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Reopening a closed thread for Swiss

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  • Reopening a closed thread for Swiss

    I was quite disappointed when I read through Swiss' thread yesterday, only to find it closed before I could make a post because of all the flaming. Come on people, remember the age old saying, "If you can't say nothing nice, shut the fuck up..."

    Now, with BAs permission, I am "reopening" this thread, in a sort of way by creating a new one. At the first sight of flames or anything, this thread will be closed, and I will personally beg BA to tempban the ones who start and fan the flames.

    If you don't like to play on Brody's server for any reason other than you lag too much, don't say a word. Don't post, don't mention anything about cheaters or policies or anything. This is not what this thread is about.

    So please, drop the flames, or the temp banning may well begin.

    Here yo go Swiss, let's try this again.

    Originally posted by Swiss Mercenary

    And bring back some TUT-related threads,

    What is the general opinion of Brody's Revenge?

    Here's mine:

    Don't get me wrong. I like frob. I don't like thieves that KO, and leave bodies in plain light, but that's another story.

    AI wakeup time is also quite good. 7 minutes seems feasible.

    But what is REALLY, REALLY annoying, is the ungodly % loot drop.

    I mean, seriously, when you have taken the time to sneak into a well-defended area, get most of the loot, and die, and you only keep like, 20%? That's just... Harsh... My OPINION is that 60% loot drop is a better middle ground...

    I also hate it when thieves just leave bodies lying around (I always try to hide them if I can) but sometimes you just don't have that option... I also don't like the extremely high loot drop, it can make it near impossible on maps like gerome where there isn't enough loot...

    I enjoy Brody's battle, though me and a few others thought it was a pure DM server, which it isn't, but hey, it was fun to DM the hell out of every map when the guards had time to set up defenses, and so did the thieves (crate forts on Flats )

    As for Brody's Shadow, I blow at ghosting, so I don't ever go there. If I did, all I would do is guard. :/

    And Brody's Challenge, I see nothing wrong with this server, haven't had any problems...

    But my main concern, Brody, if the stability of the servers... I don't know what it is, but every night, one or two will go down, and then come bak up in about 15-30 minutes, and then a couple hours later, all 4 will go down (usually around 2am CST, not sure what that is for you...) I don't know if you have them reset or if you turn your machine off, I don't know, but every night just about since I've been laying on them, they go down. Any ideas?

    I know you said try the "open location" feature, but that sometimes hasn't worked. Do you have your machine reset at a specific time? Just wondering.

    So ends my post, and remember, keep it clean or it will be closed.
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    I don't have a problem with opening this back-up, as long as it can be handled in a calm cool manner. Discuss Brody's servers, discuss the details, this is not about the admin's, not about the cheaters, the lamers, its about Brody's server, and the rules, and how it's played. Stick to that, ok?

    Brody, what you have done, by offering more servers, is great, I mean that. You didn't have to do that, let's be fair about this people. Have fun, that is what it is about, and stick to the topic. Let the discussion begin.

    If it does get heated, thread will be closed. Period.


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      I think every server should copy the settings used on crackaz and mogs. Those have been tested for a long time, and they were found to be balanced.
      I find it rather annoying to play on servers where lots of things are different than what I'm used to.

      Plus I heard Brody once went to a restaurant and and then he ate everything in the restaurant and then they hadd to close the restaurant.

      True story.


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        Are you OCD, Virus? Just wondering, not flaming.

        I like having different servers to choose from, makes it a bit more interesting.
        Genius is a blink before a moment of insanity.
        "Dream is Destiny"
        Waking Life


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          Whatcha talkin' bout willis?


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            I too, like the different servers. But sometimes I'm confused by which one I am on.
            But the loot drop in my opinion is good because you have to work harder to stay alive, makes it more challenging. Plus it almost makes it easier because if you and another thief have equal amounts of loot and its enough for the objektives, and he dies, then some of the loot areas that you already looted get the respawned loot, so a lot of the time you can still manage to get the remaining loot by revisiting your old looted spots.
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              Variety as they say is the spice of life. Having a variation on the servers is needed, why have 4 servers that do the samething? If you play on *Battle* server for instance, you may develope more skills. Practice ghosting skills, it's a good thing.
              Just my $0.03.


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                Originally posted by -=V12US=-

                Whatcha talkin' bout willis?
                OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It's when everything has to be a "certain" way or you freak out. It's badness varies...
                Genius is a blink before a moment of insanity.
                "Dream is Destiny"
                Waking Life


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                  Not really Curu. That's one variation of it, but there's a lot more to it than that.
                  The only constant is change.
                  (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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                    I actually like the high % loot drop, for a few reasons.

                    One of them when a guard kills a thief with most/all of the loot, and the thieves still have lives left, the guard didn't really kill the thief. Instead, he mearly fined the thief with the % loot that he lost, and gave him a fresh loadout and loot respawning in places which might be within easy reach of the thief. With a low loot drop %, death is more of an inconvenience to the thief.

                    Another reason is so that the thieves can not just feed off easy loot. For example, a thief could end up getting all the loot that usually goes either unguarded or underguarded. After this, the thief would try for something a bit harder. If the thief dies, nothing is lost except a life, as the thief will not have to spend much time collecting easy loot again with a lower dropped loot %. Or they could go at the loot again with a fresh loadout, and again have nothing to risk except their life.

                    Finally, I think that thieves who snuck in should have to sneak out. Thieving is not just about getting to the loot, just like guarding is not just about preventing thieves from taking loot, as most of the time a flashbomb or and invis will get you though anything that is not a doorway. Instead, thieves should have to find the means to escape with thier loot, not respawn with it.

                    About the ghosting server, I really don't like it, as guards seem to exploit the fact that the thieves can not longer kill or ko them. I am not sure how this could be fixed though.


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                      only half-health lost per KO? umm... maybe not though. it IS a ghosting server, for ghosters.. who ghost.. and don't KO or kill..

                      The point is, i'm pretty sure Brody meant it that way for players like me, dragon, and other ghosters. That way, we don't have ot deal wiht being labeled as DMers when everyone but us did.

                      Of course, that's just a hunch.
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                        The carelessness you described is also seen in guards, when Frob is on. Just my 2 cents.


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                          Originally posted by Radamanthus
                          only The point is, i'm pretty sure Brody meant it that way for players like me, dragon, and other ghosters. That way, we don't have ot deal wiht being labeled as DMers when everyone but us did.

                          Of course, that's just a hunch.
                          Brody made a ghosting server because, like he has said, he thinks it's cool to have each server with a different theme. BA hit the nail on the head, each server takes different skills, techniques, and strategies, and if you play on all of them, you will ultimately improve both your thieving and guarding skills.

                          There were ghosting servers up off and on for a while (TuF had one, so did ToB, but they're gone now), and they got quite a lot of activity then. I think a lot of people are really enjoying Brody's Shadow now that it's here. A lot of people I have talked to have commented that the games are some of the most intense they have ever seen, and this past week I've personally had some incredible games on there.

                          I haven't really experienced much lameness from the least, not anything I'm not used to. I ghost all the time on all the servers, so I guess I'm used to guards shooting multiple firebolts in my face, shadowslashing and flarescanning me, and doorblocking. It's nice to see people's reactions on Brody's Shadow...I'll quote Brody when I say, "Now you get to see the other side." A lot of people hardly know what ghosting is, now that they've tried it, perhaps they'll have a little more respect for what we do. I know for sure that Tom71 got a taste of a ghoster's hardship when he tried to thief me and KoraX on Breakout.

                          That was my positive rant for Brody's Shadow. Note, I'm not ragging on DMing, I know that's an impressively effective playstyle. I just like ghosting a whole hell of a lot better, and I'm glad there's a server for it.


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                            I personally don't like the shadow server, but it's VERY fun to watch there!
                            Btw everybody like a different style...
                            <--- prefere this, then running away ^.^
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                              Runtime on Brodys Servers is
                              14:00 GMT to 08:00 GMT Mo-Fr, Weekends 24hrs.
                              The servers are running on a pc in my office, inbetween the closing time, i do my business on the pc.

                              The settings were done in cooparation with my admins. You are invited to suggest different settings. The Servers are for you, so help me out configuering it as you wanna see it.
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