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OWA! or, The day I got hit by a car!

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  • OWA! or, The day I got hit by a car!

    So there I am, walking back home from the library, getting ready to cross a small alley.

    This little blue car pulls up when I'm about 10 feet from the alley. There is traffic, so it doesn't pull out.

    I'm halfway accross the alley, when all of the sudden, wham! The car pulls foward and hits me in the leg.

    And now, I'm like, sonuva OW! :x
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    Hehe, seems like you didn't get hurt badly though.
    Consider yourself lucky, I have a friend who's still walking in a strange way after such an accident.


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      Originally posted by Garlisk
      The car pulls foward and hits me in the leg.
      lol.... at first i tought it "hit you in the lag"....

      Don't worry... My head got crushed by a car to once... I'm still alive... i think...


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        Pain aside, ya' alright? amzing how often people forget about pedestrians, eh?

        Had something similar happen to me few years ago when on my bicycle. Had stopped at a four way intersection, and saw a car approaching quite rapidly. Did not think he was going to stop at first, but then he started slowing down, and I begun to make my way through the intersection. Before he came anywhere near a full stop, I heard the engine rev up again. Having just started from a stop, was able to lay the bike down and get myself out the way. I suffered no injury but needed to replace the front fork, wheel, headset,light, and crank axle of the bike. (~$160). The car took no damage as the bike was already on the ground when it was runover. The drivers first question to me upon getting out of the car? "Did you see if hit anything?" Simply was not paying full attention. He did pay for the repairs in full without any trouble.
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          ...front fork, wheel, headset,light, and crank axle of the bike. (~$160)
          Well, good thing your motorbike didn't suffer from any more damage than that.
          Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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            Yeah, I am ok...but damn! people are stupid. My leg is still kinda hurt, but should be fine.

            Wish I got the license plate #, I would turn that bastard in in an INSTANT. It was an odd looking car though, so if I see it again...

            I'd also like to take the oppurtunity here to rant about some other things.

            #1: Stop signs mean STOP, dammit! Not slow down and little, and then keep going!

            #2: Turn signals are for signalling turns. I will crush the next person that almost hits me b/c they don't have a signal on and I start walking.

            #3: Red lights also mean STOP. I can't believe the amount of times people come to a redlight, and nearly turn into me (usually without a signal) on a NO TURN red light.

            Ok, I'm a little less enraged now.
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              Why not claim compensation?
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                Originally posted by FixXxeR
                Why not claim compensation?

                thats what i say get some $ it's his fault. this kid i work with got jumped and got stabbed in the face. hes ok now but he won't sue because he said he has no reaosn to. but he has assult with a deadly weapon, compensation and attempted murder.
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                  Originally posted by Master-Builder

                  Don't worry... My head got crushed by a car to once... I'm still alive... i think...
                  nohin' a hammer and some nails couldn't fix, aye?
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                    No, DP, they stuck a crate on his shoulders. Thats why he's a crate-maniac.
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                      Ouch man, hope you get better soon, I know what this feels like :-/ (see daniels car crash thread)


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                        omg jester were your eyes closed or what? ^^ I'm glad that you can still sit in front of the pc!
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                          No, Sandy, but the drivers eyes obviously were...
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                            Your typing, and that's a good thing. Glad your all right.


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                              When I was still in high school, I was hanging out with some buds at another friends house and we decided, to hang out with this wierd kid at school. We were just messing around, we were watching movies and talking outside of the house. The wierd guy was going to leave for a bit and come back, but my friend left his homework in the wierd kid's car. So all in good fun, my friend sits on hood and says You're not going anywhere without my homework!!! (he said in a goofy voice because they were watching anime.) So what the wierd kid does is, smiles and slams the gas (can you believe it!!) goes to forty, my friend is hanging on to dear life, and then the wierdo slams the breaks ( :x ). My friend flies off the hood does several rolls and lays there twitching on the road. Everyone who saw this was shocked and as soon as they came to, they went to get him up off the road. Now if that doesn't wierd you out or piss you off get this, the wierd guy gets out of the car laughing like a [email protected] hyena and had to be forced to apologize when my friend came out the shock. To be forced to apologize for something like that and to be laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world for something like that, almost brings me to a murderous rage. People like that with cars should be put under the hood while the cars on. But yeah, stupid people should not be allowed to drive, at all. Here, Here.
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