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Chaos UT Duel: Melee mode?!

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  • Chaos UT Duel: Melee mode?!

    Has anyone played this? Is it any good? Should I be as excited about trying it as I am?!
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    I have played it and yes it is pretty cool but for me personally I prefer the other
    chaos weapons, the gas grenades and napalm grenades are awesome.
    I even played on a map that had some water in it and the napalm grenades
    would work unless you threw them in the water and then they wouldn't cuz they got wet, isn't that amazing?


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      Yeah that is pretty neat.

      Why didn't anyone tell me about this melee mode?! After all, I've been looking for melee games for a LONG time now and YOU GUYS KNEW IT!!!!

      I feel betrayed. :x
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        Jedi Acadamy...


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          I know about those...and Die by the Sword, and Blade of Darkness.

          I was j/k...

          Is the Chaos UT design how melee will work in NB?
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            I doubt it


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              Originally posted by TheMachine
              Jedi Acadamy...
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                Hey garlisk,
                theres a new mod out called chaos ut for ut2003, its a melee sim kinda, check it out b0!

                [/pathetic joke]

                I think its mad,
                havn't played against other people though, just bots, its fun, nice weapon phsics too, true to die by the sword

                Always satifying whacking someone on the head with a big hammer.
                deserve victory


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                  awesome, maybe we can play together when I get ut2k3.

                  Until NB comes out, that is.
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