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The Tale of the Dragon that Forgot 2: BAND

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  • The Tale of the Dragon that Forgot 2: BAND

    Well, we all know sequels suck, but hopefully this will provide some laughs

    Once, in the Land of Words known as #thievery on the continent of IRC, not far from Black Cat Forums, a group of friends were chatting. There was Fixxxer, and Garlisk, and Dragon, and Cythe, and LegalAssassin and others..

    Dragon and Garlisk were discussing how to make faces.

    “I like to make faces like this!,” Said Dragon, and made a face like this: -_-

    “What kind of face is that?! What could it mean?!” Said Garliks, extremely perplexed by this display of flat lines. “Does it mean sleepy man?”

    “Why, no, Garlisk, it’s the opposite of ^_^.”

    “Oh, so the opposite of WildBill face.”

    “Exactly. The opposite of…HOLY CRAP! I’ve got to do write a paper!”

    At this point, Dragon changed into a Dragon|WritingLikeAMadMan. Garlisk, thinking this was sort of like the face game, changed to Garlisk|ActingLikeAMadMan. Fixxxer, for no apparent reason, became Fixxxer_Dances_Like_A_God, and started dancing. At this point, Master-Builder appeared, shouted “Traitor!” and threw a crate at Garlisk. All hell broke loose, and soon Garlisk, Fixxxer, and Dragon were kicked out of #thievery by Cythe into the void that is Starchat.

    Garlisk realized that his name was offensively long, and immediately changed it before re-entering the beautiful world of words. Fixxxer and Dragon were apparently not so observant. They tried to enter again, but found their names were so big…they couldn’t fit inside again! So many times they tried and failed to enter with their large names. It was kind of like a dog holding a broom, trying to go through a door with the broom sideways, and just not getting it. LegalAssassin proclaimed this an IQ test. All the while, Dragon and Fixxxer tried to get in and finally did squeeze through with their big names! Only to be banished by Cythe! And, not only that, Dragon’s paper still wasn’t getting done!

    Well, as it turned out, Garlisk took first place on the IQ test. Dragon tried to get a word in edgewise the Land of the Words gods by pre-writing an excuse. It, however, failed. The gods laughed. Ha ha ha!

    Fixxxer finally understood, and got back in. LegalAssassin and Fixxxer and Garlisk then had a great laugh at Dragon’s expense and all was better in the Land of Words. It reminds us of that important lesson! If you’ve got a paper to write, get it done! Either that, or that laughing at people makes everyone happier. You know, that’s the second time that’s been an option. I think we have a winner!
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    Pfft, I understood, I was talking to Cythe privately. But I decided to: a) be a baby, act the martyr and leave on my own (SO THERE!) and b) use it as an excuse to work on my paper.


    Ah...good times on IRC...good f*cking times.


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      Originally posted by The Dragon
      Ah...good times on IRC...good f*cking times.
      Yes, good times...good times.
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        The Dragon That Forgot: Part II

        <Cythe> I'm sorry...
        <Dragon> I'm sorry...
        <Cythe> So....wanna make out now?
        <Dragon> Hmmmm...

        And everyone lived happily ever after.


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          What about the dragon who forgot he was a ghoster?

          The only constant is change.
          (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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            omg, photoshoppar


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              Please remove or make the pic smaller. People don't want an evil sidescroller...especially when trying to read a story.
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                Originally posted by Garlisk
                Either that, or that laughing at people makes everyone happier.
                Know anyone who knew that from the very start?


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                  Originally posted by The Dragon
                  omg, photoshoppar


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                    Uh.. dragon?

                    What paperwas this?
                    "Just off the border of your waking mind there lies another time, where darkness and light are one. As you tread the halls of sanity, you feel so glad to be unable to go beyond. I have a message from another time."


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                      Personally I thought it was an abusive display of admin rights. But, who am I, eh? not one to question you I'm sure...

                      Maybe I'll start banning people because I dont like thier names... meh

                      Lets just say the joke didnt go down well.
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                        haha dragon pwned!!! You dmer :wink:
                        nah dragon I had never thought that you will every dm... he he
                        "Blockheads never learn, Clever learn by his own mistakes, Intelligents learn by mistakes of others."


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                          Sandman, that picture is photoshopped, which means CrouchingDork edited it to read that I was the one who killed him. In actuality, that event never occurred. :wink:

                          About the incident, Cythe apologized Fix, I felt that way too, which is why I left, but when I came back he actually told me the whole story. It wasn't really about us, man.

                          Of course, my kicking him from the teamspeak channel probably played a small role in it as well...


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                            Um, Dragon, I have the pic of you killing him too. As I recall it was on DE and you were trapped in a room in Loki's with3 humans and 3 AI standing outside the door. You had no way out because the door was being blocked, so you gave CD some "Unnecessary Ventilation." :grin:
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                              Uh, wtf, of course you have the pic, because CD probably sent it to you. Goddamn CTG conspiracies... :roll: