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Favorate Thief & Thief 2 Levels

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  • Favorate Thief & Thief 2 Levels

    I noticed a few people commenting on old Thief levels in another thread. Just for conversation and intrest, what are everyones favorates...

    Mine are;
    Thief 1 - Baffords Manor, Assasians, Strange Bedfellows, The Sword and Return to the Cathedral.

    Thief 2 - Life of the Party, Blood, Trailing the Couier, First City Bank and Trust, Presious Cargo and Casing the Joint.

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    I'll add my no.1 favourite level for both games...

    Thief 1: Assassins!

    Thief 2: Life of The Party


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      Assasains. I still remember stumbling upon the demo for Thief 1 which was Assasains. Oh, how I played that level over and over! And still do
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        From Thief (gold) :

        - The bonehoard !!
        - The hounted cathedral ( or something like that )

        * Note: I din't like the dino's ( yes, I know they're called burricks )
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          lmao I never played thief 1 or 2....
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            Havn't gotten past all of thief 1

            Thief2: Trail of Blood,

            Life of the Party
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              Currently on the Haunted Cathederal in Thief 1... I love it. Bonehoard was also great.

              Thief 2: Framed, Blackmail, Trail of blood, Life of the Party


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                Thief: only played the demos.

                Thief2: Life of the Party.

                Custom Maps: Creature Clash 2 and Trouble at the Burricks Head Inn (never did find the final button ) 8)
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                  Baffords holds a special place, because it was thee *first* mission. God I remember Xmas day 1999, what a blast I had playing it, captivated me, still does now.

                  The Bonehoard, was tweaked a bit in Thief Gold, better architexture, the puzzles to solve, so much to do in this level.

                  Return to The Haunted Cathedral, the layout of the town, got lost a couple of times, so many ways to play this level, ghost it, or let the Burricks-Zombies and Spiders fight it out, I loved that.

                  The last level, dealing with the Trickster, that was awesome, best ending, and best cut scene at the end, the music carried me, very haunting. Just plain cool.


                  Life of the Party, had more fun traversing the roof tops.
                  Trail of Blood.


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                    TG - Bonehoard on Expert. I liked playing with the fire guy. Return to the Haunted Cathedral was great. It was fun going back to explore what I could only see through the window.

                    T2 - Life of the Party. There was so much to do and so much to see. I got lost a lot.
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                      Trail of Blood realy holds a special place for everyone.
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                        Thief 1 - Return to the Haunted Cathedral, The Sword

                        Thief 2 - Blackmail, Precious Cargo, and Sabatoge at Soulforge (I loved nearly every level from this game, but these were my favorite).

                        I didn't like Sabatoge at first, but it's so damn cool to ghost! Makes you feel...amazing! So thrilling...


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                          undercover, assassins, bafford manar, and the sword.
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                            All the creepy levels with zombies in.

                            And LOTP from Thief2, and sabotage in soulforge and band and and and


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                              Originally posted by Buho
                              That's from Thievery.

                              But I agree, Assassins! With all the stalking and then the challenging building with the guy with the uber-mace. (Since I can't ghost worth a salt, mostly end up swording everyone)