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  • spawn/exit points

    I was playing on flats earlier, I am guard,thieves get loot obj so
    naturally i head for exit to stop them. I spot thief/go after thief,
    i chase him up the ladder and kill him. after i kill him he says he
    just spawned. So i wasn't sposed to kill him. meanwhile other thieves
    are hightailing it to the exit to win.
    My question is this.... How am I supposed to know whos exiting and
    who is spawning? Can't we make maps where the exit is different from
    the spawn? Was I wrong? or was i duped? because the thief with loot
    got in while i was chasing the other one.
    I think this needs to be fixed. I don't like being accused of spawnraping
    because that is not my style. But i should be allowed to stop an exiting
    theif right?
    Any thoughts on this?

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    After ten seconds, it cannot be considered as spawn raping again. I have learned my lesson on this.


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      Spider :- Spawn is protected, and the exit it different from the spawn. No probs on that map! if only the others were so good!

      Flats could easyly be fixed, just make the thieves spawn on the rooves, and let them drop down into the existing spawn.