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Thievery card Game!! (robbery!)

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  • Thievery card Game!! (robbery!)

    I've come up with a card game inspired on thievery, but more focussed on combat.
    The main aspects are taken from a cardgame called Lunch Money, but I've added some new attack card, plus I've changed all the existing ones so they fit the Thievery style more.
    I call it Robbery.

    In a moment I will explain the rules of the game and the cards, but first I want to ask those who are good with photoshop and stuff, to design the cards with images taken from thievery, or just drawn by yourself. I know there was this plan to make a cardgame a while back, but it died because there wasn't a serious idea behind the game itself (other than card artwork). So let's try and get this thing off of the ground (for personal usage).

    We will need a standard card layout, for the front and the back of each card. then we will need a good picture and layout/font for each card in the game. Feel free to add a catchy phrase on the card, which has something to do with the attack.


    Robbery is a game for two or more peope. The total amount of cards should be sufficient to play with four and maybe even five people.

    Each player starts the game with 15 lifedrops/counters, you can use anything you want as lifedrops/counters: coins, milkcaps dead flies... whatever you have on hand. It would be fun to use real money, since it kinda fits the Robbery/Thievery theme.

    Your objective is to play cards to take away your opponents counters (moving them to a growing pool of lost counters in the middle of the play area), and to defend your own counter pile. A player who runs out of counter is KO'd/Killed and out of the game/ The objective is to be the last player with any counters left: in other words, the last player left 'conscious' and in the game.

    Play begins from the left of the dealer and progresses clockwise. This player may initiate an action: He may play a card (placing it on top of the discarded card pile wwhile naming the target, discard any number of cards from his hand and replace them from the main pile back to five, or pass.
    After his action has been resolved (meaning other players had a chance to respond with their cards, either defending against attacks, for example, or intervening witth a special card), all players draw cards neccesary to return the number of cards in their hand to five, and it is the end of his turn. These turns are called rounds.

    Making attacks
    On your turn, you'll ussually play a card to attack another player. Cards that do this include, Basic Attacks, Weapon Cards, Inventory cards and Special Cards. Sometimes you will play a sequence of cards (such as Grab + Powerplay + basic Attack Card).
    YOur opponent may have cards to prevent you from succeeding, or to stop you from continuing a sequence of cards. You can also spend your turn to use items, such as potions or food.
    If yoru attack succeeds, it is your task to remove counters from the victims pile and move them to the main lost counter pile in the middle of the table.

    Defending against attacks
    When someone plays a card on you, you may be able to respond with a defense card. remember that the Taunt special card can serve as an effective defense too.

    table talk
    Colorfull banter is an important part of robbery, so don't be afraid to get into the game by describing in vivid detail the insults and injuries you perform on your opponents. Don't be surprised by the immaginative things they do to you in return, and remember... it's just a game.

    card types
    There are five types of cards, each with it's own color, to make them easy to recognise:
    Basic Attack Cards
    Defense Cards
    Weapon Cards
    Inventory Cards
    Special Cards

    Basic Attack Cards
    -Elbow(2), Headbutt(3), Uppercut(3), Hook(2), Kick(2), jab(1), bitch slap (2), Bicycle Kick(4), Redemption(7).

    Each one of these cards has a number. This is the number of counters taken from your opponent if the attack succeeds. These attack may be dodged or blocked.

    -Roundhouse(4), Spinning backfist(3).

    These basic attacks have one special trait. If the main target dodges them, the attack proceeds right to the next player in line (left/right, attackers choice) and then that player has to defend against the attack or suffer the damage. If the second player dodges, the attack proceeds again in the same direction. If everyone bettween the original target and the attacker dodges, there will be no effect.
    If one of these cards is blocked, the attack does not proceed to another player.

    Defense cards
    -Dodge, block

    A player who has been attacked may defend himself with either of these cards. Simply play the defense cards, and yoo won't lose any counters. See individual attack cards for their interaction with these defense cards. Sometimes defense cards are not permitted in case of a 'free attack'.


    this card counters or breaks any Grab or headlock.


    This card is played against any Weapon Card attack. No counters are lost by the defender, and the weapon card is either given to the defender or discarded (defenders choice).

    Weapon Cards
    -Crossbow(3), Sword(3), Mace(4), Blackjack(2).

    Each one of these cards has a number. This is the amount of counters taken if the attack succeeds. unlike basic attack cards, these cards return to the attacker after usage, and do not have to be discarded. These cards can be defended by block, dodge or disarm.

    Each weapon has it's own Special. When the attacker uses the special, the Weapon Card has to be moved to the discard pile and may not return to the attackers hand.

    Crossbow- Steel Bolt. Does 5 counter damage and cannot be dodged or blocked (can be disarmed).
    Sword- Perfect Block. Serves as a defense card, the sword lets you defend against any other card in any situation that would let you block. On top off that, it will give the player who attacked you 2 counters of damage.
    Mace- Charge Strike. Does 5 counter damage and cannot be blocked (can be dodged or disarmed).
    BlackJack- Knock Out. Knocks out a target, the target may not use cards for two turns and cannot defend against attacks made by others (can be dodged, blocked or disarmed).

    Inventory Cards
    -Health potion

    Using a health potion counts as a turn. If you have multiple health potions you may take them all at the same time. Each health potion will restore 3 counters to your counter pile. You may only use health potions when you have less than five counters left.


    Using an apple counts as a turn, like the health potion. If you have multiple apples, you may use them all at the same time. An apple restores but one counter, and thus is weaker than a health potion. However, you can use an apple regardless of how many counters you have left.

    -Invisibility potion

    Using an invisibility ption will render you invincible for two turns. Other people cannot attack you while you are invisible.
    You yourself can only use basic attack cards or other inventory cards when you are invisible.

    Special Cards
    -Big combo

    The big combo entitles the attacker to dream up any two fancy moves (such as a front kick followed by a spinning tripple elbow strike off of the wall) and announce them as the card is played. Defending against this card requires two defense cards. If a defender only has one defense card, only half of the big combo attack will land, and half damage (3 counters) is taken.


    Grab or Block + Grab.

    A grab card is ussually played in combination with other cards. A succesfull grab permits the player to use one free Basic attackk card or Weapon card, against which the other player cannot defend. A grab also sets up certain special cards, such as headlock, powerplay and throw. see their descriptions.

    A grab may also be played immediately after a block has been played. The defender who played the block, has the first opportunity to play a grab card (and follow up), but if the defender plays block and has no grab, the attacker now has the opportunity to play a grab and (follow it up).


    (grab + powerplay, or block + grab + powerplay)

    A powerplay card is only played after a succesfull grab attack and cannot be blocked or dodged. The player must describe how he manhandles his victim to cause 3 counters of damge, and set him up for a free basic attack card or weapon card.


    (grab + headlock, block + grab + headlock)

    A headlock is only played after a succesfull grab and cannot be blocked or dodged.
    the only immediate defense against a headlock is freedom or taunt.
    The headlock renders the victim completely helpless and entitles the attacker to use as many free Jabs, bitch slaps or uppercuts as he has in his hand every round.

    As long as the headlock remains, the victim is helpless and cannot defend himself against any attacks from other players. cards that will break the headlock when the victims turn comes are freedom, taunt and flashbomb. On his own turn, the player can only play one of these cards to escape the headlock, or he may discard cards from his hands in hope to draw cards from the stock he needs to break the headlock.

    The attacker may choose to release the headlock at any time. While the headlock is in place, the attacker may not attack any other player than the victim, and in order to use a defence card against attacks from other players, he has to cancel the headlock.


    (grab + throw, block + grab + throw)

    A Throw is only played after a succesfull grab and cannot be blocked or dodged.
    the only immediate defense against a throw is freedom or taunt.

    When the attacker plays a throw, the victims body is thrown into another player.
    Both victims will take 3 counters of damage, but the victim who was not initially grabbed may choose to dodge or block the attack and not recieve any damage, the thrown player will still take 3 counters of damage.

    If there is no other player to throw into, the thrown player will recieve twice the damage (IE: six counters).


    This card can be played at any time, at any point, on any player making any play (offensive or defensive) to humiliate the victim and ruin his or hers best laid plans.

    The holder of this card may interupt the action (regardless of whether its his turn or not), and formulate a sentence that will humiliate, but not physically harm the victim. Once properly humiliated, the victim is open to (and cannot defend against, except with another Taunt card) one free basic or weapon attack card from the player that played this card.


    If this attack is succesfull (it may be dodged or blocked), the victim goes blind and cannot use any defense cards for one turn after the card has been used (he can still use taunt). On top of that, all the attacks made by this player will only do half damage (rounded down) on any attack he makes.

    The player who used the flashbomb get's the first shot against the defenseless player, but he can only use a basic attack card.

    -Dragon Pucnch

    A Martial arts uppercut so strong, it does six counters of damage and it will lift the victim off of the ground into the air, and opens up the possibility for the attacker to use a free basic attack or weapon card.
    The Dragon Punch can be dodged or blocked.

    If there are any questions, feel free to ask.

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    It sounds like it could be pretty good if you give some more detail for special situations, and make more rules for the combat. I like the idea playing for actual money, make that a basic rule, and make it to where you need a certain amount of it to play. The more starting money the bigger the risk, as always with gambling.
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      I think I explained it all pretty well...

      Maybe even too well considering noone takes the time to read it all.


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        Well thought out. :roll:
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          lol funny game ^^
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            Lunch Money is an awesome card game. Nowhere else do you get cards showing little girls with hammers and knives with phrases like "Jesus hates you and so do I".

            Interesting take on their rules there, Virus. I see you kept most of their rules (in fact, maybe you copy and pasted the rules from their website! ). I like the Thievery weapons, now all you need to do is get cards printed up.

            Actually, I wonder if you can get decent quality game cards made up without spending loads of cash. A Thievery card game would be great fun to make...


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              A little old hat, but...

              Immortius' Forge


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                That's sweet!

                I didn't know they had a website, and yes the card design for the original game is awesome. Most of the rules and stuff were copied from the original rulebook.


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                  LOL immort!!! Where can I buy that card?
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                    sounds really cool, I want Robbery!!!
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                      Originally posted by Tobias_the_taffer
                      sounds really cool, I want Robbery!!!
                      no its mine!
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                        Having only just read this thread, I feel compelled to make this offer. IF someone can get me the graphics for the cards I would be quite happy to print up sets and distribute them. I may have a little trouble getting to the other side of the world but I will do my best. I will of course require postal addresses.
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                          Originally posted by Dalai
                          Actually, I wonder if you can get decent quality game cards made up without spending loads of cash. A Thievery card game would be great fun to make...
                          I'll buy some cardstock at a crafts store and i';ll make that crate card. A digital photo would prove that it can be done?

                          It's gonna take some time, though. i'm broke.
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                            This game sounds pretty cool, but I think it'd work better as a Thief based CCG (collectable card game, like Magic: the gathering, etc.).

                            You could just distribute the ever expanding game online, possibly having a special client to enforce rules, and find opponents.
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                              I don't know what lunch money is so it may be a CCG. The way the rules are written with no mention of deck sizes or similar does seem like a CCG.
                              I can print off the cards at home on my colour laser so I will be able to do it for almost nothing. Depending on where Rad lives it may be easier for both of use to work on them.
                              I don't think that it would be good over the net, because we have real thievery for that. This would be the thing that you would take along with you when you are seperated from the net for a few days/weeks/months/years.
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