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Unstoppable (don't you just love these threads)

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  • Unstoppable (don't you just love these threads)

    If you've been around the #thievery IRC channel, you probably know by now that Unstoppable is coming back.

    Now, I don't know what all the fuss with him has been. Cheating, abusive language or what... I have no idea. I've never seen any of that... well, I did see the posts here about the posts that were made before, and avoiding the ban at the forums by changing IP, registering new nicks or some such thing.

    However, now the thing is, he seems all sincere and apologetic... Like trying to get a second chance. You'll probably say it's more like a third chance or some such thing. Well, it may be, but as you know, I'm naturally forgiving person and he's never done anything against me, so I figured I can bother with making at least this one post.

    Well, Unstoppable clearly loves playing Thievery. I've seen him promoting it at Ionstorm forums and he's made a tutorial for newbies to get a hang of it and whatnot... When someone loves to play Thievery, that's gotta count for something.

    According to his words, he's changed now and wants to clear his reputation. All I'm saying, is that you might as well hear him out if you see him over at #thievery or in game. If he still is the same asshole you knew him as... well bugger it then. But until that...

    Oh yes, in game. I understand he got unbanned from one of the servers recently, but I forget which one it was... Anyone care to fill me in?


    Oh, and BrokenArts... Yes, the purpose of this thread was something else than to attract flames. :wink:
    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...

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    Wouldn't a couple of sent PM's work to findout your answer to this? Instead of making it public.

    He is trying to gain sympathy from just about everybody, he was asked to leave the Shadow Guild forum, for posting there, what might you suggest we do now huh? What is your whole purpose of this thread anyways, I see he has worked on you, no I don't have any desire to see him in game. I and a few others, are very tired of giving people chances, and they blow it time and time again. Trust is lost, how many times should someone do that before enough is enough, and it's too late for them. No one made them do what they did, why should we suffer for their lack of right and wrong, sense of fair play. All's they do is think about themselves, and see how much shit they can get away with time and time again. It keeps happening over and over.

    And no I don't want a flame fest with this. He brought on his trouble himself, him and a few others that are trying or already have made their way back into the community again. I have nothing more to say on this.... If you guys want to be buddy buddy with him, do it in private, not here. Some people have had enough. Sorry this thread will not continue.


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      I don't think he has changed. And I don't think he will ever, either. Last time I played with him he shouted things like "MOTHERFUCKER I WAS HERE FIRST FUCK OFF!"