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Official Tournament of Darkness v2 Thread

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  • Official Tournament of Darkness v2 Thread

    This thread will contain the information about the teams, the location of the server your team will be playing on, and eventually the results of the tournament.

    The Teams

    The DM Thieves of TOB - Spider, Sneaky Kenobi 1, Catburglar, Thebos

    The Valentines - LoUie, Terryn

    Muffin Men of Darkness - okih-imus, Daniel, Spamslayer

    The Blades - TheMach!ne, Dragon, Master-Builder, PhaeThorn, Dalai

    ShanKa Shadows - Freaky Alien, Impulse, Shug, WildBill, TafferBoy

    Lagi Knights - Tobias the =FAG=>, Blade, Antero90, Sandman, Nanaki

    Souls of the Underworld Lance - Chalrif, Firetiger, Gabriel, Skull

    Taffing Clowns - Wilschom, Serious_Dough, Xari, Siriuk

    Thin-Alley Taffers - The Creator, Hannu, Archlite

    The Black Flame - SeEManN, Athelstone

    Looks like this tournament will be fiercely competative, so join in and show off your taffing skills. Who knows? You may become the next ToD champion.

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    About Tournament of Darkness

    Who can join?
    -Anyone actually! The only requirement is that you can not be banned on the three major servers (CTG, Mog's, or Brody's).

    Do I need a team?
    -Yes, this version of the tournament will be teams of 2 or more.

    Who can be on my team?
    -Any player that meets the requirements to enter ToD can be on your team. Being in a guild does not matter, or even if you aren't in a guild. The most important thing is to pick a team you like, work well with, and will have a good time playing with.

    What will the layout of ToD be?
    -ToD will be played in rounds, and if your team loses you will be out of the tournament. The winning team moves on to the next round.

    How long will the tournament last?
    -That depends on how many teams sign up. I would plan on at least half of the day though.

    Match Rules

    -Server settings will be:
    * Clever AI
    * 3 max following AI
    * AI do not stand still when flashed
    * 850 starting loot for guards
    * 600 starting loot for thieves
    * 30 minute time limit + map time modifier
    * Loot drop - 50%
    * Supply chest active

    -Both teams will enter a private server (which will be provided by the tournament) and select a map that both teams can agree to. Once this map is selected, a tournament admin will determine which team thieves first. After this round is finished, the two teams will switch roles, thief and guard, and play the match again. This will continue until one team has successfully won that map as thieves AND as guards.

    -After the match is complete, the tournament admin will submit the results to myself so I can update the standings. You are then free to do as you wish until your next match is up.

    What happens if I win?

    The winner of the tournament plays the reigning ToD champion for the ToD champion title. If you defeat the reigning champs in a match after the main ladder has been completed, then you will be named the next ToD Champion.

    How Do I Sign My Team Up?

    Easy. Send a PM or email my way. [email protected]

    Be sure your team can be around for most of the day, starting around 4 PM going until possibly 2 AM GMT (again depending on the number of teams) on February 28, then send me the following information by this Friday night, the 13th:

    Your Desired Team Name (Please do not include aliases or guild tags)
    Team Members
    Your Timezone (Please express like GMT -6 or GMT+3)
    The map you would like to play should you win the tournament

    If there are any further questions, you can PM me or just ask them here. I'd be happy to clarify or state anything I might have missed.


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      How Will Each Match Work?

      Each team will meet in the designated server for their match. At this time the teams will decide on:

      1.) Whether they will use the TeamSpeak servers that are being provided by ToD. (More info to come shortly on this.)
      2.) The map that both teams would like to play.

      An admin will select which team thieves and guards first (by coin toss or however they choose) and the game will commence. After the outcome, the teams reverse roles and play the same map once again. This continues until one team has won as both thieves and guards. (It sounds bad, but it actually doesn't take too long. That's where map selection comes into play.)

      After the match has been completed, the winning team will hang around in public servers or on IRC until their next match is up. The losing team is free to go. The ladder will be updated by a tourny admin, and the next round shall start.

      Who Is Running ToD?

      ToD was created by me, but it has gotten too large for one man to handle. Therefore, I have several ToD Admins to help me out. Their word is the law.

      Alpha-Omega, Biohazard, BrokenArts, Grank, and Dalai.

      Biohazard would like to thank:

      The ToD Admins, Brody, Leatherman, CTG Admins, and the TUT Dev Team for this awesome mod!


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        Everyone will meet in the #thievery IRC chat room prior to the match. It will serve as a waiting room for teams not playing and a way to organize who goes next.


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          Round One

          The Blades versus The DM Thieves of ToB - Brody's Battle

          Lagi Knights versus Muffin Men of Darkness - Leatherman's

          ShanKa Shadows versus Souls of the Underworld Lance - CTG Private Server

          Taffing Clowns versus Thin-Alley Taffers - Brody's Shadow

          The Valentines versus The Black Flame - First Available Server

          Round 2

          The Blades versus Muffin Men of Darkness- On Brody's Battle

          Souls of the Underworld Lance versus Thin-Alley Taffers CTG server

          The Valentines - Bye

          Round 3

          Souls of the Underworld Lance versus The Valentines - CTG Private Server

          The Blades - Bye

          Round 4 - Ladder Championship

          The Blades versus The Valentines - CTG Private Server

          Round 5 - ToD Championship

          The Blades versus ShanKa Shadows (Reigning ToD Champion) - CTG Private Server

          This may sound like it doesn't make much sense, but with the graphical representation it will be. The order was decided based on a foolproof method, alphabetical order of your team name (not counting The). So if you have any complaints about where you ended up on the ladder placement, talk to the person that named your team. :p

          Thanks for your patience with me.


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            If a server crashes, the map will be restarted from the beginning, this is the easiest, and most fair thing to do.

            At the beginning of the match, and a player drops out, that player has 5 minutes to get back in the game, if some of the members are not there, or did not show, the game will go on, and just work with the players you have.

            If someone crashes in game, during the game, regardless whether you are about to loose or win, the game will continue, the map will not be restarted.

            As far as the servers and their AI's, deal with the Frob wake-up's and the timed wake ups'. Those won't change, just deal with them, and do the best you can.
            Have fun guys.

            The Crackaz server password will be tod


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              For Teams Using Voice Comms

              The TuF Teamspeak Server will be up with the normal "irforgiven" password, within the "Tournament of Darkness" room there will be a room for each team taking part in the tourny. For this event, the maximum player limit it 24, and I shall be playing from my girlfriends house so all my home bandwidth is dedicated to this.

              Unfortunatly I am unable to password individual sub-channels, so just be sensible with this, no spying on other teams! Anyone not obeying this will just be kicked.

              Get Teamspeak Client Here

              Once you have that, Set a filter on ~TuF~ you'll narrow the search down then, your looking for "~TuF~ Teamspeak server" You must remember to set you alias or you'll just end up loggin in as "Guest1" and nobody knows who you are. Also tweak the settings on your mike, make sure your headphones are plugged in otherwise the rest of us get echos.

              Alternatively you can use a "quick connect" to the following IP :- (Port :8767)

              Once you have connected, an admin should "allow registration" for you, after this, you can go to the Self->Register with server option. At this point you can set your own unique Login name and password so you don't have to remember ours. From here on you login using this information. The team captians I shall grant Channel Admin status to so they may be in total control of their own channels.

              Edit by Dalai:
              Please note, if you are going to use voice chat in the tournament, you must connect to this server, as I am going to try and record the voice chat for each game. This will be put up together with the replays for people to watch after the tournament. Thanks.


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                Brodys Battle is passworded with "tod" for the tournament, too.

                I wish all Team lots of fun and good luck.

                Should any problems be with any Servers, i had prepared Brodys Shadow for the tournament, too. Same password.
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                  Where can i get irc and what port is the ts server??
                  My english isnt the best!


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                    For IRC it's up to you what you use but I'd recommend Trillian which can be found here :


                    Also remember you can get on #thievery from within TUT.

                    Teamspeak uses port 8767 (UDP not TCP) tho I don't think you'll need it unless your running a server.


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                      I recommend mIRC for connecting to IRC:


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                        i need a list with maps who were played on ToD because i dont have all maps...
                        My english isnt the best!


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                          little additional questions:

                          "-Server settings will be:
                          * Clever AI
                          * 3 max following AI
                          * AI do not stand still when flashed
                          * 850 starting loot for guards
                          * 600 starting loot for thieves
                          * 30 minute time limit + map time modifier
                          * Loot drop - 50%
                          * Supply chest active "

                          i got those switched on BATTLE and SHADOW. now plz, what is with awakentime and frobwakeup?
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                            The password for all the ToD servers is going to be tod.

                            Please, if you aren't in the match, don't enter the server. There should be at least one public server somewhere to play on.

                            Another note about IRC. I prefer to use, and you'll need to join StarChat to find us. You can join #thievery if you are registered on StarChat, or in addition I will put up the room #tod for today if you need to get ahold of myself or another admin.

                            If you would like to use TeamSpeak, you can download that client at I would highly recommend this to all the teams involved.

                            Server AI settings are:
                            - AI Frob Wakeup On
                            - AI Wakeup 10 Minutes

                            Good luck to everyone!


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                              Originally posted by Biohazard
                              If you would like to use TeamSpeak, you can download that client at I would highly recommend this to all the teams involved.
                              I know there are some ts servers of the different guilds... Can anybody may post a list of the ips?
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