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My idea for a tournament: GOLD RUSH

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  • My idea for a tournament: GOLD RUSH

    I changed my mind and I decided to post my idea for a competition.
    The sooner its presented the sooner you people can either trash it (suspected end) or accept it.

    The basic idea is create a quicck and fun competion that has little requirements such as havign the need to work out a date for a match and make sure everyone drops in.
    This is not an idea to replace ToD or Turf, in fact it's an atempt to create another type of competition that still fits the spirit of Thievery (in a way).

    In Short:
    For those who dislike long posts

    The Objective of Gold Rush is to win the map by objectives as fast as you can. Win by elimination is not permited. You can DM/KO guards as long as you leave at least one alive. You play alone against AIS. Everyone can join as long as you are not banned in all servers. You dont need a team to win. No set days for challenges. Best times are recorded in a Hall of Fame. Server Admins are responsible for the timing.
    If you think you read enough skip to the next post I made

    In Long
    For those who really like to read

    Ceryainly must of you heard some players mentioning they could make a level in xx minutes. This is the chance for those players to show they are serious and this is the chance for others to prove they can do better.

    And best of all anyone can join as long as you are not banned in all servers.

    Here are the rules I made for Gold Rush:

    So far there are three categories where one can compete:

    - SOLO - the name says it all. Its you alone versus the entire horde of blood hungry AIS. Probably the thoughest path but in the end the glory is all yours.

    - DOUBLE TEAM - two taffers team up to beat the level. Get your buddy and clean that level in style!

    - GANG WAGON - For teams with more than 2 taffers. Coordination and communication can make almost impossible times here. If a Guild wishes to try for a record this is where they must enter. So far there is no limit number for the team.

    - Win by eliminating the Guard Team means your time is forfeit and erased.

    - There are no human guards. This will ensure that the game is fast and also gives taffers a sense of security allowing them to focus only on the objectives rather than worrying if there is a vent hunter or shadow slasher nearby.

    - Matches are played against Genius AI, 75% loot drop (to encourage playes to make a run as clean as possible) and 30 minute + map time modifier AI do not stand still when blinded.

    - You can use anything to win, you can use clever shortcuts in maps like in Theatre or Nostalgia, you can DM or Ko guards if you like as long you leave at least one AI alive.

    - Team Speak is permited

    - Guilds can claim a run in their name. But to do it so they must compete on the Gang Wagon category.

    - Skeleton's Head and Asylum which have either too easy or too hard spawns are out of the competition. Why? Because the conditions on the level are not always the same. Sometimes the map or the body are near the thief spawn or at the other end of the map.

    - In order to ensure a serious competion the server admins will specteate the run. If you are making the run on your Guilds server teh run can only be considered valid if an admin from another server specs the run.

    Times are posted as follows:

    [LEVEL NAME] - [Time] - [Thieves] - [Loot] - [KOS] - [Guard Kills] - [Deaths] - [date of Record]
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    This is just a rough draft. You can make sugestions if you like.
    Im open to ideas.

    Now you would probably ask "How will this benefict the Thievery Community?". Well. There are currently no official records so I thought that we could somewhere later when there is more free time make a "Record Run Day". The Aussies start making their runs, go to bed europeans come, see what has been done, do their runs, go to bed and so on.
    One idea I had was that this could be in some way integrated in TurfWars.
    Lets say that the mockers make record run on a TuF owned level. Once the run is over the admin responsible warns the proprietary guild that the time of the level is now owned by a rival guild. The Guild could then put the record under challenge and try to beat that time. If they fail the mockers coudl call a Turf match to take that level. Just a plain idea.
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      I'm Game :grin:
      .: Daymaster - Mockers Thievery Guild :.


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        Seems that everyone want to think of something. Theres alot of organisation involved. We'll see what happens.

        I'm up for it.
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          Winning by rushing depends on luck. Take for example the body in asylum, that body can spawn in the spawns and you can take it quick. But if it spawns in the greenroom, you're screwed since it takes more time to get it. The same goes for the spawns in skelstonhead. Don't forgot the lousy loot balance, or a very good loot balance in maps. Of course you then also have the spawns. If you're lucky you will spawn inside the garden of nostalgia. If you're unlucky you'll spawn in the sewer.
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            being part of a guild renound for rushing... I'm game :-)

            Great idea Ant!

            How would the levels be timed btw? We could do with a mutator or something which times the round down to 100ths of seconds or something..


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              I see your point Phae and if you look at the long version you will see I have some reservations about asylum and skeleton's head (for some odd reason I forgot to mention the ultimate rush map Folly).
              Those are levels where objective placemente MAKES a difererence. In other levels I dont think its much of a bigger problem in other levels. Maybe players shoudl be alowed a re-run and then pick up the best time. Like I said its still an idea.

              As for teh Turfwars thing scrap that thing of match. Instead the team who owns the time could also profit from the turf and have a small percentage of teh total loot count (but never higher than 10% IMO).

              And yes Mach a "chrono mutator" would be ideal for this competition but im afraid we will have to rely on a normal chrono.
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                hm, not really my type of game play...but sure, i'm maybe up for it.. i do know one map i'd like to do in the way "done quick" :twisted:
                se if you can hold a record on a map
                .: Infiltrator - Mockers Thievery Guild :.



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                  The randomness matters in EVERY single map. I'm a renowned rusher, believe me, I know. It can take at least 10 seconds on most maps to make up for loot that failed to spawn in a certain place, or to compensate for an objective that didn't spawn where you expected. In some maps, like Korman, it can take you closer to a minute to get the crypt eye if you're unlucky.


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                    Originally posted by The Dragon
                    The randomness matters in EVERY single map.
                    And thus the trick is devising a plan that accounts for the randomness.
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                      Yes...and I use those plans in all the maps I rush in. But my point is, if we make a competition out of this, some people will get lucky with the good spawns. Therefore, they will win, even if the people who are unlucky planned it out much better, or are better rushers, ect.


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                        If random loot locations prove to be an issue, perhaps the average of several runs could be considered?
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                          Well, I think luck is one of the most important things in Thievery...
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                            Sounds excellent. Count me in!


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                              If the map time is set to 0 it will act as a stopwatch. Then a screen shot could be taken when the map is complete.