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TUT Comics!!1! Story: "Infestation" *Finish it*

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  • TUT Comics!!1! Story: "Infestation" *Finish it*

    Alfonso heard a bump in the kitchen. He jumped out of bed, put on his slippers and grabbed a lantern. He quickly rushed down to the noise and flicked on the new electric lights. He briefly saw 2 thieves, one eating an orange, and the other drinking some booze. But that was all he could make out before they scurried under the shadows of the counter.

    “Just the time to get thieves,” murmured Alfonso, “Now nobody will buy this place!”

    Alfonso and his grange had recently been involved in some unlawful business. He wanted out, and the easiest way was to move out. But who would buy a grange with resident thieves?

    “I know!” thought Alfonso, “Ill call some guards! They will fix this problem of mine.”

    A week later a group of armored guards walked up to the door and knocked it up. Nine months later there was a baby door. Wait. Wrong story. Ahem.

    “Greetings Lord Alfonso,” Said one of the guards, “what seems to be the trouble?”

    “I’ve got thieves! They’re in the kitchen and bedrooms! Hurry!” Alfonso said breathlessly, “I’ve been beating them off with this broom!”

    “Yes sir!” The guards walked down to the kitchen and turned on the lights. Several thieves quickly skittered into the shadows.

    “Yes, Mr. Alfonso, you have quite an infestation. We may need to fumigate the place. Err, fireboltigate. I suggest you remove any valuables that are flammable, breakable, burnable, bustable, or combustible.”

    “Ok…am I glad you’re here, last night I had guests, and 2 of them were knocked out while they were sleeping!”

    “Oh, so they’re DM Thieves? Scientifically Deathmatchicus Stealios? That’ll cost you extra.”

    “I don’t care, just get rid of them!”

    Take it from here, guys!
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    "Ok Jim-Jim. You're the youngest here. Take this and get rid of those intruders" - said the leader and gave Jim-Jim a bundle of eight firebolts.

    Jim-Jim entered the dark room. It has been caltroped, mined and whistlered a second later. A key was turned in the lock.

    FRrroooooouuuuuuuuu ........... CRASH ...... buuuuuum ......... whoooooooopp ...... shshshshshshshsh ..........

    Smoke started to come out of under the door.

    "Errrr.... sir, maybe we should give him some assistance? It doesn't sound good in there" - asked a guard.

    "Nevar! He can do it, I trained him myself" - replied the leader - "What's that lying on the bed?"

    "Darn, it's his helmet"

    SPLASH ... SPLAH ... SPLASH ... a sound was heard behind the door. The smoke dissapeared.


    "It's OK " - a voice was heard in the thief room - "I think I scared them ..." BONK!!!

    Again there was nothing, no footspeps, no fire, not even a sound of random shadowslashing.

    "It doesn't look good" - said the leader. Indeed. It wasnt good.
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      "Well?" aksed the leader turning to his now not-so-confident guards "Is no one going inside and search for Jim-Jim?"

      "Er... maybe we should leave him there, he probably blew a whistler and set off his own mines" replied Benny

      "My student blowing himself up?!" The leader became enraged at Benny "How dare you say that blasphemy! Go secure the pool house you useless drunk guard!"

      "But I didnt touch a bottle in 5 minutes! And... and... the statues have evil green eyes and they look like those Shadow Lords from Ultima V." replied Benny

      "Dont question your leader! Begone! Now, who is going inside? Is there any valiant guard among us or do I have to pick one voluntier myself?"
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        "It doesn't look good" - said the leader. "It seems that I have totally run out of cheese. Can't kill them thieves on an empty stomach".

        Laisraen, the leader, exited the house and walked over to his steampowered Nissan NX100 chariot to fetch himself some cheese when he suddenly heard a creepy noise from behind him. It was a creaking sound, as if someone walked up an old staircase... totally unlike a bow... However it WAS a bow, and Laisraen knew it.

        "Those pesky thieves and their 1500's equipment..."

        With a reflex move so quick his rightleg allmost touched his rightleg (?) he turned around and aimed his own Stafford repeater crossbow, sporting his neat self-designed Taff-away ThiefBuster logo at the darkness.


        Then suddenly an arrow flew at him with the speed of a thousand camels and pierced through his helmet, sticking out of his head like a weird african face ornament. The only thing that went through his head before he blacked out ( besides the arrow) was where he left his wallet. He was sure he had it when he entered the hou...


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          Meanwhile, the leader, and his troupe of bodyguards have decided to draw straws, err carrots. Everyone pulled their carrots before the leader did, yet they all turned out to be long. It was decided that since Benny wasn't present at the drawing, Flavio was sent to get him.


          When Flavio arrived at the pool house, he was shocked to discover Benny, leing face down, in the blood-stained pool, with red footprints leading to it. He also found the windows smashed, and the statues' heads removed.

          NOOO!!! THEY KILLED KENNY, err BENNY! - the guard's last words were heard throughout the grange.

          /Poor Benny


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            Garlisk! You forgot to use the word "lunk".

            "Now where did I put my wallet?" thought lasirean. He reached up to scratch his head and felt something sharp and metallic sticking out. In one swift movement he pulled the long shaft of the arrow out of his head and threw it on the ground, muttering something about low blood drops and cheese. Just then he noticed a thief running between shadows out of the corner of his eye. Thinking quickly, lasirean lunked at the thief, forgetting that lunking isn't possible, and only managed to trip over himself.
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              OMG Firetiger, you're right!!

              Thanks for covering for me!
              BTW: You guys are doing pretty good.
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                THis is a pretty funny thread idea, but we should've made a list of people who want to add to the story and put them in an order.

                Right now, people are writing through eachother. I totally lost the storyline.


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                  Yeah SM posted before I could finish writing mine.
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           the dark alley across the escape route...

                    "Stop playing with that, you'll poke an eye out!" hissed the thief Turvik. Yorick yawns in boredom and puts away his sword, then asks"So when will the guys get out? They're taking forever in there and my legs are getting tired of all this crouching."

                    "Just be silent and wait for the signal!" nearly exclaims Turvik.

                    Yorick mutters something about eternal silence and says, "So do you think they're on their way out, already?"

                    "The boss said to wait for the signal and--"

                    "Watch for guards." :roll: finishes Yorick whilst stifleing another yawn. Seeing a bird up on the railing right above him Yorick pulls out his bow and broadhead and aims

                    "Don't you anything better to do?"says Turvik while looking around to corner to peer out across the grounds.

                    "Like what?" says Yorick as he lets loose the arrow, missing the bird the arrow go's straight up then straight down in Yorick's foot. Yorick stares dumbfounded at what just acured instinctually ponders his luck.

                    Turvik smirks" Like staying out of the way of arrows." Turvik ponders his luck.

                    Yorick sniffling pulls the arrow out, this time stifles a scream.
                    "He said he didn't trust me, so I killed him."--Hidden_Wolfe


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                      I'm just waiting for a certain accordion or quintuples, and maybe a jewel encrusted blackjack. 8)