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Happy reclamations day

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  • Happy reclamations day

    Saturday was happy reclamations day ( 8) ) and I got myself UT2003. (Better FPSs than Schleicher's new map woot! )
    I got UnWheel which is a driving mod but which sadly doesn't get played online much for no apparent reason and NaliBricks which is an old Breakout clone and singleplayer only AFAIK.
    UnrealSpeed leaves me with white screens apart from the hud elements and the MarbleMadness mod sadly doesn't work for me either.

    I lately read about the UT2003 version of ChaosUT here and the melee stuff it has.
    Is it worth the D/L for that?
    Oh and SirLexIcon if ya read this: Here's a link to the place to get OldSkool lite from: so we can play Unreal CoOp sometime
    if you're still interested.

    To TUT players searching for a little bit of diversion: Have a search for the Frag*Ball mod and the MatrixMoves mutator and try them together. (I wish we'd have a server running that, well that or Night's Edge [ ])
    Beo out!
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    ChaosUT is great fun, whether for melee or not.

    I HIGHLY recommend this mod. The weapons are awesome, and melee IS a lot of fun. Not many people online (for melee)...but when there is, what fun.
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