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Let's Step It Up Guys!

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  • Let's Step It Up Guys!

    Recently I have noticed that thievery players' skills have been slipping including my own. I was thinking that it would be really neat if we could get all of the thievery verterans together for one day on serveral servers! I mean, think about it! Make some servers where no on is banned from (Or make one day that no one is banned from any server which is unlikely) so we can play with everyone again like the good ole days (don't argue! they were good old days! :x )!

    I'd enjoy seeing some of the player that I haven't seen in a while. To name a few, Freaky Alien, Frantic, Longnames (Hey man, who knows?? It wouldn't hurt for him to show up for just one day, would it? Even if he just spectated it would be pretty cool), Impulse (haven't seen him in a while), Lawless (Saw him the other day be that was the first time in a while), Salsa (saw him a little while back but in that same boat as Lawless), MrEricSir, MortalMonkey (dunno, i haven't seen him recently), kam (it's just for one day, geez just be mature about it), Master-Builder (Night-Blade junkie, it's so sad LOL nah, it's all good), and the list goes on.
    There are people that I see often and I would love for them to be there on Thievery Veteran's Day.

    I'd also like to say because of the alaising going on it's hard to tell who I see and who I don't see. I ask that no one alaises!

    I'd also enjoy seeing Dalai on and oh yeah, the people who are working on NightBlade too.
    The Tco members too(I know they're veteran's)
    fag, tob, m, tuf, (these guys been here a while)

    And any other verterns that I left out! I think this would be cool. We'd be able to see how we all play. I mean, it would be a great test! Lot's of fun too!

    Yeah, Let's see LaughingRat actually play now. (Which reminds me, let's see if we can get MadGerbil!)

    Yeah, let's all mess around and bring back some of those old guild tags like RLF and AYL!

    Maybe I'm just dreaming though...maybe this will never happen...but man, I sure wish that it would happen!

    Well, what do you have to say?! :grin:

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      It'll be nice ... cept for the peeps on the ban list.
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        Just so you know, Salsa is now acutevelociraptor.

        Freaky Alien is back for ToD (on ShanKa Shadows, naturally) and so is Master Builder (although on he's on some no-hoper team whose name I forget now ).
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          I second that Impossible. :?

          I had this idea about the old clan 'MERC' re-merging for the ToD. But I'm away that weekend and didnt get round to sorting it.
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            Besides, I won't be in ToD. Can't believe people still remember Merc.

            Something I always wondered... Did TUF get its idea for spying from MERC (we never actually got hired for this, but it was on our job list. Come to think of it, we never really got hired at all) , or were they actually spying on MERC from the beginning?
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              I got hired for a while... Of course Merc business was just kinda... well... just for fun. :grin:

              I'm still waiting to see the paycheck. :x
              Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                I'm still waiting to see the paycheck. :x
                Yeah, like you said, just for fun!

                Just because I took your pay and put in in my offshore account before I broke up MERC doesn't mean anything!

                Damn! I shouldn't have said that I broke up MERC.

                Damn! I shouldn't have said I had an offshore account.

                DAMN! I shouldn't have said I took his pay!
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                  The Sun Guard is after you, punk.
                  Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                    Just so you know, Salsa is now acutevelociraptor.
                    Not to be rude, but I thought that Salsa played/plays better than acutevelociraptor. Also, his old name was better...


                    Well, I don't care how long it takes...even if it's next year...


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                      I'll join in!
                      (AKA Dresden)
                      Despite all my rage, I am still just a dwarf in a cage.


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                        I am who I am, and right now, I'm a cute velociraptor, 'tis true.


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                          My God, you ALL must be stoners....
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                            I'd be up for it, but not with band ppl.

                            TuF were always there spying, even before we announced it, and who said we ever stopped?

                            Merc was sweet, the idea was class but people hardly ever used to hire, great idea tho, might work better now if some of the veterens formed a merc clan, then we may hire for turf wars/beatings. :-)


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                              When you least expext it, i pop in and smash some skulls...
                              (Seriously tho, i've been playing every now and then lately...)