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No sound problems in Thievery, but in other UEngine1 games?

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  • No sound problems in Thievery, but in other UEngine1 games?

    The reason why I ask this is so I can correct the nForce sound issues with my other UEngine1 games(especially Deus Ex!). Have you made any changes to the sound engine, or something along those lines?

    The problems I have:

    Unreal:Sound quits after loading the next map
    UT:Sound quits a short time after starting
    Deus Ex:Sound quits whenever a map is loaded(sometimes unless through UED)

    The music still works, though. Also, for UT & DX, the sound will sometimes stay on during a game, but it cuts out eventually. Latency settings don't seem to have an effect.

    System specs:

    AMD Athlon XP 1800+
    512 MB RAM
    nForce integrated sound chipset
    Radeon 9600 XT

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    Taken from Technical Help:

    Sound problems:

    Open ThAux.ini in notepad (the file can be found in the UnrealTournament\System folder) and find the line that says "UseDirectSound=". Changing it from false to true will fix sound problems on some cards.

    Maybe that'll work?


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      Checked my DeusEx.ini(don't have UT installed right now)-it's set to True. Got any other suggestions?


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        Try setting it to false.


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          It works! Thanks for the help!