd monitor?
    I'm thinking of geting a new monitor and I like a flat one for space, but i know there are some drawbacks to having LCD, like veiwing from an angle and such.
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    I've got a 15inch LCD monitor, It works fine for all games.
    Just make sure you have a good viewing angle
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      i have a 17 inch :Hercules Prophetview 920.
      it works fine; only the price was horrible € 499,00 :twisted:
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        LM and I were just looking at monitors last night on NewEgg. :wink:


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          LCD monitors are great. I think the unreal engine games look especially good on them. As for the draw backs: make sure it has a good refresh rate (mine's 25ms, you'll probably want closer to 15ms), a good standard resolution (1024x768 is pretty much perfect for me, try to avoid something odd like 1248x876). I don't really have much of opinion on viewing angle - unless you spend a lot of time sitting at really odd angles or something it shouldn't be a problem.
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            Read this thread.

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