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A scientific description of thievery players

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  • A scientific description of thievery players

    Guardosorus Lurex

    General description: A savage creature known for it's egoism. It keeps everything it has, and guards it's treasures mightingly. It loves creating massacres, as killing is one of it's passtimes.

    Habitat/Society: This creature is mostly seen living in manors, though it's been seen guarding submarines and city areas. It prefers outdoor areas as they are huge and prone to contain many taffosaurus rex.

    Food: The guardosaurus lurex's prime food is taffosaurus meat. Because most of them are slim and little, it has to kill about 5 of them to eat properly for one day.

    Ecology: The beast adapts well to new environments, but has quite many difficulties with adapting to new tactics from the taffosaurus to lose him. One he hates particularly is the circle-strafing move that he is sometimes unable to follow.

    Defense/Attack: Years of being knocked out have given this member of the Guardosaurus family a huge "helmet" of skin to prevent whacks to the back of the head. It attacks other creatures with his long, sharp arm, or it might even inject them a poisonous substance that will paralyze it's victim before it kills it.

    Keep 'em coming, I say.

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    Cratus Buildus

    General description: This creature is known for its desire to... create and build. It Has a tedency to collect everything that is not nailed to the ground, and stack it nicely in "tactical" places. The main purpose seems to be either for getting into otherwise inaccessible places, keep out taffers or hiding stuff.

    : The creature is most commonly sighted in places with plenty of carryable things, like rich manors. It is also sighted in places that has interesting "out-of-the-ordinary" hiding places, like ancient castles and such likes.

    Food: Known to take EVERYTHING from the kitchen/freezer shortly after arriving in the area. However most of it is later found around the manor.

    Ecology: The creature will constantly search an area for carryables, and wont rest untill the area has been covered at least twice.

    Defense/Attack: It is known to barricade itself behind a fortress of crates, from where it will fling other carryables at its foe. As a last defence the fortress itself (Made mainly of the so called "Killer Crates"), will likely consume anyone who tries to get past it.... Nasty.


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      Fixxxerous bigheadedbastardness

      Description: This creature has the overwhelming desire for personal gain... and it also tends to be its downfall. Often seen laughing over slayed enemies, is a target for abuse from other creatures... but this strange breed seems to feed off it... the abuse gives it stregnth somehow.... it runs around war-crying its own name...

      Habitat: Found in many places... the Fixxxerous can be found anywhere that is annoying... more often than not, the Fixxxerous is the cause for the annoyance.

      Food: Chews the balls off his enemies.... laughing as it does so.

      Ecology: Enjoys all aspects of the hunt, anywhere... but when his enemies use a flashbomb, this beast seems to go into frenzy... breathing fire and steel.

      Defence/Attack: With its wolf-like hearing, this creature does not rely upon augmentations to protect and serve it... using only bolt and sword, this creature will hunt, hunt and hunt again. But when covert... this creature is still known to hunt, when nessasary.

      Perks: Although, seeming tame... when in battle, this creature becomes a slayer of men, its becomes such an animal when catching its prey, actually to the point where it drools at the mouth. Always loyal to fellow clan members, and sometimes to its enemies... only using lame tactics, if lamenesss has been brought upon him by them.
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        Machine - Serial No : T-869/Alpha. - Experimental Stealth Unit

        Description: After escaping from the experimental Stealth skynet unit, T-869, the machine with no name sent himself back in time, upon arriving in the thief time era, he began to turn his skills to a schizophrenic life of zealous guarding and stealing during the night, and solar recharging during the day.

        Habitat: During the day, “TheMachine” can be found, naked, lying on the roof of the keepers chapel, recharging himself, during the night he jumps between his two jobs around the town, guard duty over at aquatone, and robbing the rich at the nostalgic museum.

        Food: None required.

        Ecology: With a vast library of combat/stealth functions, the machine is constantly learning, calculating the lowest risk areas, striking fast and deadly efficient. With sickening efficiency T-869’s sonar ability is humanly unmatched, the lightest footstep is recorded, amplified, and ran thru a series of tests including geometrical analysis, motivational psychoanalysis, and character profiling.

        Defense/Attack: The T-869 stealth unit was originally designed not to attack, however, the machines overriding function was to adapt and re-configure itself to optimize its own score. Guard combat is constantly evolving, moving forward to counter whatever tactics may present themselves

        Perks: The T-869 inherited the combat functions of its predecessors, and thru combat exposure has developed it’s targeting computer to near 80% efficiency, long guarding hours do not bother the T-869, simply turning off all non-essential functions and focusing on acoustic detection whilst providing supplies for it’s teammates.