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Stop Thief! "Back Door Bob" (#7)

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  • Stop Thief! "Back Door Bob" (#7)

    I've been very busy with other stuff, but I still managed to find time to make the comic...they'll probably be coming ever 2-3 days now.
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    If I find any of my guards doing that, they'll be straight down to the burrok pen as tasty treats :twisted:
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      I think you're OK as long as you don't have Bob there.

      OK, heres the deal folks. In light of the comic spamming that several people have complained about (or rather, suggested I try to fix) I'm going to use this ONE post for all my Stop Thief! Comics. In order to keep it clear, I'd appreciate if you'd work with me and delete any posts you made/make after a day or so, OR send me a PM if you have a comment.


      1: This one post for all Stop Thief! Comics. I'll edit the title each time there is a new one.

      2: Try to keep this thread clean for me. It'd be nice I don't have to bug BA to do that. PM's for comments, or if you have something to say you want other people to see, just delete it after a couple days or something.

      3: TUT Comics and NB comics will be seperate threads, seeing as they are once and done (non-story), generate more responses, and are less frequent.

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        why not edit your original first post and add the new comic there so it won't matter if we post a lot or not
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          How will we know who is responding to which comic?

          Just go with me here folks... I've thought it through, and it WILL work
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            Why not just make a website? If you wanted, I could make a very basic one for ya.
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              You should at least tell which page the latest comic is on in your original post.
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                I agree with Crouching Dork here, about the website. I was thinking the same thing before I read his post. I think you should take CD up on his offer, I think its a excellent idea. It would another web comic I check daily. :grin:
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                  I don't know guys. Ill think about it.

                  In the meantime, I'll continue making the comics, but NOT posting them until I decide what I want to do. I'd want a backstock if I had a site anyway.

                  Other than the drawn TUT and NB comics.
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