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  • Help me test my program

    EDIT : program is finished, thanx for help. look at my next post for info

    I made this program, and the algorithm I used works only in some graphics cards
    (I was told that only GF3 and higher and > R8500)

    I want to test my rendering algorithm.
    It is really easy, you only have to run it. I only want to know if it renders well.
    Also it can be fun to play with this program, making strange objects.

    So if you want to help :
    1. Download my program :
    2. Unpack and run
    3. you should see some strange green object. Rotate with left mouse button.
    (If you want, try buttons and keys, most things work.)
    4. post here if it works and what type of graphics card do you have

    The program should look like this :

    For those who wants to know more, it is simulation of CSG (Constructive solid geometry) and it uses OpenGL and pBuffer.

    known bugs :
    - torus won't render good with SCS algorithm, GF algorithm is needed
    - strange white things sometimes on textured spheres
    - if you zoom too close, program not correctly rendering

    it is Beta, so it lacks of many features, like saving, loading, better textures ....

    Thanx for help

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    ATI Radeon 9800XT

    None of the shapes render with SCS in the beginning, but all of them do with GF.

    They will render in SCS after maximizing the program and then they will work in any size window after that.
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      Renders fine.

      Geforce 4 MX 440
      Driver version 53.03


      Other bugs:

      It seems to have issues with being minimized, maximized and when you give another window focus over it. Often it locks up and stops responding while in any of these states.

      When the algorithm is set to GF the FPS grinds to about 5.

      When DepthAlgo is set to NoDepth the program either freezes completely, or becomes very sluggish and freezes shortly after.

      Lines and points work as expected, although the radio buttons often don't disable properly when you set it to CSG. (you can easily set it to lines or points while in CSG mode, although it doesn't crash or do anything serious.)


      For koraX:

      Nice program, whatever it is for o_O. A friend of mine tried to make something similar but he could never work out subtraction. With your program I made a few spheres and managed to move the big red cube around and cut circles out of it. horray!



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        NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400

        Slows down overall computer performance a ton. Even when the program dosen't have the focus and is minimized.

        All renderers work but I get about 6 FPS with CSG.
        When I change the algorithm to GF, the FPS goes down to 2 when using CSG.

        Yeah, the program does what it says.


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          thank you for your responses

          program is finished

          you can download it here (about 1.5MB).

          It is free, sorce code is free too, pm me if you want it.

          I borrowed some textures from Thievery, hope devs don't mind

          New features :
          - making screenshots \o/ \o/ \o/
          - saving, loading
          - more than 10 presets
          - cool textures
          - less CPU usage (a bit)
          - helpful help

          and some screnshot from teh program :

          and now ... :gulp: :cheers:


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            Is the FPS meter screwed up? I used to get 40 - 200 FPS, but now it's always at 1000, 500, 333, 167 or 133.
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              could be, I was changing it. Or you have a 1337 pc