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  • Spot The Thief!

    All right. I challenge you all to a little game called Spot The Thief! I have a few screenshots from a certain movie and your task is to spot the two thieves that are hidden in it.

    Now, let's start with this picture:
    Spot the 2 thieves lurking

    If you can't find them... or even if you do find them, check these helpful pics that will show where they were hidden:
    Hints and spoilers

    Don't bother posting where exactly they are... that'd just spoil the fun for the others. If you say you found them, I'll take your word for it.

    Just tell me how hard it was to spot them... and if it was oh-so-obvious after you'd seen the hint pictures.

    And of course... post some pictures of your own, too. I suppose we can rule that they should be from a movie.

    The point of this little 'contest' is not to find pictures where the thief is totally invisible. Quite the contrary. You need to find a picture where the thief is as visible as possible, but still... camouflaged or hidden so that people cannot spot them. Hint pictures would be nice, too.

    Happy hunting!

    (P.S. Bonus points if you can name the movie the pics are from)
    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...

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    well, i hate to spoil the cheerful mood of this thread, but i can't find a thief on the first link, with or without the hint shots, its just not gonna happen, sorry
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      I don't think that the things in those shots are worthy of being called thieves, but it took me about 20-30 seconds to find them.

      What's the machine you are running TUT on? The resolution on those pictures was appauling. It also seemed like they were software rendered.


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        Timmy: Try opening both pages at the same time, then switching between them so you can quickly see which shadows change places.
        Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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          OWAH! Some wretched sniper!!


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            Those pics remind me of Riven for some reason.


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                Oh well. At least it kept me unbored for one bit of the long night.
                Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                  Originally posted by DeepQantas
                  (P.S. Bonus points if you can name the movie the pics are from)
                  Those look like screenshots from (highlight to read -->) "Conan the Barbarian".
                  Team ORJ


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                    I spotted the woman right away, but the guy was visabilty - 0.
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                      I got bored last night and made this. Maybe next time I'll put a thief in it and see if anyone can find 'em.


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                        Neat... but needs more falloff.
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