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  • (off topic) disk space help

    I know this is a bit off topic, but i thought some of you might be able to assist me. I have my 100 gb hard drive partitoned up into 12 gb partitions. I have one partition "c" set aside only for windows, and graphics and sound drivers, i installed nothing else there. Now, when i first installed windows, it took up 1.5 of the 12 gigs. My computer has been running extremely slow latley, and i decided to check on my disk space and i found out that I only have 1.3 gigs free of the 12 on my "windows only" partition!!!! I installed windows just a few months ago and i have no idea where all my disk space went. I selected "view all hidden files" and went through my c: partition, and the folders only added up to about 2 gigs. So what the hell is taking up all my space? i know this is what is causing my computer to run so slow because in the past when i used up almost all my disk space, it would start to crawl. Can anyone give me any ideas?
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    You were messing with the virtual memory settings, weren't you?
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      Run Disk Cleanup on C: and have a look.

      My next guess would be system restore using up all of your space.
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        you can set the amount of space system restore uses.

        disc cleanup will also clear the internet cache which over time can take
        alot of space also.


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          lol, this isn't off-topic. After all, this is the General Discussion forum, not just Thievery-related stuff.

          And yeah, check your virtual memory settings. You didn't include your OS (Windows, sure. But what version?), so I can't help you to explain how you check your virtual memory settings...


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              You could try the following :-

              - Check your Virtual memory settings, ideally you should set this as 2x the amount you have in your PC, it's not a solid rule but good for 128 - 512mb. This will speed up your computer too, in an ideal situation you would install windows clean on a drive (I have mine on a 5gig partition) and create your swapfile, then, defrag that drive so everything so far is at the start of the drive.

              - Check your system restore settings, this ate up my drive significantly, I set it to take up 1gig maximum, generally I'm not stupid enough to screw up windows anymore... ahh those were the days. :-)

              - Check internet files, remove your porn!

              - DONT install games to the same drive as windows, make a new partition and keep them seperatly, some games WILL require you to re-install them if you re-do windows unless you save their registry settings (UT2K example) but you can just install over the top and keep your saves / settings normally, and most stuff doesn't even require you to re-install, this i find keeps things seperate and easy to maintain.

              - contraversal one here but in your add-remove programs, get rid of any non-essential windows updates (not security ones) most of them suck anyhow and I did have one which stopped my computer working with some programs, and one which screwed up UnrealED on my duel screens :x

              - If your games are on the same drive get rid of any old ones, also check the size of the savegame files, -example- Fallout 2 has about 10 save slots, each one (when you get further in the game) is around 20-30meg!! thats 200 to 300 meg right there.

              - If your really strugging, go into c:\windows\media, and remove all the shitty wav files, and c:\windows\help\ and delete the help files, you never use them!


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                hmm thanks guys. How do i check my vitual memory btw? i am running windows ME.

                "problem fixed" for those of you who told me to run scandisk, thank you! i don't know how, but i defragged my c: partition and ran scandisk on it and now i got 9.8 gigs free! thats good enough for me

                oh and i havn't been installing any programs whatsoever in my windows only partition. Machine, i guess you're doing the same thing as me. If i ever have to reinstall windows, and format my old operating system, i don't have to trash all those games. True, most of them won't work when you get it up and running, but at least you can salvage the saved files and settings for after you reinstall the games. Thanks guys

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                  No one mentioned ScanDisk but I was about to

                  I have personally run into the same problem of windows reporting the incorrect amount of drive space free many many times. Running Scandisk always solves the problem for me on Win98SE

                  And imho leave the stupid virtual memory settings alone. If you set it to double your ram(lets say you have 512mb) thats 1gb of space being taken up all the time. Never clears it's self so you just basicly give up 1gb to virtaul memory. Personally Iam not willing to do that :lol:. Plus the performance improvment isn't night and day anyway I have found