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Connecting to IRC using port 80!?

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  • Connecting to IRC using port 80!?

    So, I'm stuck up in this military base camp far away from home, with only port 80 (http) and 21 (ftp) open. Not even ssh (port 22) is open. I asked the administrator if he atleast could open this port, but he said he didn't know what ssh was (!), thus he couldn't open the port.

    Goddamnit, that sucks. Now, I have heard of http-tunnels used for connecting to IRC servers at 6667+ ports, but do anyone know how to make this work?

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    Problems: I believe you need to download and run BNC proggies, some of which may set off AV software (and presumably, your area would).

    A quick google search will get you a list of programs to do it if your situation is capable, however...
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      I can use a bouncer, of course - I've alerady got one. The problem is that I can't get it to listen to port 80/8080, and it still needs to connect to a 6667+ port range...


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        I really don't know that much about it. I would have thought that most of the good BNCs would be able to tunnel out the http port and would be thoroughly useless if they couldn't connect to an IRC port from there?

        Either way some random web-searches would reveal more complete knowledge than I have.
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          you obviously know more than the resident administrator, wait a week or two till your fully settled, then suggest to the drill sergent that the current admin is useless and he should be shot/put on the front line. You take over, and walla, all the irc you can dream of!


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            NTM, the man behind various Thievery voices says:

            17:59 <ntm> httport i think
            17:59 <ntm>
            17:59 <ntm> tunnels through a public server
            17:59 <ntm> you connect to a port on your pc iira
            17:59 <ntm> which httport then forwards via the proxy to the machine on the outside world
            18:00 <ntm> and that then passes on the request to the server you wanted to connect to.
            18:00 <ntm> used it from ukc occasionally.
            18:00 <ntm> public servers aren't v fast
            18:00 <ntm> there's a "privileged user" status of sorts tho, i think.


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              I'm not sure if this will be a problem, but starchat blocks common proxy ports. Jerks.
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                not sure if it will work, but you could try the public BlackCat server IRC applet I have running. (hopefully it wont mysteriously disappear again).

       and click on the IRC Chat link on the left. Hope it helps
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                  Fossil, that won't do much help since I still need port 6667 open in the firewall to be able to connect to IRC with that IRC applet.

                  Thanks Dalai, I'll check it out. I also found (with TheOutrider's help) a cgi applet that lets you connect from a webpage to an IRC server, using port 80.