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Thievery is great. Don't spoil it, make it better

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  • Thievery is great. Don't spoil it, make it better

    maybe i was bored...maybe not

    I spend hours and hours on in playing thieveryut. I have grown to love it, hate it, FEAR it, respect it. The most important reason I play it (and I hope this is why everyone plays it) is to have fun. Thievery os more than a mod, it’s a game on it’s own, hell I can’t remember what game the mod was made for (than the UT at the end reminds me )!
    I have played a variety of games online; rpg’s, first person shooters mostly, adventures. All those games get boring after a while, having me quit in a month or so. Why doesn’t thievery get broing? I’m glad you asked. Thievery is special, it’s something you can play all day and not throw it out the window. It’s a game that makes you think.
    In most games, even ones like ut that have thousands of maps to play, you get tired of it. Thievery doesn’t even have 20 maps and you won’t get sick of it...hell you can’t even get tired of it (although some times you feel like you are). For me the main reason this is so innovating is the fact that there is more than one way to win, more than one way to play. You can KO and KO, get tired of that? Than you start to ghost, get tired of that? GO back to ko. There are many ways to win maps and so many things that can happen, not just a shot kill die. It has story and atmosphere...what most fps lack. This fps (first person sneaker) has stories behind the maps that you can simply tell to your grandchildren at a fire while camping. The maps have feeling, the look great and are great. I can simply say that when I first played thievery i said “wow I havn’t seen this type of detail for a while...) Each map is almost like it’s own world for you to enjoy, explore, and remember.
    Koing is damn fun. I’ll do it gladly and just go all out sometimes. It is so great to just let a guard know he isn’t doing his job well enough by smacking him on the head. It lets people improve and keeps the guards on thier feet. Instead of complaining about Bjing why don’t you should be thankful, it makes you a more open person and makes the game a bit more chilly...i mean how fun is it to know that you can just run trhough any shadow, slashing you way though it with no worries...not too fun.
    Ghosting is awsome. Knowing you can use tactics and strategies to get passed the guards. It lets you develop great skills and keeps things on the edge. Your heart pumping out of your chest as you run passed a group of guards. This makes the guards senses better also, they have to listen for the slightest foot sounds, look for movements that are hard to see. A great advanced way to play.
    Both ways to play are rational and fun. A combination of them can make thievery twice as fun for you. Play how you want to play, don’t listen to anyone else. Let people play their way, if everyone played the same way it would be incredibly predictable and boring!
    What makes an online game online? The community of course. Simply put, we have the best community there is. Sure we get into conflicts and love and hate relationships but that’s what is so great. We are a FAMILY (that takes in new borns everyday). I remember how amazing it was when I would join a UT server and people would say..”hey I know you”....what’s more amazing is that in TUT I come into a server and i hear “back from that test today?” I know people in this community better than I know some of my friends at school. Of course there will be arguments we have..who cares..get over it and learnt to live with the people, se thier good points. I remember holding big grudges on a few people here (omega, mad gerbil). Omega’s negative comments to me just flipped me out on day...”I swear if i ever hear another ‘learn to type you noob’ reply from him I’ll...” But i got to know them and they are great people....although omega still pisses on me for my spelling and punctuation. The size of the community is great, always someone there you know, but there are new people to meet everyday. Everyone has their bad days and don’t use that against them, make them feel better! Hell, I didn’t start spelling ‘the’ correctly till 3rd grade (I’m not american..I’m foreign and one of my biggest problems is spelling...oh and i spelt ‘the’ ‘da’ LOL) I can safley (i should say usually) even joke around with people. Do i really think LR is a evil admin monkey spanking baboon? NO! I joke around, everyone in the community is great in one way or another and bring life to our family. Every guild has it’s great qualities (just because i keep saying CTG sux and so forth doesn’t mean i really mean it!) Ctg are a great buncha guys that are doing a GREAT thing for the community, hell think of what would be happening if all those people LR found from mygot and that were cheating and being lame were still around? All the guilds are great (i just love making fun of them... just like i don’t think fags are really fags and are damn funny guys!). I think that eating the shit out of people and yelling at them for a small mistake they made is a worse offence than cheating. And remember people make mistakes! Live with it, we are humans!
    It’s so good you want to contribute your part to it. I am a mapper...have been since i first used drom ed. I won a few awards for maps i made for first person shooter games and i said man i can’t wait till UT2003 comes out so i can map for it with the best editor...well i made one and a half maps for it...never finished that half because of thievery. I said after payback I’m finishing it!....ya right....i just started on another tut map. Thievery is hard to map for and so it’s great time consuming practice for me. It is also giving me a reason to learn 3ds max which will further help my career in graphic design. Hell, tut is going to help me get a career!
    The first game i ever played on my own pc was thief gold. I said this is what i want to be, this is what i want to do. Until a half a year ago i was playing fps when i stumbled upon some sentence that reads “thievery mod for ut.” i said oh boy i bet this will be soo damn cool. Well it was better than i imagined. I should be doing homework now so i say to myslef “no thievery...” what do i end up doing instead...posting on the forum all day. It’s paving and destroying my future at the same time :-/
    After this i think the dev’s know what they are doing and i trust them to do the right move. I think we should start appreciating what we have instead of complaining. Stop arguing and getting into fights with people, just forgive and forget. This is a second home almost. (I live in the bsp’ed up laggy mansion i built ) so do your part to clean it up. The devs spent years working on this while all you do is spend hours complaining....instead go make a map or model, go fix some bug, go do something worth while.
    All in all lets not change (too much) and try to be on a more positive note.
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    Well said, I hope everyone reads that and learns from it.

    *btw, this is jarvis <------ finally registered
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      Originally posted by Majarisan
      Well said, I hope everyone reads that and learns from it.

      *btw, this is jarvis <------ finally registered
      for's too much too read. finally you came to the forums! welcome
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        Well said albeit a bit verbose.

        Welcome, Jarvis.
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          OMG spam !!!
          No really it was a good read, not much to add you said everything !!
          Ya I still remember downloading the first pics of the mod i was like This is incredible!!
          It was so good that i never even think that it would come out one day. I was like the guys working on it are never gonna finish that way too much modifications to do.... I WAS SOO WRONG and glad to have been !!
          Before TUT i was playing Deus Ex online alot, then TUT come out and I stop playing Deus Ex that same day....I've played Deus Ex maybe 2 times since then !!! (no joke).
          Like I said before (many times that is) Thievery is a game a the same value of that "new game" that came out a week ago who was using the same UT Editor. Thievery could have been in stores right next to any of those game !
          (I'm on a 56K modem so online gamming, before TUT was keeped at a minimum for me... some UT2003 booming run and some Deus EX and AOE2 but that was it, too unplayable. I thx TUT for changing that !)

          In short it's a great place to be, and I like it here.

          btw : I liked the inside joke...da/the...héhé Dha.... to me too
          (But I knew what I was typing )
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            ....that was so inspired and courageous... I don't think I'll be able to look at you,...uh, read your posts, in quite the same way ever again. Well said!
            ...and all is silent, save the voice of the clock...


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              Damn DP for a young guy that is very well put. I'm really impressed and couldn't agree more. I hope the community really takes the time to read this one. The irony here I think is that if this was posted by someone else I doubt DP would have taken the time to read it all. Just playin with ya DP.


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                LOL! Very well put DP! I also will get a little personal with you all.

                I'm not a computer game person at all. Before Thievery, the only game I played on the computer was Myst, and that was like 8 years ago. Back in July I was unemployed, so I decided to go look for a computer game to keep me busy since I wouldn't have anything better to do. I wanted a Doom or a Quake or an Unreal Tournament. That way I could kill people. I went to compusa and saw Unreal Tournament for $9.99 and I was like "yes!" I played that game for two weeks and than I saw an article on that said "Mod for Unreal Tournament called Thievery." After reading the article I was like, "I have to download that!" So after I got the game I spent a few days playing it in single player to learn the maps. After I became acquainted with some things I finally ventured online. The TUT community is awesome. I don't think anybody called me a stupid n00b or yelled at me. There is something special about this game that keeps me playing it. Last week I bought Mafia for $49.99 and I've only played it like twice. What a waist of money, and this game is free! This game is awesome because it never gets boring. Every match is different than the last. It's humans versus humans. The game makes you think and use your skill. It's the ultimate strategy game. There is so much variety in the game, that you can't get bored with it. I have played so many hours of Thievery that it's ridiculous. I think the devs have done a remarkable job with this game. I would love to see this game on the shelves of a computer store. Well that's enough from me for now. Although this paragraph wasn't as well put as DP's


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                  You been in da cellar 'gain, taffer?

                  (j/k)Some nice words


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                    im gonna have to jump on this bandwagon and say that when I DLed thievery, I figured I'd play it for a week or so, and then dump it like ALL the other mods I tried.
                    At the time, I was going through several UT mods a week on planetunreal.
                    Then I got this, played it. Eventually ended up at the forums.
                    After a month I began to realize I didn't even play REAL games long than that...
                    and im still playing it. This is like 3+ months now and I still enjoy it as long as the people are fun, which 90% are. 90% isn't bad considering in other games the good fun people that you can go "hang" with is around 20-30%.

                    Thanks for the blackjackings!!...err, memmories.


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                      IMHO what makes TUT so diferent from other games (online or single player) is the human factor. Ut has a interesting bot AI but really nothing can match the imagination of a human mind.
                      I must have played TUT in solo some 10 times. It's the human interaction that makes the diference, it's that idea on gerome «I bet the library is full of AIs»or the «Guard in vents!» on aquatone.
                      Yesterday someone mentioned that in the old days of 1.0 and 1.1 Aquatone was the guard map, no one would dare go thief. Now no one really cares about that because thiefs know how to deal with vent hunters and guards just dont limit their guarding to the elevator.
                      Same thing to teh thief sword. Buying a sword would be deadly in the beggining, but now v12us has proved that swords CAN be usefull.
                      There are always new ways to win, either being a guard or a thief.
                      IMO the DEV team made the right choice in the development, there are only a few things that need tweaking.

                      Well i brought nothing new to the discussion, all the stuff i said was already mentioned by DP. Just posting my opinion here
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                        Originally posted by Grank
                        Damn DP for a young guy that is very well put. I'm really impressed and couldn't agree more. I hope the community really takes the time to read this one. The irony here I think is that if this was posted by someone else I doubt DP would have taken the time to read it all. Just playin with ya DP.
                        you're right...i would have only read the first 2 lines....and maybe the last one
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                          Well said.
                          Nearly all men can stand adversity -- if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.


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                            Hehehe, well said, DP.

                            This community is well built... well, let's see, we have a wannabe dev, a cool guy who can't spell, an evil guard (AKA a llama), a negative guy, a "child of order"...



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                              And you always learn things!
                              For example, yesterday night we were playing in DE, waiting for some dork *giggles* do decide to go in the castle and Lurox recommended me to listen to Nightwish, so i got Phantom of the opera and Elvenpath and i have to say it is sw33t music!