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    This thread is for revealing your favourite TUT map, and for discussing why you like it. 8)

    My current favourite map is TH-Bourgeois.
    For starters ,imo, bourgeois is the most realistic looking of the maps, giving it the immersion factor. Added to that, is the fact that you often only get one life, making for intense games. There are loads of great hiding spots and shadows, and the exits always make for an interesting finish for both guards and thieves.
    I guess I just like the idea of a burglar robbing a townhouse in a typical city location.
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    hehe, nice thread.

    My favorite is the everpopular Asylum. The combination of objectives make for interesting games, and who can forget Big Green, ever-ready to whittle down some of the pesky AI.
    However the main reason I like it is the 'flavour' of the level, with the flashes of lightning the pouring rain, the spiders and Rosenberg's twisted experiments, how dare he create a vaccine for cholerea, the crook :grin:
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      My favs are TH-Grange, because its best designed and Darkened Enlightement because it serves for the best games IMHO.

      Least favorite = Flats, because i got no brain and get lost easily
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        Any map except Aqua, Folly, Gerome, Warehouse, Spider. The rest are all godly.


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          I enjoy Nostalgia. Mainly because no matter what, i'm gonna have action fast. As a thief OR guard.
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            Just official maps, or "fan-made" ones too?

            fan-made best is th-pirates, becasue i made it

            best official map... hmm... they're al so good..

            well, i'd have to say Skeltston Head. As long as the map doesn't spawn in that raised center house :x
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              My two favorite maps would be grange and bourgeois.

              Grange is the most balanced of all levels. Neat hiding spots, many cool different ways in, plenty of loot. The level is kept simple (steal 800 loot... big deal) with some readables there and there. The gameplay in this level helps immersion so much because all the opportunities make you feel like a real thief. Guarding the level is also fun because it's not too big, and being careless can make you lose quite fast.

              Bourgeois for the exact same reason that you stated, Rodent. Burglary never was that fascinating.

              The worst level now: Spiders

              Spiders is absolutely boring. It presents an unbalanced, long level that thieves keep winning. The huge rooms aren't fun to sneak in, the objectives are boring, the architecture sucks, there are too many thief lives... Finally, it looks like a huge joke. Aw dang, I hate this level, screw you.


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                Originally posted by Garlisk
                I enjoy Nostalgia. Mainly because no matter what, i'm gonna have action fast. As a thief OR guard.
                me 2 and its always fun to play with you that map! thanks
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                  I have 3 favorates.

                  Flats - Just awesome to thief or guard. You really have to use all your senses when guarding here. Keen perception on hearing is needed for both thieves and guards.

                  Theatre - Good for thieving for me. Apart from yesterday, I had a bad game on this (I think Spider was there, he'll tell you. ) But anyway, still good.

                  Gerome - I like this map. When the map cycle goes around and this map comes up, I know its a wake up call. Esp if my opponent thieves are Rodent or Seemann. Its a seige, an assualt, which a couple of times have left me the last guard, and prevailing against all odds is my goal.

                  Worst map. Meh, not because of the actual map itself, but rather the expliot on it. Skeltonhead. The bug where you can grab the map through the chest is a losers game, I swear, It's worse than that wallbug every f*cker used to use, its lame, it spoils the game for the guards, and the thief thinks he's awesome when really he is a f*cking coward who cant play the game properly. *ahem* yeah... thats it. Oh and Spiders because there are just to many thief lives.
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                    Perhaps we should get into what maps we like and why we dislike others.
                    In my humble opinions:

                    Like: The Entire map. thieves have a nice safe haven in the vents, but are forced to leave vents to steal. And to get back of many vents requires you to take a long way around, giving guards a fair chance to get you.

                    Like: Its got much to see, creative aspects throughout each floor, allowing each floor to fit with the rest of the place. Has multiple objectives, giving a challenge that almost always forces some team work to exit together.
                    Dislike: The cells need alternate exits or need to be bigger. Its a matter of rushing to see who wins most of the time. Perhaps bigger cells with the body farther back so that guards have wider area to guard and thieves have deeper cell to infiltrate.

                    Like: Good big level, lots of lives and lots of places to try to get into. Easy to guard upstairs with plenty of alternate escape routes for thieves when they get caught in a jam.
                    Dislike: Lots of dark areas + lots of lives = lots of DMing.

                    Like: main house
                    Dislike: Level is very unfinished, or at least un-useful entire bar area has many rooms that are locked with no point, no secrets or anything. Keeps the flow of a real city, but if going to allow only 2 home-type buildings to be entered, should make them both useful, thus forcing guards to guard both areas. Also with guards on both areas, you can add more loot and loot objective, allowing you to easily bump up to 6 thieves/12 guards max. Plus no location IDs.

                    Like: Nice big level, lots of lives. multiple objectives. Grail is bit goofy, but it works.
                    Dislike: DMing is quite easy on big levels, and small team games are just boring on big levels.

                    Like: Great map, keeps both teams moving and looking. Lots of light areas where light is needed, and dark spots are spatial and searched often.
                    Dislike: Map can be almost impossible to get in certain rooms. and easily rushed in other rooms. Map can be stolen through chests.

                    Like: House setup, gives thieves a little safe area in the front, guards can be safe inside with much to guard.
                    Dislike: Evidence can be hard to get, too easy to trap the door. Noble rooms and Geromes room have no way out, if you are caught, you are screwed. needs a bit more loot too.

                    Like: rectory is designed nicely, Church is nice and high.
                    Dislike: Way too dark outside, map always takes the longest. Sewers are too big, no point even guarding. Choke points for crypt too tight on awkward apparatuses, like ladders and small tight crawling holes. Hard to maneuver. Map has too much unused space. Locked safes and locked crypts so far apart with no guard knowledge makes too hard to guard, and when the guards do find it, its almost impossible to steal.

                    Like: big map, loot in specific guardable areas. Snow leaves nice tracks to follow.
                    Dislike: The eerieness is wierd. Doesn't look like a place I would want to rob if i was a thief. Ruby is too easy to get, and once that happens, the map is pretty much over

                    Like: Fun map, but more for DMers to knock all the AI out on the lower floors, Upstairs is fun to loot, well designed and creative. At least it has a lot of lives to get through the hard entry ways.
                    Dislike: Choke points are dramatically small. If not for guard neglect, would be almost impossible to get through. Once through ,the upper area can be good to guard. Perhaps if there was only one floor of downstairs and the upstairs area was teh only place worth guarding, then it would be more funfilled, but with bigger choke entries or something.

                    Like: Great design for map, lots of creative areas, Fun map overall. Balanced as far as giving chase. Many places to hide with much light in the lootable areas to give both a good chance.
                    Dislike: Outside is slightly too much dark area.. also some shadows are fake shadows and leave you with some visibility. Lyre is either impossible to get, or too easy to get. Main Gallery is slightly too open, with no doors or anything to stop thieves, but the master has a huge safe and locked doors for his display room and bedroom. Safe is also waaay to huge for nothing in it. Sewer covers are broken a lot of time.
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                      Nostalgia- because i always, well mostly get to ko whore on it with sw. when i do have to guard it though i get to sing and dance with my fellow guards.
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                        Bourgeios and Korman.

                        Both are crate flooded with crates... for all your guarding needs. :twisted:


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                          hey what about that all crate map. gawd that was the best, even the walls were crates . .
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                            really i never heard of it.
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                              i'm guessing it was never released, but i'd like to see it...really...

                              but it's Archery is a great map: amazing what you can find there if you look reeeal hard.. 8)
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