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    An excerpt from another forum from a month ago. It was about the legal debate over spam. Not my text.
    i read a little bit of the discussions for it in Congress. I was
    shocked to see that anyone supported it. (I didn't think these
    spyware companies had any political sway in Washington.) But
    surprisingly enough, there is some resistance to this law.

    I forget which Congressman it was that said this argument, but I
    definitely remember it was a Republican. He said (paraphrasing)
    "Sure, most spam e-mail and pop up ads I get are junk. But out of
    every 10 opt-out e-mails I receive, at least 3 of them I am
    interested in. For these three legitimate companies, we cannot
    pass this law."

    I wondered which of the 3 out of 10 spam e-mails he receives
    appeals most to him, the penis enlargements, farm porn, or the
    EZist wey to g1t r1d of D3BT 4evr!
    Hehe. The guy's got a good sense of humor. Unfortunately, he's probably telling it like it is. Any news update on this?
    "Garlisk's got a lov-el-y bunch of coconuts."

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    If he is a Republican, I sure hope he was disowned..
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