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Sometimes you just wanna smack a thief

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  • Sometimes you just wanna smack a thief

    Your bored one night, the servers are dead, you want to play something, but not sure what, you do know, you just wanna smack a thief, well, try this on for size. Fun little game. About 3.50 meg.

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    as they say: Best. Game. Ever.

    Thats just fun. If you get them all in the same spot you can just smack the time away! Talk about some fat thieves.


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      The game has been around for a little while, not sure how many of you have played it or heard of it. I had it burned to CD and ran across it last night. Tis fun.


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        it tiz fun
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          as soon as I saw this post I thought- please not Bluebyte, please not Bluebyte and then it was Bluebyte (and mad cat games I think they called themselves) :cry: Though this one isn't as buggy as the game it's based on (Settlers IV) and won't lag so much Before TuT all I did was talk on BB's forums etc, notice I don't say play- game play is impossible with so many bugs and the dev team told us it was OUR fault the game had some of its bugs-so I played Thief2- found some weird site claiming to make a UT mod called Thievery and found that online gaming doesn't have to be about contiual packet loss and pings that would make any sane person crazy.Anyone who has ever played S4 (I know of a few TuT players who also got out quick) will know why I had to post this. Anyway enough of my ranting and raving now (UBI grrr moan hate them all) .........

          Oh and dont just smack them- set FIRE to them or put dynamite on them :grin: Hint: Smack a Thief, Smack a Rock, Smack a House for extra inventory items, and holding down mouse button charges the hand up more
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            Pretty fun game, although it can get real hectic real fast.
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              Ha, pretty good. I like it.
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