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  • Thief series questions...

    Hello, All,

    Due to the rising interest in the "Thief" games again (with #3 coming soon), I have some general questions about "Thief: The Dark Project" (T1) and "Thief II: The Metal Age" (T2).

    What is the main difference between T1 and T1 Gold Edition? Is the "Gold" edition that much better? (I have the original T1.)

    Was there a "Gold Edition" for T2?

    Can you still purchase these "Gold" edition(s) somewhere?

    Thanks for your time and input.
    Team ORJ

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    Thief Gold has 3 extra missions in it. Thief Gold was also tweaked, sort of polished up if you will. Worth the effort to find, it is still out there. Try Ebay, or do a Google search for it.

    No gold edition for T2. Just T2.


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      Thief: Gold was Thief: The Dark Project with three new levels and even more bugfixes.

      There was a Thief 2: Gold being planned but it was never released due to LGS closing.

      You can find Thief: Gold in a few places, although your best bet would be ebay.
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        Saw both Thieif Gold and Thief: The Metal Age as a two game set a few months back. Was $10-$20. Not sure if they still have it though.
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          You can buy it there. I don't have much to say, as i never bought Thief Gold, but from what i hear, its worth it to buy.
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            Fantastic! :grin: Thank you to all of the responses. I was thinking about reinstalling T1 or T2 to replay (again, due to all the hype for T3 - "Thief: Deadly Shadows"). I never finished T1 100% so I thought I would look for the "Gold Edition".
            Team ORJ


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              Thanks again for the info. I did find both "Thief Gold" and "Thief II: The Metal Age" for ~$13 at a local EB Games store. A friend was with me and when he heard the grand total, he bought both games as well.

              /me is a happy gamer. 8)
              Team ORJ