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  • Virus?

    In addition to most of my word documents, I keep everything Thievery related on my D drive, including any programs, logs, important chats, ect. Everything. My Dad's files are on the D drive as well, and so is every file that we've downloaded, like mp3s or videos.

    Well, this morning I tried to access my D drive, and it wasn't there. D was no a compact disk. Before, D was our spare drive, and E and F were our compact disks. I then tried to open a folder that was on the D drive, and it didn't recognize it.

    Did I get hit by a virus? Norton Antivirus is always running on this computer, and I regularly run ad aware/spybot. We also have a firewall running often (Not all the time, cause it gives me problems and randomly likes to shut down our internet). I don't open suspicious emails, and I sure as hell don't open attachements if I don't know who they are from.

    This is pretty bad...I guess I'm going to have to do a system restore? But I don't know how far back that will take me...I won't do that until I get some more opinions, both from people here and people in real life.

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    if the virusprogs are not find a virus u must format ur harddisk
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      Well, you don't have to blame me because I know jack shit of computers and it is impossible I could've done that. I mean, deleting files... okay... but removing an entire disk? Nu-uh.

      As for the problem...
      Maybe there's a surface disk error and/or windows fails to recognise it?
      Try having a look at the start up screen. If that doesn't make you any wiser, open the comp and reconnect the drive. If your lucky it could be a bad/dusty connection and reconnecting it may fix the problem.


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        If you're running windows XP, you try using system restore to set the computer
        back a couple days to a previous time. Its gotten me out of a few jams.


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          It just happened or did you install something? There are similar problems like this that happen because of roxio cd creator or imapi windows xp service. Maybe it's your registry (i doubt it) then you could do "scanreg" from dos?

          This happened to me before, i forgot how i fixed it. i KNOW it wasn't with system restore or formating HD.


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            Try looking at a program (defrag for example) that would show you your drives, and see if it finds D:. If you have multiple physical hard disks in your machine, then open your chassis and check IDE cables and such.
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              This sounds like a drive issue, not a virus.
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                right. There is one way to know for sure, but you'll have to take apart your computer, dragon.

                First, make sure all the cables aer properly installed into your drive. If that's true, take it out and look at the chips under the drive. do any of them have white spots? is there any acrid smoke or stanch eminating from the drive? If yes, you hard drive did what mine jsut did. It's dead, send it to me for my collection.

                If not, then it's probably a format error or windows is just being an idiot. Formatting your drive deletes EVERYHTHING, so use it as a last resort.

                Other than that, you'll have to talk to my brother. He's knows more than me on such things.
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                  Originally posted by DarkBill
                  This sounds like a drive issue, not a virus.
                  Jeah, I feel offended!


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                    Thanks for the help, guys. Don't worry, I don't intend to do anything drastic, like reformatting my hard drive. I also am not going to do system restore, because *gasp* all of my system restores are apparently stored on the D: drive!

                    I really think there's just a connection problem. The D drive is still there, my computer just isn't recognizing it. If worst comes to worst, couldn't I take out the D drive and take it to a specialist who could copy my files onto a new drive? The drive isn't smoked, I think.

                    Anyway, I'm gonna open up my computer and take a look. I'm going out soon, so I'll check it out when I return. Thanks again, guys.


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                      Right. If your drive isn't smoked, i can get anything off of it. Of couse why you would trust me.... :twisted:

                      but if worst comesto worst and your drive is smoked, you can spend 200 bucks and get everything restored by replacing the file discs into another HD. a new HD, same files. the problem is it takes days inside a cleanroom, and days to ship back, on top of the expenses.
                      "Just off the border of your waking mind there lies another time, where darkness and light are one. As you tread the halls of sanity, you feel so glad to be unable to go beyond. I have a message from another time."