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problems with thievery!

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  • problems with thievery!

    hi, i am on LAN atm with some friends and got to use a friends computer..but when i installed thievery it says:

    Critical Error
    failed to enter Entry: Can't find file: "Entry"
    History: UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

    does anyone know whats wrong, and maybe how to fix that????
    thanks! //Louie
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    Make sure that your unreal tournament is updated.


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      hm, yea it is.. first i installed Unreal Tournament, then the UTPatch436 (that should be the latest patch)........ then i installed thievery 1.4.. =/ does that sounds right?

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        If it can't find entry, you deleted the entry map somehow. You can remove UT maps, but some are needed, like that entry map. Try to get it somewhere or even more simple ... reinstall ut
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          EDIT : :roll:


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            I guess we have the Thievery FAQs & Technical Help forum for a reason, no?


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              PhaeThorn, i havent deleted anything =/
              btw, it was on XP that happened.. so where is the Entry map location?
              this is what i did though:

              installed unreal tournament
              installed ut patch 436
              installed thievery 1.4

              still doesnt work.. :roll:
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                is it FULL Thievery 1.4 or just patch from 1.3 ?


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                  Originally posted by koraX
                  is it FULL Thievery 1.4 or just patch from 1.3 ?
                  lol korax :lol:
                  is he really such a fool? o_ض
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                    read this and im saying to myself there are no problems with tut. Whatcha talking about Louie?
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                      I TRIED BUT NO ONE LISTENS TO ME!

                      Your problem is clearly stated in the Thievery Game FAQ in the Thievery FAQs & Technical Help forum. And, to make a complete smartass out of myself, this thread is clearly posted in the wrong forum.

                      Originally posted by Dalai
                      Can't find file 'Entry':

                      If you get this error on startup, it's because you haven't got a full install of UT. To fix it you can either:

                      a) Reinstall UT & Thievery, doing a FULL install.


                      b) Open up UnrealTournament\System\ThAux.ini in notepad, find the [Engine.Engine] section and make sure these lines are there:


                      Change E: to be the letter of your CD drive


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                        Originally posted by mOdEtWo
                        Some stuff

                        Are you sure you didn't download the Thievery demo? Did you format your hard drive? Did you take apart your floppy disks? Did you play frisbee with your "Free AOL" CD's? The game won't work if you don't follow these.